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Project Serpo: Is it a soon to be released video game?

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posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 11:50 AM

Originally posted by rdube02
One thing this last "third hoax" does prove is how easily people tend to be manipulated by lies.


For some reason, that's sticking in my head right now. There might be something there.


On the surface, these documents represent 100% of the attributes of being a "video game prop". You know, the player is rummaging about somewhere, and discovers artifacts that add to the back-story and help solve riddles for future game-play.

There are other reasons I don't think these are built for a video game;
1- It's unlikely that they would create hard-to-read clues
2- these pages would be presented as actual paper pages in-context, not as singular fake-scans
3- the tracking system would have a header with company name, software version, etc.
4- the JPEG compression looks very tight, too tight for source artwork for game development

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 12:45 PM
SO its because it has nothing to do with a video game.

In reading the entries it takes the viewpoint that the EBEN become possible hostile at some point and have sent a small army of hybrids to search out the humans.

Thus the reason why the team is hiding in a cave.

Classic work of misleading data to obscure the original sotry line, thereby generating quetions (attempted to) as to which one is the "real" account thereby increasing the interest in the story and the discussion thereof as well as the popularity of the spokesmen for it. By introducing a new competing data line to the story you can now add those people that might have been sitting on the fence because they thought the humble nature of the EBEN's to be too docile.

(now play close attention)

ESPECIALLY when the last journal enteries were released where the team commander tells his people to go get the guns because of the 308 body situation. Look at the discussion that follows on ATS about what would happen to the 12 (13)? 11 remaining team members if they suddenly turned on their EBEN hosts who quite possibly having the technology to blow up an enemies planet turn the remaining team members into toast.

So you have now introduced the new "divergence" in the story line by suggesting the reactions of the ebens to the commanders wanting to get the guns and becoming agressive about the 308 body snatching...

And someone played off that as well as other suggestions that could make this new account and "journal" enteries appear more credible, plus instead of just typing the words they provided an image of the words, since the credibility of the messenger is in dispute to throw off some of that discount, you simply provide the image of the "words" to be taken as they are presented instead of just how they are typed into a webpage or forum.

Quite obvious, well at least to me anyways

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by robertfenix
It was # 2

Bill Hamilton "the hired UFO Gun" there's a bold accusation. Do you have proof of this? Some solid evidence - maybe an email from Bill Hamilton writing to Bill Ryan or Victor and signing off as "Anon"? Oh...or maybe you have a full written confession by Bill Hamilton??? That would be fantastic - can you please share?

And then Bill Ryan took it upon himself to try and flip the script. And fabricated all of the Anon # 2 stuff.

Really??? That's funny, all correspondence on the forums and through private emails told us that Bill was just doing everything he was told and trying to be a faithful messenger. Even to those who had gained Bill's complete trust privately - he expressed his desire to simply be a messenger for Anon. Now you're making an accusation here that Bill Ryan fabricated all of the Anon #2 data. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to not make such a serious accusation without some solid proof - please do share!

Its is very plain as day, just people get caught up in their own devices and intentionally obsecure the facts right in front of them with wild theories.

Right... or maybe some people cherry-pick the "facts" that support their own wild theories while ignoring the "facts" that disprove them. Logic without evidence is purely speculation - regardless of how well-thought out that logic might be.


posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 01:50 PM
I have already stated my reason for tossing out the typed documents for the moment.

Let me toss one further idea out:

It appears that Victor is of the mind these documents are from the Burisch camp, which makes the entire SERPO idea more suspect.


1) GLP admits a flame war with Burisch.
2) The documents were posted at GLP.

Now ask yourself: If Burisch and company were at war with GLP why would they post documents there to discredit SERPO?

Would it not be sending SERPO seekers to GLP to be indoctrinated against the Burisch camp?

And that would be self defeating, would it not?

As to Bill Hamilton:

I have an email from Bill Hamilton who is watching the SERPO. He was one of the first to look at the statistical data of Zeta Reticuli vs SERPO:

He says: The SERPO story is falsified from the beginning.


"....if you add the distance between the 2 suns of SERPO that it adds up to a little more that 180 million miles apart. The actual separation between Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 is a factor of about 1944.44X more than the SERPO figure. The real problem is how can a planet orbit between two suns that are so close to the planet, approximately in the same range as earth's sun is from earth?"


[edit on 17-2-2006 by garyo1954]

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 02:15 PM
Or it could be simply what it might be. Spreading disinfo, and be like us. A type of Recuitment program that in the end does not upset the hands that feed them (Congress), and having some fun at the same time. Thus, the first question asked about the affidavit being done, and if not, don't involve us with it. Simply put, perhaps they are just playing games with your mind, involved with their own form of what they want to happen in the future (build some space-based weapons which some people are gung-ho about, and Hoda -- be like us in the future and join us -- see how we get people going on about any of it???).

Might has well have the Hodads from the space-alien based scenario back from the Civilization II computer game also in it!

In other words, I really do not think that they know if it is true or not (the serpo story), and first you have to believe that someone else (the Lt. Colonel) actually stated what is stated on the top of the page -- that yes, it is real -- all real.


I wonder what other Countries are really thinking about any of it also -- perhaps -- a rocket with a nuclear device with you sitting in a capsule up on top of the rocket to blast you, your story, all out into space and explode.

Personally I suppose that there could be a new computer game, so mixed-uped that anyone who plays the game gets so confuse as to never figure out the computer game and ever win. Except I don't think that anyone is going to program it. Wasting your mind is a terrible thing to do -- mind control is another subject also.

