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Chemtrails how about some ideas on this subject

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posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 12:15 PM
Chemtrails, just the name itself makes you think about people in tin foil hats rambling on in a paranoid diatribe. I would think the same way myself if didn’t have firsthand experience.

I learned about chemtrails not from the Internet or anyone else. I am an avid aviation enthusiast and am always looking to the sky for interesting aircraft, been doing it since I can remember. I have seen every type of contrail, in every weather situation that they are able to form. One summer in July of 1999 I was working as a car-salesman on a car lot that is on a high hill with a wonderful vista of the sky. I was feeling really good that day for I had made quite a bit of money selling cars. I parked a car, got out and looked up into the sky. I will never forget the feeling. The sky at the western horizon was filled with the strangest looking (contrails) I thought to myself what the ****! I had NEVER seen anything like it. They were not in normal jet traffic positions and were right next to each other. They were so thick, so opaque, and so un-natural, I looked for at least five to ten minutes trying to figure out what was going on. My mood instantly went from elation to a feeling of dread.

It took a few years before I had seen articles about chemtrails. When I saw some real chemtrail pictures I had instant recall to that day, I have been trying to figure out this crazy thing ever since.

I don’t know how any government could deal with the logistics of such an operation without the public becoming more aware of what is going on. Personally I think it is our government and a few others doing this to modify the weather. There are other opinions I have read that if true would explain everything.

On 20 Dec 2000, my friend Larry and I hiked to a ridge in the Santa Cruz mountains between San Francisco and San Jose, California. Even as I drove to the trail head, I could see that the chemtrail spraying was very heavy. These are not contrails, I have seen them painted at an angle that transverses at least 10,000 feet. Contrail conditions only set up at certain fairly limited levels.

After a long climb, Larry and I sat on a ridge and looked out at the clouds caused by the chemtrails. It seemed that there were three sprayers in operation. At least two thirds of the sky was obscured by what we know is the result of chemtrails. We have watched enough chemtrails expand into clouds to know what chemclouds look like. Today there was so much "chem" in the skies that there were chembows. As opposed to rainbows, chembows are mostly brown and have a pot of God knows what at their end.

Perhaps Larry and I know the sky in our area better than most people because we windsurf so much and the sky dictates how the wind blows. It is obvious to us that our sky has changed radically over the last two years. Nevertheless, the amount of ignorance about what is going on right over people’s head is amazing. Do people really believe that media news accurately informs them? Here is proof that media news is distorted beyond recognition. Can't people just use their eyes and see that something very significant is happening right over their heads?

Nearly everyday I see planes blasting out thick white vapor that appears a little like contrails from high flying jets. When I was a field engineer for Hughes Aircraft, I worked on air bases all over the world; I never saw contrails that behave like these. They can expand and create a complete unnaturally smooth overcast. They are reported from England, Amsterdam, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Mexico so it is not the US government doing this. Sometimes the chemtrails touch down and leave strange substances on everything.

Around 4:00, Larry spotted a sprayer coming in our direction at 10,000 ft. It was approaching Foothill College from the east. Suddenly, it stopped spraying and slowed down. The sun was at our backs and just ready to set. Sunlight was bouncing very strongly off what appeared to be a metallic, dumbbell-looking object. Perhaps the reflected sunlight had washed out the light transmissions that the craft uses to cloak itself to appear like an airplane. Perhaps it was having power difficulties. That would explain why it stopped spraying and slowed down. The power problem may have effected the output of its cloaking equipment because as it approached, I could see the real ship. >snipped<

The above snippet seems pretty wild, but the auther is sincere about this and is an intelligent auther that is a retired military jet engineer. I don't know what the answer is that is why I am posting this here. Hopefully this subjet can be looked at with an open mind. What do you think?

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posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 11:44 PM
I've never seen any so called chemtrails.

If they do exist they are either some type of weather manipulation to create rain, or to protect us from the solar rays after the pole shift.

My conspiracy theory is: the general population has started drinking bottled water and eating natural foods thus the poison they were feeding us to keep us sick is not working, so they decided to spray it instead.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 12:38 AM
I've never seen a chemtrail with my own eyes, but have read so much on them that they must exist, although I have never heard of them in Australia.

With that out of the way, at the end of what you quoted the guy said the sunlight affected the spraying aircraft's visual cloaking device. How can you be so sure he's telling the truth, and why was is >snipped

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 01:41 PM
Chemtrails have been sprayed over the major city I live in for at least 5 years on a frequent basis. Lately they have been doing it at night as people were finally starting to notice. How most people cannot differentiate a chemtrail from a contrail has me simply baffled?

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 07:13 PM
I haven't seen any here in my city but have looked into the theory quite a bit & believe that there might be some truth behind it.
The link below is a report from a mechanic who worked on a commercial aircraft & found some interesting information on how these chemicals are being sprayed. Whether it is true or not is open to debate but it makes an interesting read.
The site has a lot of information on this subject so it's worth having a look.
I also read an article which talks about these elemental beings known as Slyphs which can be summoned to clear the chemtrails by reciting a mantra or wishing for blue skies etc..
I found the theory quite silly at first but I actually watched a high res video of exactly what they were describing. Might be a natural phenomenon that we didn't know existed until they started spraying the skies with chemicals.

If somebody who sees chemtrails often then it might be worth grabbing your video camera & trying out the mantra to see if they do exist.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 09:04 AM
please bear with me on this post, its a bit long but hear me out.

When I was a kid in the early 1980's, me and friends used to see a big boomerang flying through the sky - Nobody believed us till the B-2 was unvieled to the world.
Then in the early 1990's China announced that its long range over the horizon radar could spot B-2's on launch. 1 year later chemtrails started.

These trails are radar visible, reflecting huge amounts of energy away from the beam focus and thus cover the areas under them in an almost radar proof blanket.

Look at the USA and the areas these trails are seen, and invariably they are over either major defence areas or military / Goverment sites.

My view is that the US cottoned onto the over the horizon radar threat and took steps to erradicate it. HAARP I believe may play a part in this - The clouds need to be cleared at times, and with metallic barium in them what would be a better sweeper than a highly ionised electrical beam charge?

Just my humble opinion bearing in mind.

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