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Dream place became reality

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posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 11:49 PM
I have a reoccurring dream, it is not the same dream but it is the same subject and always the same city. I have had this dream about a dozen times, and I never know where the city is located or what city it is, I only know that I am in different portions of the same city on the eve of nuclear holocaust.

Last year I moved away from the city I grew up in to another city about 100 miles away.

Sometime last summer I had a dream I was in the city that I am in when Armageddon is about to happen. I pulled up to this intersection with my wife in the car, it was a residential neighborhood and I knew we had to hurry because we had to get far away from civilization before the nukes fell. I warned my wife of where a certain factory was and we rounded the corner and pulled into the driveway of this house. I then woke up.

A few months later I was doing a ride-along with some Paramedics in an ambulance and was riding facing rearward in the jump seat. We pulled up to this intersection going full code, the rig is just howling a cacophony of sounds and I am facing rearward decelerating fast. My mind was on the upcoming call, and trying to get rid of that feeling like I was going to vomit. In this rig there is a window on the passenger side in the foreword portion of the back directly to my left in the jump seat.

I looked out that window and had instant recognition of the side yard in my dream. Every hair on my neck stood up, it scared the heck out of me, and I didn’t know what to think. We rounded the corner and as we accelerated away I could see the entire intersection in the two rear windows. I was awestruck and totally forgot I was on my way to a scene, there was this place that I had only seen in a dream. A dream of the end times.

After my shift was over I went home, and told my wife. We drove to that place and went down the street the other way; in the direction I drove in my dream, and saw the house that we pulled into the driveway in the dream. The only difference was the house was a different color. Everything else was the same, this really has stuck with me and wish I knew what to make of it. Another odd aspect of all this is none of the city seems like any of the other dreams I had before the last one.

posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 12:34 AM
The same thing happaned to me.
When I was 9 to 11 I'd have this reocurring dream of a shop with a clowns face, across the road from that shop was an intersection and across from that was some gates that lead to a bunch of buildings. I remember the street and the gate really clearely.

When I was 13 I got moved up state with my Dad to live and he enrolled me into a school. This school was in an area that I've never been to.
Anyway, the second I got to the school I just stopped dead in my tracks and realised that it was the same gate, same interesection, same shop (without the clowns face, obviously) but it was all there. It was all the same area as in my dreams. Exactly the same.

posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 12:37 AM
It's possible your dreams may mean something but I am not a dream analyst so I won't even try.

My own crazy thoughts I decided to post. I read that you said the house color was different. I started imagining that your dream was real. The only thing is that it was real in an alternate reality. You died and your intense thoughts travelled as dreams into many alternate realities to yourself. I suppose you may have died in several alternate realities so lots of yourselves transmitted lots of dread and anxiety to your still living alternate realities. I said my thoughts were crazy. It's just a crazy idea I had. If you saw the movie "The One" I believe it was called, you might even start imagining that you now feel stronger and healthier with all of that wasted energy in alternate realities now out of the way. On the other hand some people believe they dream about the future.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:51 PM
This is a strange part of the connection between the subconcious state of dreaming and reality.There has been much study done in this department all the way from.The brain is viewing our stored information picked up through the senses and then what we see is the compiled information strand's.All the way to it is an inner world of our own souls and mind,with many instances representing different aspects of our lives,not to forget dimensional travel.

In my personal experience though my friend.Many many times in my life have been shown to me or experienced.I remember most of my dreams all the way back to when I was a child.Although I am still young now I have had many many strange instances.And it all comes from like strange events that are exactly like a dream but only for an instant and it isnt even a whole scene either.It can be a room an action a colour or all of the above.It is very strange .

I can go on but will come back to this later.

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 03:58 AM
1.) I dreamt I was driving with Paul McCartney and Wings in an old beater car up through a narrow, winding valley. Around two weeks later, I was sent to a job at a place called Ryder Lake, I had never been there. As I started to enter the valley, I noticed that the steep sides and the flat low overcast cloud made it seem like I was indoors, exactly like my dream, no Wings though. I was alone. I was amazed how exactly the same it looked and said to myself out loud, well if this is the same, I should come around a corner to the right and see a big white farmhouse with a wrap around veranda.....about two or three turns later, I came around a corner to the right and burst out laughing.....there it was. Many years later, I met a man who knew the lady who lived in that house, he recognized it when I told him the story.
2.) I was in San Francisco with my ex. and we were just leaving fishermans wharf when I stopped dead in my tracks. She said what? I was standing exactly where I had been in a dream, on a boardwalk beside a white landscapers pickup full of rakes and shovels etc. It was parked on an angle in the middle of the boardwalk, not lined up with anything, and was exactly the same as a scene in a dream from a few weeks earlier. I live in Canada, and when I had the dream, I thought nothing of it, never even thought it might be SanFran, or precognitive till that moment.
3.) When I was in grade two, I had a dream that a boy in my class was kidnapped and taken to a cave. the kidnappers broke a window of my classroom to get in. When I was having breakfast and telling my brother (who was in grade one) about it, he swore he had the same dream. My mom, who was in the kitchen too, said she had the same dream too. Well, I got to school, and the window was broken and the boy was not in class. He never did come back. I assume that his family just moved away or something, but dream was right about him being gone, and the window being broken.
4.) Back in 1983, my best friend's girlfriend was in a dream I had, and I told him about it, she and I were kissing, it did not go over well, so I shut up. They broke up a month or so later, she moved out of her parents and into a basement suite, and I was over there one night, and just as we started to kiss I realized it was the basement suite in my dream, exactly the same. When I had the dream she was dating him, living at home. Within a couple of months of the dream, they split up, she moved into a basement suite, and one night as we kissed, I remembered the dream and looked around. The couch and tv were in the same place, the carpet was chocolate brown, the same colour, and there were a couple of sheets of writing paper lying on the floor in front of the tv in the same place and orientation as in my dream.
5.) When I was about 20 I had a dream I was in my car, and it was spinning, but even though I wanted it to stop, I was unable to control it, and I didn’t understand why. Christmas eve, which was within a few days later, I had too many festive brews at a friends house, and his dad drove me home in my own car. He lived on a cul-de-sac and as he drove around the circular turn around at the end of the street, the motion was slightly nauseating for me, and as I sat there, I recalled the dream, and felt that I now knew why I wasn’t able to stop the spinning.

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