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a visit from an old friend?

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posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 09:50 PM
hi, it's sort of hard to say this because it was somewhat sad when this had happend.

it was in a dream i had.. i had taken a nap during the daytime
i had a dream about a dog i used to have.. he was my first dog that i got when i was very young, since he was a puppy and watched him grow for about 3-4 years

i loved him alot and he was a very crazy dog, he wasn't mean.. but very playfull, i used to play with him alot, and our stupid neighbors always complained, except for our next door neighbor who was an old lady and always fed him dog treats from her side of the fence

after some time, we were taken to court by our neighbors and had to give up our dog, we took him to missourri and left him there with some family relatives. i remember the last night i was with him, it was very emotional and i cried and i was very young too.. that was the last time i saw him, we left the next day. afew weeks later, we got a call from them saying that the dog had dissapeared and no one was able to find him, and they never did..

years have passed, i grew up in many ways. i had somewhat grew hardheaded and always hid my emotions, i havent cried for years, i just haven't felt sadness like that, i am emotionally tough and its hard for me to shed a tear

during that daytime nap.. i had a dream about my dog. it was me and him, and i was walking him on a leesh, i knew it was my dog because it looked just like him and was calling him by his name and he seemed very playfull almost like he was happy to see me, and we seemed to have been walking around town together and playing together. after awhile of some happy time.. i remember turning around to look at something then realize 'wait.. my dog.. "in my dream I knew my dog was gone in real life. I turn around and he wasn't there anymore.. except his leesh. i remember i started crying in my dream, and i woke up with tears in my eyes, really crying from the experience i had in my dream.. i had the same emotion i was feeling in my dream. it was something i havent for a long time, i felt happy yet sad telling myself 'he came to visit me' shedding tears holding nothing back, i cried

i don't know if this was a normal dream.. but i never dreamed of my dog before.. and especially not like this, having strong emotional feeling during the dream. i believe he died long time ago back in missourri, and he came to visit me one last time in my dreams.. although it might not be true.. i sure would like to think he did.. i just wanted to share this with everyone thanks


posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 10:33 PM
Terra, you may have linked with your relatives who learned to love the dog and were really sad that the dog was lost. Dreams are often relating to the emotional memories of others. We place ourselves as the one having the emotion because it is hard to understand that emotions we have are telepathically related to in both sleep and awake.

Honor Seed

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 12:07 AM
OK, this is the first post on this board to have brought tears to my eyes.

And quite frankly I'm not sure whether to answer from a rational, clinical viewpoint, or a spiritual, and as yet every bit as valid, emotional view.

I'll wimp out and do both/neither.

Your old friend "visited" you in your dream to bring you a message from the one "soul" you'd be likely to listen to because it is a message you had to truly hear....for your own good: Stop supressing your emotions!

It's inhuman. It's inhumane. And it will harm your psyche and your health.

Your old friend was the only one who could break through your "hard-headedness" . And he did!

I hope you take his message into your new-thawed heart. And I hope he enjoys endless days of warm sun, chasing rabbits, and happy anticipation of seeing his old friend again some day.

Now pass me that tissue.

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posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 02:10 AM
Thanks response guys

It's amazing how humans can have feelings for other Animals. It took the memory of mylost friend to release my suppressed emotions, and I do believe it was indeed some kind of spiritual force that helped me out abit.

I just hope wherever he is, that he is happy and he made me happy knowing I was able to see him one last time.

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