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Blurting Things Out

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posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 11:35 AM
I want to ask is anyone else here a Psi Blurter? Because, I know I am, and I was wondering if this something other people also do?

For Example:

Once, when I was working at the SeaFirst Bank Building in Downtown Seattle, (it's one of the tallest buildings in Seattle), I got onto the elevator to go up to the snack/break floor which is located almost at the top.

There was a nice young man (a banker for all I know) in the elevator when I got on. We didnt say one word to each other but...All of a sudden I blurted out "I like Wiccans & I think Wicca is a very misunderstood Religion!" (Now I'm not a Wiccan, I am not anything really but I am very open minded and believe there is a Higher Being/God/Goddess, etc.).

He smiled a very big smile, and he said..."Yes it is misunderstood! I am a did you know?"

I said "I dunno, I don't know why I even said that!"

He said "It's ok it didnt bother me that you said that, in fact I liked it! You must have ESP!" Then he asked, "I know that because I just came to the decision to become a Wiccan recently and I have told no one about it."

Now ordinarially I am as socially withdrawn as anyone else is on an elevator, and I was tempted to be embarassed about it, but the young man was very cheerful and actually made me feel good that I had blurted that out.

The elevator stopped at another floor and a young lady got on. The young man told her what I had just said to him. And the young lady said. "That is unbelievable, I am a Wicca too!"

I asked if they knew each other, they both shook their heads, and then shook each others hands and introduced themselves, and I laughed, because 'It' had happened again. 'It' being the random, natural, and delightful Psi thing I am never quite prepared to experience, and I said "That's cool stuff!".

As the elevator was going up it was pitching a bit. And I made a mental note to get on a different elevator when I came back down from my break. After break, as I was waiting to go down, I saw the two people I had met earlier were also waiting to go down on the elevator. We all said 'Hi' to each other like old friends, and giggled a little.

We waited and waited, and the only elevator that came along was that same jerky one from before. I didn't want to take it but there was no other way down...No stair access and guards were at certain levels. It was afterall a bank. If I didn't take that elevator I would be late back from my lunch break, and there was some meanie working there that had fired people for only being five minutes late...So I had to take it!

We all three got on along with a bunch of other people and the elevator was jam packed. Not good I thought, that many people all at once. It did a little jerking then all of a sudden it just suddenly dropped past 2 floors that people had selected. I felt the bottom drop out of my stomach. A few people screamed. I thought "Oh No this is It, we're all going to die now!" Then I looked at my 2 new friends and they were looking at me and I said to them "Let's all of us pray together to make this thing stop!"

And so we prayed, it stopped for a second and then dropped another 2 floors, but we kept trying very hard. And then it stopped at a floor that wasn't even mine and the doors opened. The elevator wasn't even lined up to the floor it was lower. I said to my new friends "Thank you!! I don't know about you guys but this is where I am getting off!" And they and everyone else who valued their lives, got off the elevator then too. I never did find out what was wrong with it. But, I never would ride that elevator again.


Another time I remember Psi blurting was when I was called my husband up at his friend Gene's auto body shop, where he was hanging out visiting with him, and I asked him "How are you doing?". But before he had a chance to answer, something whispered very audibly in my ear..."Ask him how Gene is coming along with that Datsun?"

So I blurted out on the phone "How is Gene coming along with that Datsun?"

My husband said how did you know about the Datsun? It just came in about 15 minutes ago. I said "Not sure..something whispered in my ear and told me to ask you". My husband said "That is so crazy you said that...It's not only the fact you knew there is a Datsun here...but Gene also told me that this is the first Datsun that he has ever repainted in his shop in the 8 years he has been here..and they aren't that common now, they don't make Datsuns anymore." And he went and told Gene about what I said and Gene couldn't believe it

Nothing major came out of this 'Datsun thing' really, except I think it helped my husband to believe in Psi and he respects my abilities a little more.


Then there have been lots of times where I could just hear people's thoughts, not all of them good thoughts, and have responded by blurting, not to what they were saying with their mouths but to what they were thinking. Some have admitted that was what they were thinking, others have denied that was what they were thinking and called me 'Nuts'. Maybe I have to be a little Nutzoid to be psychic, and I know I am not always 100% right, but I'm not always wrong either.

Anyway, any other Blurters out there? And if so please please tell me your stories and what happened!

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posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 02:16 PM
Hey, I do that around my friends and stuff, but I'm trying to develop it better. Like words that I normally wouldn't think just pop in my head and I used to not say anything. But now, I learned to just say them, so I blurt em out and someone around me says "I was actualyl about to say the exact same sentence!" same words and all. Now I can guess numbers their thinking and words...I'm trying to make it full blown mind reading. That would be tight.

