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Chakras and energy

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 04:19 AM

From what I can tell people on this forum might be interested in some of the knowledge I have about chakras.

I have quite a lot of experience with chakras and would like to offer answers if there exist questions regarding this subject. I can answer questions including activation of chakras, using psychic powers with chakras, projecting consciousness into chakras and developing whole body "pranic" or "energy" flow.

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 03:24 PM
Hi there,

Check out the Higher light answers for questions thread, we have some questions about chakras in the last page.


posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 10:32 AM
Thanks for putting up that link Jux...I will go check it out!!

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 11:55 AM
Great to have you here neighbour.We always need people of expertise.
I would like to say that if you hang around long enough we have many people come on and ask questions about different things,as you know
energy has to do with everything,it looks like you joined awhile ago.
glad to see you posting!


posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 03:48 PM
hi Jux

Just curious about how much work one has to do to keep the chakra's in balance? I've just started smudging daily, including the chakra's to start clearing them out. Is this ok to begin with?



posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:27 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome and no worries about the link. I am starting Psi Training Institute online at in a few days which will explain Astral Projection, Healing, Meditation and much more for all interested. Please feel free to drop by next week.

Hi MerryMistressMarie
If you have a good handle on your energy body, that is, if you are sensitive towards it you should not have much difficulty in regards to energy (chakra) development and its co-components providing some guidelines are followed.

In main raise energy to lower chakras first, then to higher chakras. I have a limited perception of your personal energy topology from here, but here is what I can say mixed in with general advice:

1. Expands energy in and out of your Power (3) chakra, in conjunction with building energy in your Heart (4) chakra. This can be done in meditation.

2. Once energy begins to flow in these two centers slide energy up to your throat chakra. Work in conjunction on these 3 chakras until a solid foundation is built, then others can be worked on more seriously. Doing this should also be supported by secondary chakra development. I use NEW (you can find the link in the Energy section on my website) which is an excellent system to build "Foundation" for working with energy or chakras.

It looks like you are on the right track though, do not focus just on clearing though but also on building up energy and increasing overall energy flow, this will greatly aid your energy body development.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 09:31 AM
Thanks for the advice

I will keep working on it!

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 02:30 PM
I;m curious. Are you knowledgable about the old chakra system (the 7 chakra's) or the new one with 13 chakra's? And what can you tell me about the new system that is in place? Still trying to figure a few things out in relation to stimulating gems/crystals.

posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 08:43 AM
I am familier with the 7-major chakra system. Please be aware that each chakra also has a "counterpoint" on the back, aswell as the front. Thus chakras can be stimulated in both of these ways.

Many minor chakras also exist that might be considered as Major chakras, when in fact these are not. The Void is not a chakra, it is an energetic vortex between the heart and navel, it cannot be considered a major chakras in the traditional system.

Also at sutble levels chakras gain depth to their existance. In the physical chakras 1-7 can be developed, however with the development these same correlated chakras can be developed in greater depth. These are then labeled 8-14, 15-21 etc. as convention, chakras in the Astral and Mental bodies must also be ignited as part of this energetic "deepening", Kundalini rises in each of the subtle bodies bringing Christ consciousness to a state of a more attainable state of being.

posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 09:45 AM
How does one start?

I meditate sometimes, but I am stuck.

A year or 2 ago, I was meditating and I 'fell' into a trance. It startled me and I awakened suddenly.

I have not been able to return to that state. I think it is because I am afraid of falling into that again.

I want to learn more about this and how to overcome my fear of going deeper into my meditation.


posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 10:50 AM
I think a lot of the time people fall into spiritual experiences by accident and later have a hard time duplicating them. Trance can lead to activation of new levels of consciousnes in meditation and awareness/astral projection.

Although trance is helpful for energy work and other techniques, it is not always manditory. Energy work can be started with light meditation focused on feeling energy sensations, chakra meditations, and the use of systems such as NEW. You might find a few articles at my site useful related to general spiritual advice.

Howver overcoming this fear would be a good idea if you wish to pursue a spritual path. This can be done by saying a short prayer before entering meditation, opening the Heart and Crown to the love of the universe, visualizing/manifesting a shield of white light throughout your aura and within the room. Being at peace with the universe is also helpful and knowing that meditation is for the most part safe -- especially when asking for protection before initating meditation. However this general advice might be limited to what you are seeking, if so there are quite a lot of people who will also be able to offer valuable advice regarding this who have experiences the same or similar problems with trance.

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 10:55 PM
Dear all,

I am holding a sheduled chat this weekend (11th march), we will focus on Astral Projection, and Spiritual Awareness; both of which have a huge tie to chakra and energy work. Your questions are anticipated and welcomed.


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