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Love of Money to Poison City

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 02:33 PM
In Colorado Springs, there is a 210 acre mound of brown sand. Nothing grows there and any trees that took root nearby are dead as barely saplings. It is mine tailings that were shipped down from Cripple Creek, pounded fine, then soaked with cyanide to get out all but 9% of the gold.
Now a "developer" sees new money in that poisonous mound. He's going to lay down liners, ship in top-soil and build houses to sell to the unsuspecting. Of course they won't be allowed to have vegetable gardens or fruit trees, but who will know the truth? I really doubt it will be mentioned to anyone that they will be living on a mountain of poison. When excavation takes place, untold and unmentioned amounts of that poison will be disturbed and allowed to blow all over the city, something that stopped happening some 30 years ago.
Houses built on mountainous slopes nearby are already collapsing around the new owners. Everyone knows that hill isn't stable, it has been washing away for the last 60 plus years but of course that isn't mentioned either.
Soon you will hear of a fabulous new development in Colorado Springs with great views of the mountains, plains and city, ads encouraging people to come out and buy. No one will tell them they will be living on a mountain of cyanide that might slide out from under them. Not to mention more decades of dust and poison blowing over the city, a nightmare we thought we'd seen the last of.

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 04:51 PM
I should have mentioned that enormous mound has always been known as Gold Hill Mesa and that will be the name of the new development.
Remember that. You will see it in advertisements in the east and west US but none of the full history will be told to prospective buyers.

Will any of the environmentalists speak up about it? I doubt it. They either don't know or will be bought off, silenced somehow.

I live downwind of this area and I have young apricot and apple trees that are just starting to produce. I worked with the soil, dug out the poisonous stuff and put in rich soil I gathered from here and there far away, trees I started from seed from very old stock. Now they are at risk and there's nothing I can think of to do about it other than alert everyone I can reach. It seems folks don't understand what cyanide can do when it is released into the air so no one is concerned. I am just sick about it, for two reasons. It will sicken the southwest part of the city and it is an historic landmark that speaks of the history of this region. Its not attractive until one knows the story behind it. But just below the surface it is deadly.

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