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20 rep SUPER SQUATS...gain muscle fast

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posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 05:18 PM

Ok for all of you on ATS that really want to get big, strong, and defined...this is a simple program that will even turn the smallest runt into a hulking tank...

One of the fastest ways to gain size and strength in the entire body is by following the squats and milk program. This is an old time routine that has been around for over 50 years, but it works awesome for fast gains. Even if you are a hard gainer.

it is a program that has been around for about 50 years. Some call it the "squat and milk program" because of the intense 20 rep squats done that nearly exhaust your entire body, along with the conventional bench press, dead lift, and even some weighted or un-weighted pull-ups, chins, pushups, dips and other stuff. The program takes no longer than 6-8 weeks and once you start you will love what ur doing.

Now the reason the program is so successful is because you do intense muscular training, like the 20 rep squats, this is the hardest part of the workout, when you get into the reps you will need to breathe more per rep...Go all the way down and up. Don’t forget about the huge food consumption and adequate rest. Those are the three keys to getting stronger and bigger. With this program you can easily gain up to 15-30lbs of muscle in just 6-8 weeks...WITH OUT AND I REPEAT WITHOUT AND CREATEIN, STERIOIDS OR OTHER STUPID STUFFF.

The program looks like this:
-6-8 weeks

- 3 days per week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...Or for hard gainers Tuesday, and Thursday.

Warm up:
- 10min jump rope or 10min run
- 10min stretch

The workout:
- Parallel Squats: 1 x 20
- Chest Pullovers: 1 x 20
- Bench Press: 2 x 12

Then you can mix and match with calisthenics

- Max set of Weighted/un-weighted pull-ups
- Max set of Weighted/un-weighted dips
- Max set of Weighted/un-weighted chins

- Max set of Crunches
- Max set of leg lifts
- Max set of scissors

For every workout you have you will increase your squat, bench press...or anything else using weights by 5-10lb increments each session you have. This is what will help you develop incredible strength.

Also you will need to eat allot and I mean allot. Possibly up to 5000 calories a day...and drink a half if not a whole gallon of milk a day. It would be wise to get some whey protein so you can have some added protein in between major meals.

A typical days eating for this program would look like this:

4 eggs
2 slices of toast
1 glass of milk

Bran Muffin
1 glass of milk

Sandwich (i.e. meat, cheese, tuna fish, etc.)
Piece of fruit
1 glass of milk

Granola bar
Slice of cheese
1 glass of milk

Meat (i.e. chicken, beef, pork, etc.)
Pasta, Rice, or Potatoes
Cup of veggies
1 glass of milk

2 slices of toast
1 glass of milk

*drink plenty of water throughout the day

If you like you can mix a scoop of protein powder in your milk for even more protein and calories.

This is just a sample eating plan, you can change it around to suit your own taste. But you get the idea of how much you should eat and how often in order to gain size and strength.

If you strictly follow the squats and milk program you will gain approx. 20 lbs. of muscular bodyweight in just 2 months.

try to keep up the cardio later on in the program about 2-3 weeks into it so you burn some of the extra fat that may come...some people do developed extra luggage through this program but nothing very noticeable since you will be looking like The hulk.

Here is a little story of what it is like to do the 20 rep squat, almost like dying but better:

The book: How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks
by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

major sites:

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 07:22 AM
Seriously, that can't be possible. Your body is gonna die by doing that!

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 10:43 AM
What you’re not going to die. Before steroids and crap like that were invented this was used to get big and strong, although most people try the easy way this is the right way for huge healthy gains.

Also you might feel like your going to die, lol, once you’re doing the 20 rep squats which are the heart of the program and the most intense. They stimulate your body to grow.

Just try it you will be surprised.

Also if you want to wait a while and see the phenomenal results this program produces, go to Check out the site every once in while for updates, the guy that owns the site is doing the program and I am sure he will tell his results.

2006 by ATSGUY]

[edit on 18-2-2006 by ATSGUY]

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 01:39 PM
Hey there, I'm Jim, the owner of BeastSkills.

The 20 rep squat program is KILLER!! But it does get you very good at squats. Just make sure of two things.

1) Your squat form is good.
2) Your hips and legs are flexible enough for good squats (otherwise it affects #1).

The milk is to get a lot more additional calories into your body. You will need to eat more and sleep a lot to see good results, as this is tough on your body.

Beside the obviously increase in your squat numbers, this is a good program just to get you mentally tougher. You should feel like you're going to die when you do these. All with the comforting thought that you'll have to do it all over again next week with more weight.

