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Black Eyed Kids- your experiences

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posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 08:10 PM

“Rakshasa. It’s a race of ancient Hindu creatures. They appear in human form, they feed on human flesh, they can make themselves invisible, and they cannot enter a home without first being invited to.”

Going out on a major limb, but i just quoted that from last night's episode of Supernatural. Also noteworthy was the fact that their eyes change color.

Sound familiar?

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 03:39 AM
Supernatural? Not sure if I'm familiar with that show?

Sounds like Vampires. Vampires aren't supposed to be able to come in unless invited.

Could this be part of the ideas we have about vampires?


posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 05:49 AM
If there really are supernatural beings wandering around ,is it possible they understand the fact that eyes are the easiest way to frighten their victims?
When I was a kid and saw the first Ammityville horror movie,The part with the red eyes peeking through the window from outside and when the doll had red eyes ,that just freaked me out. I wonder if they can change to any color they want?

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 09:35 PM
BEK' story differs from everything else I've heard. I had a midday encounter back in the mid 90's. First, let me paint the scene. I live in an Native American and Black burial grounds called Waxhaw in North Carolina. As a matter of fact, I live directly across the street from unmarked graves.

My mom was born with the gift of "sleep prophecy" and I share that gift. But along with my two older brothers, we all share the gift of visions. Though my older brothers fear and doubt have weakened their gifts, I'm holding on to mine.

Now, up the road is a church w/ an outdoor basket ball court. Being young and full of energy, I jogged up the road about a half mile and walked onto the court. Since its a community of trust, I usually kept my basketball by the side of the court underneath a 5 gallon bucket. However, that day the bucket was kicked over and the ball was missing.

I SWEAR TO YOU, that with a gravel surrounding you can hear anyone approaching. I was on the court by myself and as I looked around for my ball somebody said "I looked for it earlier its gone". When I turned around, I found a black dude dressed in a matching orange shorts and shirt, probably around the age 13 sitting on a bicycle. Coming up as a child who's seen many things, NOTHING usually startles me, but this guy did. I asked where he came from because he suddenly appeared behind me without making a sound.

He claimed to have followed me up the road, but that was BS. Then my nerves started to kick in. No, I wasnt scared...but it was the feeling that something was wrong. I didnt feel my life was threatened, but I did feel like I wasn't "wanted" on the court. Being the hard headed dude I am, I asked what he did with my ball in a accusing manner. Thats when I saw it. His eyes were totally black and he had this sh*t eating grin. He replied "You aren't suppose to be here. Go home."

LOL, I don't like people telling me what to do. So I said "Make me." He smiled showing his pearly whites and rode his bike around in a circle. He said no more. I went to the opposite goal to pretend I was looking for my ball. My Fight Response was flaring, and I was prepared to do battle if he tried me. Filled with testosterone, I turned to ask where my ball was again, but he was gone. This time, my Flight Reflex took in and I had a sense of bitterness in my stomach. You know that feeling as if you had to take a nice crap? :0

So I left. I have an Aunt that lived off the church grounds about 150 yards away. I decided to make a quick stop by and pretend I was visiting (you know nobody visits there aunt). So I carried a small convo w/ her and looked out the kitchen window and there he was again...back on the court on his bicycle looking at my aunts house. I knew if I called her over, he would probably disappear and my aunt would freak out on me. When she saw "The Exorcist" she couldnt sleep for days...thats what my mom said.

Heres the even stranger part. At night, the rich kids from the opposite side usually came to the court to drink and smoke. That night, one kid came late by himself and was found dead in the morning. He was 16, and found in his car dead from an apparent heart attack they say. Needless to say, they destroyed the court and now its a grass field. I was never gonna return anyway...I chalked it up as a loss for a $30 basketball ;(

I dont know what he was. I've seen good and evil entities, but he rally didnt give off a demonic feeling. But I could sense that he wanted me to leave immediately...thats my story ladies and gents.

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 10:18 PM
That was a good story. Very believable. I wonder why the orange clothing, sure would stand out. It seems the "kid" had some sort of respect for you in a way, but wasn't messing around, either.

Great twist in the BEK stories.

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 10:40 PM

Originally posted by Judaz_Escariot
He replied "You aren't suppose to be here. Go home."

Sounds like you were warned because maybe something was going to happen there and that dead kid could have been you if you hung out there? Could have been your gaurdian angel scaring you away.

Or you are being stalked by the BEK because of portals you have opened in the atral...

Well told story and quite a chiller.

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 11:16 PM
Interesting account.