Well, enough of my two-cents worth about any of it! (simply disinfo spreading and all of that!)

I guess I will catch up with my own work -- as other people like Isalms may not even care what it is even it they ever hear it -- they just want to blow up!
And to me with any of this sort of activity --- it would not change their attitude at all.

To me, there is simply no reason for any Disclosure coming forth, when the world is going the way that it is going now with some people on this Planet.

Thus not my confusion, or evil with any of it.

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 05:59 PM


The embedded info was to me clearly meant to be found, the info is written in the comments section of the jpg ( open it in Irfanview and look at the comments section under Image - Image Info ), so this info can obviously be written to the image, and a scanned image will not retain the tracking info of the document being scanned ( understand what I'm saying ? )...

Is it connected to Victor and Bill's Serpo?

No...I don't think so...these "documents" are using the team members names instead of numbers, in Victor and Bill's Serpo the team used numbers for names...

Is it a game?

Ohhh yes it's a game IMHO, someone is creating an elaborate internet game/hoax ( similar to Titor ) to get their jollies...

And again my comments are just IMHO...

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 05:22 AM
Oh, I know after really thinking about it.

How many in Majic12? --- say 12. (Majestic Twelve Documents)
How many go to Planet Serpo? -- say 12.

Two points awarded!

How much did it cost to hitch a ride with spacealiens to Planet Serpo back in 1965? --- 9,500 lbs --- (English Currency -- pounds)

Two more points awarded.

How much would it cost to go today to Planet Serpo? -- 90,500 lbs (English Currency - pounds)

Two more points awarded.

Do you think that you will have enough money to go to Planet Serpo with what you make for minumum wages today? --- No!

Two more points awarded.

What helmet are you wearing and what time wave are you going on? -- even if you have the money which has increased due to inflation between then and now -- what money are you saving?

Two more points awarded.

10 points -- very excellent adventure coming up -- perhaps?

Nixon's Era -- Watergate -- etc, etc, etc, coverup! (time of old serpo story)

Do you think that you can find spacealiens to hitch along for the ride to Planet Serpo and stay there for the next ten years?

Then how come -- companies are charging $600 for a hammer, and all the rest from the example given in Independence Day the movie?

How do you expect anyone to afford this trip with the money they make nowadays compared to the way it was back in the '70's?

Is there a coverup going on in the White House again, such as with Nixon?

I could go on and on, about how the world wants to blow you all the way there, perhaps?

But, I think you get the drift of hitching a ride to Planet Serpo, because if you think you can -- then you are on Planet Earth, and where is all that money coming from and where is it going to?

(Companies and what they charge for all of this type of stuff?)

Well, perhaps it is whether you think you are a spacealien on this Planet Earth, and who is doing what in the Government??

Well, first you have to pass an IQ test, and decipher what it really means then, as you think about your Planet Serpo Vacation and being on this Planet with the way things are going now and the money you are making, allowing for fixed incomes of retirement and all of that -- is there going to be an Retirement?

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 07:38 AM
There's one thing that strikes me as kinda strange if this were to be a video game.

Most video games have graphics of some kind, and these days the graphics are getting pretty realistic--that viral for collossus showed that even some people who are quite skeptic can be fooled a little.

I'm a really, really novice 3D artist, but I could probably make a decent and believeable alien model in, say maybe a week, two weeks tops. Throw in another month roughly to get a really killer landscape set up, and I've got something that I could be proud of and might even find halfway realistic. That's to say nothing of someone who does it for a living--look at some of nullster's work (ie avatars), those had me do a double take.

So, if this is going to be a video game, then why is it, with all the great 3D artists in the world, with all the great 3D modeling and animation software, the only image we get after 2-3 months of fighting for it is a pencil sketch using a common stencil set?

If this were to be a viral marketing campaign, wouldn't it be a bit better to throw together a real quick, static-y video clip or grainy image, just to get us all to shut up?

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 07:51 AM
It could very well be a viral ad for a new computer game. Maybe a mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) where players can choose between being a human or alien in an interactive world and the whole Project Serpo site could just be laying the foundations for that.

The viral ads for the computer game 'shadow of the collosus' have included film of a giant washed up on an Indian beach and of a giant statue found in a jungle in South America and a giant found buried beneath the ice somewhere in Siberia.

All these films created an immense buzz within the UFO/alternative science/conspiracy community and I was pretty blown away by them at first.
Now I have a deep respect for those who make viral ads!
If it is to be a soon released game I would expect other related viral campaigns to surface in the coming months, perhaps pictures or even some kind of footage!

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 11:59 AM
Maybe I am blind here. I keep bumping into walls.

SERPO may very well become a book, a movie, or a special, and possibly a video game. But if that happens Bill Ryan and Victor Martinez have destroyed their credibility.

Bill is scheduled to speak at the UFO convention in Laughlin about Project SERPO. Can anyone take him seriously?

Can we say William Moore/Timothy Good?

William Moore is alledged to have hoaxed the origianl MJ12 docs and leaked them to Timothy Good, in the UK, hoping they would confirm his sources. You might check out the similarities between the two tales.

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 01:02 PM
Have to look that up, but perhaps there is a link??

Anyway, the year that they left for Planet Serpo, is probably when President Johnson declared his War on Poverty. To me it is all a political issue, and the rules of the game between politics and the military, and whether you actually think you have a chance to even start thinking about getting to Planet Serpo. To me, you do not have that, so it is a story to me about all of it. The UFO stuff, and all the politics stuff and all the military stuff spun into a story.

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