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Props to the government for helping the little guy

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 09:54 AM
I just wanted to inform the board that the government actually has some nice-guy stuff going on. It actually favors working with small businesses and firms over large corporations.

For certain projects, it is absolutely demanding that the company be a huge corporation with billions of dollars worth of assets, such as an aerospace research and design company like Lockheed.

But during my research to apply for government business grants and contracts, the system DRASTICALLY favors small businesses and firms. One example is... well... me.

A few friends and I are trying to get a State contract for medical supplies. We are going to use a certain supplier, which is a HUGE medical supply corporation. The State I am applying to has actually not allowed big mega-corporations to participate. They instead MUST supply small, independent, locally-owned businesses within the State, who in turn can sell directly to the government. So, in the end, the mega-corporation would make money off of us purchasing from them, and we, the little guys, would make money off of the State contract. In fact, this same supplier is giving us a better deal than they do other large corporations.

Anyway, I just thought I'd shed some light on the nice-guy side of the government.

Not that I think that everything is lollipops and sunshine, though.


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