My squat is pretty solid now, and I've box squatted 390 for my max. Did 255 lbs for a very easy set of 12 reps as supplementary work during my workout today.

So get good squat form, and try it!!

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 08:07 AM
Squats are great but 30 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks is a ridiculous lie. Someone wants to make a little money if you ask me.

In my opinion, a better option would be to do front squats. These are great for beginners because your basically forced to have good form, if you don't, you'll drop the load. Plus, front squats actually engage your core immensely.

If you want to step it up a bit, then move on to 20 rep squats, but if you're not mobile enough to have correct form, don't do them. You don't wanna get hurt with heavy loads.

A2G......A$$ to ground squats. All the way down, past horizontal. No cheating, wuss. Control the eccentric movement and explode up on the concentric.

BeastSkills, good advice. I always like to use male gymnasts to describe what awesome core strength can achieve. And I'm just gunna go ahead and assume that you don't do any sit-ups????

Anyway, to the OP, the majority of the weight you'll gain from drinking milk and doing 20 rep squats once a week, is fat. The exercise is good, the nutrition part, not so much. If anyone gains 30 pounds on this program, I guarantee only about 10 pounds of it is muscle, if he's lucky. And that's pushin' it.....

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by DevolutionEvolvd

I agree with Dev. The most pure muscle you can gain in a year is on the order of 5-10 lbs starting from a bodyweight of about 180lbs, unless you've never lifted and you're not just entering your peak. For someone who is 20 and starting lifting it may be more.

Here's 5lbs of fat; though muscle is denser, imagine approximately this amount of muscle bulk added to your arms and legs.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:29 AM
Yeah, Good Point Badge!

Also, the diet recommended is horrible. Your just begging for diabetes.


You wanna bulk up, go right ahead and test run this program, it will not be a lean body mass bulk. The majority will be fat.

This diet is a classic old school body builder diet. Flaws everywhere......

Look, why would you eat 2 slices of bread before bead? Not good! You gunna drink skim/1% milk? That promotes fat gain. There is no special attention to nutrient timing, pre-workout, workout and post workout nutrition. Where are the veggies?

Also you will need to eat allot and I mean allot. Possibly up to 5000 calories a day...and drink a half if not a whole gallon of milk a day. It would be wise to get some whey protein so you can have some added protein in between major meals.

This is the most ignorant thing I've read all week(I've read a lot already.
) Aren't we supposed to be denying ignorance here? I'll deny it. Ignorance Denied! Taking in 5000 calories a day(and bad calories at that), only doing 3 workouts a week and hardly doing any cardio will make you pack on more blubber than an over-sized, insulin resistant Elephant Seal in about 6 weeks. Don't Do It!

Although muscle mass weighs more than fat, like badge said, 5lbs is still a lot of muscle mass and will make an exceptionally noticeable difference. Now, add 5lbs of fat to that and you've got a fairly large amount of bulk.

Edit: Oops, got the ATS and BTS slogans mixed up. Denying boredom......Surely denying fat would be denying boredom. .....

[edit on 20-8-2008 by DevolutionEvolvd]

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by DevolutionEvolvd

Agree, drinking all that whole milk will just be packing on fat.

Whole milk contains a lot of fat - might be better, if you insist on milk to drink skim or low fat milk.

Just be sure you're getting at least 0.8-1.0gms of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Go to (not affiliated) and get an account and track your food intake, assuring you're getting that optimal protein. Consume it in small increments throughout the day so you can be sure you're digesting it.

Also, track your lifting and your body measurements and if you really want to be accurate get a caliper and get your workout buddy to do some skin fold measurements. Fitday also has a tab for putting in bodypart measurements.


posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 12:30 PM
Well, I'll have to disagree with you there Badge.

The point I was making was milk needs fat in order for the nutrients in it to be effective. Almost all of the vitamins in milk are Fat Soluble. Plus, there are conclusive studies that show that skim and 1% milk cause weight gain while whole milk does not.

I'm really not a milk fan at all but that has more to do with the fact that I'm slightly allergic to it.
At the same time though, I don't think milk should be consumed unless it is organic, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized whole milk. Some studies show that the homogenization process completely ruins milk's ability to deliver it's nutrients, including protein, to the right place.

I'll provide some studies in an hour or two.......I'll be back


posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 09:28 PM
WOW! I did this wrong. I started the routine yesterday and just realized at this moment it was 20 reps and not 60 for the squat. I was wondering because I almost hyperventilated and could barely move my legs...I thought it was just really intense.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 08:42 AM
lol 60 squats, idiot!

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