Glad to see there is some more personal stories coming forward. What gets me is that it happened a long time ago.

I'm still looking out for more modern sightings, but there isn't much to go on.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:19 AM
That was a spooky story for sure but I wonder if it was a Gang related \drug related slaying and he was warning you not to be there if it or him was waiting for someone to show.The eyes could have been contac lenses designed to scare the intended victim.The part about him moving behind you so quietly is difficult to explain and the way he could vanish so quickly,sounds alot like the weird old lady I met vanishing so quickly like that.Good story anyway,thanks for sharing!

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 06:10 PM
Well, I dont think it was gang related. There would have been bullet holesor other signs of murder. As for Guardian Angels...theyre not suppose to give you a bitter feeling. Sure, all written biblical accts of angels say that men were paralyzed in fear when they saw them, but THEY HAD to mention their name and/or purpose. No matter what, Evil entities cannot take the form of someone or something holy.

This guy didnt give me a creepy feeling until I saw his eyes. From what I hear, the contact lens to make your eyes black are very expensive. And I did say "rich kids" come to the court at night, meaning that this area isnt an area of wealth. Rich kids go to places where their parents would least expect them and that would be on a ball court of a Predominately Black Christian Church. So I dont think it was contact...

As for the disappearance, he only had one way to come to the court and thats by way of gravel on the east. The court is fenced off on the west and a deep dirt embankment lies behind it. My Aunt lives towards the south and my home was back north, so for him to get away I had to hear him ride off on the gravel, or he threw his bike over the fence and jumped...either way I wouldve heard him.

This happened around '96 and its one of the accounts I've thought about frequently. Oh, as gor the disappearing Old Woman, what did she look like? At my first job in the grocery store, I was refilling the milk when an old lady asked "Have you een baptized?" Then she asked by whom and what church. I answered and she said "Good, because time is running out." At that time, my co-worker Jason walked around the corner and started to help me. I turned my back for a second to put the mil on the shelf and when I turned around she was gone...I asked Jason did he see an old woman behind me and he said no. I figured I was going crazy shrugged it off. Anyone from a Christian background knows that every year preachers say time is running out, so that didnt bother me. I'm used to hearing that by now

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:07 PM
Maybe the Black Eyed Kids are reanimated hit men.

The fact that the kid was in orange tells me that he wanted to be seen and the fact that he said he had already looked for the basketball indicated he was expecting you. The fear associated with his eyes ensured your compliance to leave the scene.

The traditional story of them asking permission to enter evokes a feeling of soul stealing as well.

posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 02:37 AM
been interested in the topic and I tend to believe that the super quietness is easily explained cause well >.> I do that plenty to scare friends

But the last story im sure the orange was meant for you to find him so you could get the warning

Edit- If this is all odd looking im sorry im tired XD I'll reread when im awake and fix where its needed

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posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 04:22 AM
hey there Judaz,
The old woman I saw was very strange,completely not blending in at all to the other people and surroundings.The winter was very cold and windy about -15 to -35 with wind chill factor.She was dressed like it was summer outside ,just a very light spring jacket and skirt with legs exposed to the cold.her face was horrible to look at she had white make up plastered on like crazy or that was her real skin color(that's a scary thought)even with the cold air, skin does not look that color .She was not looking like she was cold,she came to my car like smiling and not shivering as if she enjoyed it outside.(on Drugs perhaps?)well she just did not look human at all with those black eyes.when I would not let her in she got extremely angry,that really spooked me and she vanished just as my girl friend came out of the doctors building where I was waiting by the road.She never saw the old woman either which was strange.The street was empty around at that moment.Then 20 minutes later my tire deflated on the road ,almost causing an accident for me.I blame that old lady for that ,since no hole was found in tire ,not sure how it deflated so fast like that.

The fact that you say they found a dead kid in the basketball court shows that these things may be serious of causing death! This just angers me more than anything else.I need to find out what they are and to keep warning people.Even if they are just crazy homeless people with contacs.

posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by fooffstarr
This may have been posted before, but here is a good artists impression and fact file on them.

Black Eyed Kids: A Profile

Hey guys, I actually wrote that article as well as a few others over at UFO Digest. I thought I'd share some new (albeit not very fresh) info I've gathered on them for a followup article.

First, these beings are very popular in South Africa for some reason. And, like here in the States, many people have taken to calling them Black Eyed Beings rather than Black Eyed Kids simply because there are also reports of the same entities in adult form as well.