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 02:27 PM
Wow, I know just what you are talking about!

I've had that happen several times! Usually they're just very plain jane occurances, like telling my husband to put his cellphone on the nightstand (something he never does ) and then having our son call to say he'd be home late due to a flat.

But some times they're just 'best' one was back when I was in college, a friend was a terrible shopaholic and I was trying to think up an excuse to get out of going shopping with her. Suddenly I blurted out, " I can't go, I've got to go by the restaurant ( where I worked) and pick up some fish Mr. B is going to bring me!"

Driving home, I kept thinking 'what a liar I am, I don't even have to think, they just pop out!'', 'why did I say that, I don't even like fish', 'when she asks about these fish, I'll have to think of something, or fess up to this stupid lie.'

I finally decided I'd have to go by the restaurant, maybe check the schedule, and at least make part of my lie true!! I went in, checked the work schedule, got a soda and sat at the counter. In walked Mr. B, with a bucket....."Here I've got something for you."........
Yep, it was a bucket of fresh fish!! I nearly fell off the stool!! lol! ( at least I didn't have to own up to being a bald-faced liar!!)

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 03:57 PM
Hiya Euwhajavb!

Yes that's perfect, its like there has to be no interuptions from what you want to say and actually saying it. I learned with Psi if you think about it, then you might not say it at all, and also the first thing you think is usually right! With these blurts it was like I had no control over them mouth was unhinged and had a mind of its own. I think with blurts maybe I was in a semi-trance (mild daydream like state) but didn't know it, and so something came through and I was still slightly dreaming so had no control over it. When I stand in a sunspot too long I get a little sleepy that way.

You are right, mindreading would be tight!! I know you can do it!... you have the instincts and talent to experience much more! I will tell you about it sometime, I had experienced 2 full blown mind readings. They were 2 of the most awesome natural things I ever experienced. I would even say I think that is the way that people should communicate all the time - telepathically I mean and not by mouth. These total experiences are rare and you have to have the right person to come along who you are absolutely sympatico with, but then if that person comes along, you can read each others mind n.p., like in the movie The Shining! Whole families mind read all day long with each other!


Ooooh Frayed!!!

You had me rolling on the floor laughing my head off!! So funny...I loved your post about the bucket of Fish...I am still laughing..

And your puppy he is so adorable! He looks like he is such a well behaved dog!

Yes I agree, some of mine are plain jane too...I am not sure why we have them, except maybe for practice!

Lmao at Shopoholic situation, I know my daughter is one and we have to go to three entire malls and go through every shop so she can buy a single sweater! I have no feet left when I am done..just stubs!

Thanks again for the chuckles and for sharing!!!

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 02:23 PM
Ok I know I said I wasn't going to post today, but I am taking a little break, so I thought I would tell you a short story about a psi conversation. This time I wasn't doing the telepathic blurting, this guy I didn't know was.

I was waiting to catch the bus to go home after work. And this man walked up and stood at the Bus Stop with me. He had a little Scottie Dog with him. He had his dog all dressed up in a Scottish Highlander outfit. It was really something! The dog had on a tartan plain skirt..little white sock like things on each leg, he had a green Scottish beret type hat with a tassel, and a little plaid bow tie! And a shirt with a vest type thing.

And his owner had on a matching plaid bow tie, too.

Anyway, I didn't mean to be rude or anything but I couldn't quit staring at his dog. I was really tired and just spacing out mostly but also the dog was really hilarious! Anyway, I thought I better quit spacing and staring at the dog, because maybe dogs didn't like to be stared at.

I no sooner had that thought and the dog's owner blurted out "That's right they don't like to be stared at any more than people do!"

I thought "All right what just happened here? Did he just read my mind?"

And then the guy said "Yes I believe I did!"

Okay I thought I'll play! So, I thought "Hmmm...I wonder what I will have for dinner tonight?"

And the man said "Porkchops are nice!" and he smiled a little smile.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you he wasn't talking to me the whole time. At first, he was talking to himself about other stuff, about the ship the Queen Mary and stuff that made no sense to me. So, I think maybe he was schizophrenic...not sure. But, whenever I asked him a question telepathically, in the midst of all his other mumbling he stopped, and then he would answer me!

This went on for about a half hour, and he answered about 10 more questions perfectly, and then my bus came and I left him there at the Bus Stop.

I know I have walked by a lot of people in Downtown Seattle that were talking to themselves and I never really paid much attention to what they were saying. But, the next one that comes along doing that, I am going to see if I ask him/her a question in my mind, if I will get the right answer again too.

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