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The Peak Oil,oil wars and renewable energy sources

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posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 04:31 AM
In 1971,the price of oil was 2$/barrel and the arab countries gained only a fraction of it.Now it's 60-70$ /barrel and there are powerfull arab oil consortiums,Iranians ,Saudis and other people in the area dress in modren clothes,use computers and cell phones regularly and are highly educated(thanks to the foreign universities,mainly)
A large portion of that money founded numerous organizations labelled as terrorist by the west.Recently Ms Rice said that Iran is the central bank of terrorism.Iran also has nuclear weapons and missiles ,labelled Shahab-3-7 which may reach the eastern coast of USA.
Now,US hass spended 20 bln $ on the Manhattan project in order to invent the atomic bomb,one made of a plutonium sphere,imploded by simultaneous explosions around it ,labelled "the fat man" and a simpler one,made of Uranium-238,of "bullet-type" (one bullet of U-238 was fired by a gun into a half-kilogram sphere of U-238,producing the supermass into the highly unstable material) ;after 1945,technology has been leaked to USSR(by "accident) and Israel,and after the beginning of the Cold War to UK and France,who performed tests in South Africa,Egypt,Brazil and other countries,transferring the etchnology in the process.China copied the bomb from the Soviet Union and North Korea from China and Pakistan,Iran,Syria,Saudi Arabia from North Korea(aprox in that order).Of course,it is far less-costly to copy the tech than to invent it yourself (remember that the oil market is over 1 trillion $/year).The aquirement of technology may be reflected into the uranium mines production:for instance production rose in Germany from 24 to over 200 tons/year in 2002.
A new oil war is about to ignite in the Middle East:Israel-US vs Iran-China-India-Russia (who still posses the large army built in the Star Wars hoax),a war which will be likely carried out by nuclear means.There is a plan from 2002(published on and ,made by the US Adm and Israel to destroy 450 hard iranian bunkers and underground nuclear facilities through the use of "mini-nukes" (with a yield of 0.6-300 kT TNT eqv).
In parallel,there is an urgent need to develop new energy sources,after we passed the oil peak point in 16th of December 2005(1.0065 trl barrels produced out of 2.013 est total) ;of course new oil resources may be found in Siberia ,but don't count on it.
For millenia when the question of heat and ,later ,power was on,the response was simple:"let's find something to burn";but Tesla invented the Tesla coils in 1890s and found a way to transmit electricity wireless and with no loss of power,he also designed a laser beam (probably) which "may cut the Earth in 2 " ,at that point his funding was cut by Rockefeller.Also in the 1890s antigravity was discovered by a merchant:
make an experiment :take a (round) coin and flip it on a table ;it does not touch the table,rotates with cst speed,then it becomes unstable,the rotattion speed increases until it stops on the table(because the antigravity field produced by fast rotation movement is lost and its energy translates to unstable rotation speed).For the first time in history of the mankind ,a simple and virtually limitless energy source was found,which originates from the distortions of space-time continuum(matter) postulated by Einstein,that's it from the fabric of Universe itself.
Rockets have may problems:9/10 of the mass is fuel,in order to control the movement you have to spend more fuel(which means that you have to move strictly at all times into the descending flight path or you are history) ,you cannot change movement direction liberally.As the opposite,the "flying saucers" enjoy the benefits of their-own gravity field which makes all movements free of charge,but you cannot employ inertial weapon systems(like machine guns or rockets) on them,because of the destabilizing effect on the flight path.So beginning with 1950s alternative weapons were designed:lasers,heavy lasers,plasma projectors(you need a magnetic field inside to control plasma) and antimatter .
So,if we are talking about renewable energy sources,they already exist,are not fancy things like:absorbing energy from another dimension or by using the creation of subatomic particles which exists in many places at one time(the superposition phenomena) ,burning excrements or other human,animal by-products,creating fuel from corn or heating a house with sun light.

(footnote:Einstein says that space-time continuum is "something" based on energy,like an empty room and that matter (planets,suns,galaxies,humans) and perceivable energy down to subatomic levels represents the distortions of that continuum(like a handskirt has distortions when it's dirty);if the curb of space-time continuum is to great(like in a black hole) a "hole " is produced in the 4-dimensions continuum and you may slip to the 5-D continuum and to parallel universes;to each black hole in our universe coresponds a white hole in the other one)

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