I had wondered about the Nephilim scenario as well, but then came to the problem of why an angel of any kind would want to instill fear into humans. One woman I spoke with who had an encounter had since started studying the occult in order to better understand her experience and has come to her own conclusion that the BEKs (or BEBs, whichever you preder) are one of two things:
-Manifestations of negative energy; an interdimensional being of sorts. This is sort of plausible because many of the sightings seem to be in low income nerighborhoods or to people who ahve recently had to deal with grief, loss or despair.
-Shadow people made whole. This seems logical, but the reasoning behind it and their purposes are still debatable.

Personally, I don't know what to think...actually I don't know if I believe in the phenomena 100%. But if they are real, I would almost definately say that they are not of extraterrestrial design. Most tales of close encounters aren't really all that horrifying (there is fear of the unknown, true, but nothing even CLOSE to what these BEK/BEBs are causing) and some even go so far as to be something of an enlightening experience.

Anyway, as soon as I finish the followup, I'll post a notice here and let you guys now. The feedback I got from the first one was amazing and I had no idea that so many people had encountered these things. Yes, I did get some crazies and people who just wanted to ppoke fun at the phenomena, but there were at least twenty or so valid, very believable cases that I came across.

Keep the discussions going people and maybe we can eventually find some solid ground to discuss this topic on.

posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 09:36 PM
Wow that's great we now have an expert around who we can bounce some of our ideas on

Some people have mentioned the Vampirism idea.I myself have always laughed at the thought of real Vampires...that is until just this year I met a lovely girl in another forum which had nothing to do with supernatural topics.I know for a fact that she was not joking when she told me in depth about her whole life as a real vampire from birth.Apparently she eats normal food but her body craves Human blood and she would get very sick after a week if she could not have blood,drinking it from a willing partner.

It is a medical condition that is rare but her whole body is really pale white and she really does avoid direct sun light as she will burn very badly.I was fascinated by the things she told me about her life and she said there are others like her too.Many are "wanna be" fakers but a few are real like her.I never met her but we chatted online for a few months and I saw her on web cam pictures.she was very detailed with her story and I believe her.I am wondering if BEK's may be something like her,a bad medical condition that makes the eyes black?

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 07:11 AM
The vampirism idea only comes from the fact that the BEBs need to be invited in. Of course, you could lean towards the "energy vampire" theory (it WOULD explain the intense fear they cause) but there is no evidence at all to support this.

Mythologically and religiously speaking, vampires aren't the only entities that need a form of invitation before they can take control. Many theology scholars believe that any case of demonic possesion can be attributed to the fact that teh possesed or someone close to the possesed has dabbled in the occult or been in the presence of negative entities or energies. Again, this is another reason why I think the BEB/BEKs are a spiritual phenomena rather than an extraterrestrial one.

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 10:24 AM
The thing about the vampires is that I was told there are so many wanna be posers,kids pretending to be real vampires.They actually go pay a dentist good money to make their teeth look like fangs.Then they go shopping for the Goth fashions in clothes and many kids really do get freaky contac lenses.Then they go out at night to vampire hang out clubs and drink get stoned,go out and scare a few people on the street.....I wonder if the new popularity with Bek creatures has made it enter the mind set of other regular kids to give them motivation to dress up like bek's.Then they have their own night clubs where they all have these fake black eyes and Goth make up.I think this is a real possibility with a large percentage of sightings around the world.Still,the few sightings that defy explanation though.The older woman bEK that I mentioned earlier does not fit in with the regular goth younger generation.It is possible that she started out as "Goth vampire"when she was young,did too much drugs,had mental problems and never outgrew the urge to dress up.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 02:07 PM
This is a fascinating thread, I've been following it and keeping up with the new posts for a couple of weeks. I don't have any personal experiences to add, but I'd like to throw in a few thoughts..

I think that the contact lenses theory is a red herring. When kids find some new kind of craze other kids invariably get to know about it - human nature compels people to share 'cool' ideas, it's something to brag about and give your friends a laugh, otherwise there's little point in doing it - I doubt it would take long for it to become common knowledge if kids were hanging around scaring people with freaky contact lenses. Also, from the descriptions there are here, these kids don't sound like goths.

I recall one of the early posts - or one of the links - can't seem to find it now unfortunately but it's there somewhere - mentioned someone being approached in a carpark near a shopping mall by two beks, and that there was a bunch of other kids hanging around outside the mall who seemed to avoid the beks. Wish I could find that post again but I got the impression reading it that the normal kids were a bit freaked out by the beks themselves. I felt that might be important to note somehow. I'm wondering if any kids have had experiences with beks or do they only target adults?

