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Another msg. from another anonymous "extraterrestrial helper?"

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posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by sumofallfears
the manual says

This technology will only work after a pole shift.

save it for your grandchildren.

This technology will only work after a pole shift in a brain!

sorry couldn't resist.
Never saw this thread before but never read something that abstruse.

quote from:
"C - 2 + 14^z = 710Y + 409.
The variables in this formula (C, z, & Y) represent energies that are constantly changing to keep both sides of the equation in perfect balance. The left side is the energy from the Universe coming into our Solar System and the right side is the manifestation of that energy on earth. "

Wake up!
energy has a unit!

so the left side is an energy? hmm what unit is 14^EnergyUnit ??
so the right side is an energy? what is Energy + a blank number without unit????

and if you take c z y unitless then this becomes not a physical law but a fun with number on the left side of the equation and on the right side of the equation and is not a description of anythign physical. but yes he is also not aware if he want somethign physical or print a molucular structur with that formula..


that one: is simple to build if you want to build anything. But I guess you have to wait till after the pole shift that this works becasue from all I know this will not work.

Honestly I have to add here I would have to calculate it through first to be absolute sure thought. But I dont fell it worth to do, so if you want to know build that model.

oh. and pay attention to keep exactly that 42sec start time..!

(that's really funny. would like to know how he figured out that it requires exactly 42 sec that this thing will work!? Eighter it works right from the start (when the rotation speed is archived) or it doesnt. Anthing else is mystic and reserved for after a pool shift!!

posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 05:28 PM
So has any of these devices actually been tested?

posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 08:48 PM
No because they aren't scientifically plausable it would be a waste of time and resources to do so. Kind of like a lot of posts in this forum are a waste of bandwidth

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 01:32 AM
this thread seems a bit old to place info of this type, Im not sure of any sites that are followed.

Some of the ideas within this PDF has been proven possible by research.

The Pyramid idea is one that I think of these days, as science has proven that magnetic fields with different frequencies will indeed change different cell structures when applied right. That tells me along with other medical advancements using magnets / frequencies / electricity that it is possible that what is said is in fact true.

another note about Pole changes.... this doc is from 1985, and new information from scientists about how our earth is currently going through a pole change. and this year they now state that the ice will melt within a couple years from the north, while the south ice is getting larger? The models are showing we will see our weather fluctuate over the next few years and then we'll see 10 yrs of a cold snap, then back to global warming.

Hows the weather where you live?

record low temp for June here today! 10 days ago was a record high!

If you think about whats known now about the dino's death - earth covered and causes a larger change, causes a pole change and an ice-age? that destruction was a lot larger then what humans have done to the balance of our system which the models show a smaller fluctuation then that time.

If we haven't done too much damage we may be lucky and not force a full ice-age on ourself?
within 5 yrs we will see what happens when the Poles change. not much time left now!
There is alot more data to prove the effects from magnetic fields. I just have not followed this in a forum!

T.H. Western Canada

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