Edit - I just remembered the post by Judaz above - if you don't mind me asking Judaz, about how young were you when you had that experience?

At first I was thinking that maybe these beks might be alien-human hybrids, I'm not so sure about that now and am veering more toward agreeing with them being some kind of manifestation of negative spiritual energy. What had got me thinking that was how recent this phenomena seems to be. The first reported abductions take place in the fifties and sixties, then through the seventies and eighties we start to get reports of the greys performing genetic experiments, and we start to get reports of hybrids - I guess it would take a while for them to be successful. Still it might be interesting to look at how recent the first reported hybrids were and how old we might expect them to be by the time this phenomena started.

I noticed the Rakshasa mentioned by fooffstar above, they are a real part of Hindu mythology though they don't actually sound all that much like beks
Still, that lead me to thinking that it might be worthwhile researching more into mythology / demonology to see if there are any closer parallels for the beks, which I may well do if I get the time.

Also, does anyone know of any incidents that have occurred in the UK or Europe? - I've read through this thread and a lot of the linked stuff, I might have missed them but I couldn't seem to find any cases stated to have taken place here.

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 04:12 AM
Welcome to the newcomers

Glad to see we have an expert reading all this over now as well. Your article was one of the only decent sources we had, but now we have the author it is even better!

I think the thing we need to focus on is the fact that they need invitation to enter personal property, rather than the eyes. All accounts always describe them as normal at first and only when they start asking to come in does 'i noticed they had black eyes' seem to come into the equation.

I've been thinking it all over and i think we've explored most of the myths that require invitations. Vampires, Rakshasas, various demons etc.

Are there any more entities in legend or mythology that have to be invited in before they can harm you? I'll keep digging around, but so far I've come up with nothing.

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 07:00 PM
All creeping-ly interesting ..also saw the black eyed episodes of Supernatural,the way they want us to identify evil spirits/demons it looks like..

Question ..BEK's use their eyes to hypnotize/mind control people,but on 90% of cases people whom have met/seen or approached by them have had overwhelming fear thus a huge disadvantage for BEK's whom seek invitations before they do what they "best at" (don't know exactly what it is..but sounds like it won't be a pleasant experience).

So they come as children (most times) which means "innocent" we will do anything to help a child in need..they need us for some reason (for our souls or nutritional values) to feed/satisfy them,they seek us for a purpose but why the show us their black eyes as it puts fear into us and their hypnotizing us with them is not working as well as they want it to,the doors get slammed before they can get eye contact long enough just wear glasses/specs or look down and ask really nice for help and once they inside us the eyes as it will be too late as they have been invited in already ,done deal.Or could they be showing us "Listen once you have invited us in,just know what you letting yourself in for..selling your soul type of thing"?

If they so need to be invited why put fear into people whom will not open/invite them,DAMN COMMON LOGIC..surely if their eyes are there for hypnotizing and such they are not doing a good job to get invitations ..

As deceivers they would do better to be "wolves in sheeps clothing" but they come out and appear as wolves..2 cases i have tried to find info on where people have invited or opened to them but to no avail,i read it on a link supplied in this thread where some lady mentioned 2 people inviting them in.

I just don't get it ..can't they sense that they put fear into people that's why business ain't so good,even if they are human with or without criminal intensions the black eyed thing ain't gonna work on most people by being so nice to them to open a door,plus they gonna get a beating when adrenaline kicks in..fight or flight,as i read in most cases they just stand there getting more demanding while people refuse,they don't attack,they need to be on the guestlist before they if i ever "run" into one/two of them they ain't getting no invite and if i really get a scare i'll be hitting my way through or i will be scaling a 6ft wall without touching it.

K maybe some people don't have fear upon meeting them so inviting them in and BEK's cannot sense who'd be fearing them so they take their chance on anyone they can at the time.

Scary,eerie,creepy just plain weird ..really hope i don't meet one if they exist,but love this thread and the stories..the creepiest so far for me on ATS

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posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 11:15 AM
I just have a BEK theory I would like to throw into the arena here. But Io have been reading a few posts concerning the lack of reporting on what happens when a victim lets a BEK in their home or car. It caused me to think of all those unexplained missing persons reports you hear on the news and see in Missing Person registries or cold case murders where people were murdered under suspicious circumstances, but no hard evidence has been found leading to a concrete list of suspects. I'm not saying this should be considered a set in stone BEK fact, but how can we be sure mysterious disappearances or inconclusive murders weren't the work of BEK? How can we not be sure the victims encountered BEKs?

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