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The Ghost of Isabella

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posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 01:03 AM
howdy fellow visionaries,

Many years ago I ran across an article in the May 2003 Readers Digest. It described the theft of about 300 million dollars worth of paintings and offered a 5 million dollar reward. Using my skills as a spiritual medium I located the stolen art.

The strangest thing happened while I was linking with the faces of the potential theives shown in Readers Digest. I saw the ghost of Isabella
Stewart Gardner come through my living room and was she ever angry.
This visual was passed on through the living memory to me from someone , just like I did the ghost, back when she started the Museum in Massachusetts around 1925. Living memory perhaps passed from person to person many times before I saw it. Maybe through the deep subconsciousness of your own visionary mind.

I worked for 7 days. I wrote down many things told to me. I cut a rectangle hole in a piece of white paper and framed off the potential theives. I made contact with one who gave me the most information. One piece of information was a place where the art stolen 16 years ago from now was hidden. I didn't know what this place was and could not find it in a big atlas. So I closed my eyes and opened the index of the atlas in the back and put my finger right down on this place. It was a county, not a city or a town listed and that is why I couldn't find it. Then the other note about the name made sense. So I knew the city too. I also had the distinct sensation at the time this valuabvle art was hidden in a hollow door.

I didn't know the address, but was willing to call the 1-800 tip line to the FBI and give them the lead. The money was not as important as getting the art returned to her museum for everyone to enjoy. And I'm sure if Isabella were still alive, she would feel the same way.

So I called 2 or 3 times and left some info. The next time I called the Verizon answering system went off. It stayed off for several months, and perhaps a year. It was strange that I was about to say I saw the ghost of Isabella come through my living room and the system all of a sudden didn't work for a long time. So I called the FBI, I was unable to get throughto the agent Dan Falzon who had kept the investigation going for 13 years.
I tried contacting Interpol and Scotland Yard, for the art is across the ocean. There was no response. I called the FBI in Seattle and asked them how the public helps the FBI. There was stone cold silence. I guess the duty officer didn't know how the public helps the FBI.

There was a time I would have gone to this foreign country and located the stolen art in the city. But I will not leave home now. There was a time I did gaze deep into pictures of many faces and made a telepathic connection. I no longer do this.

My health is more important to me than 5 million dollars. Almost died after seeing over 50,000 ghosts through the last 35 years or so. There is a lot of stress involved in other peoples' lives, a lot of anger and fear too. I have a comfortable calm life and so do my dogs and cats. There are less and less negative telepathic energies showing up each month now. And I am happy.

Happy Valentines Day
Honor Seed

posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 05:39 AM
This sounds like a very interesting account. Do you mind saying approximatley where you believe the stolen art to be hidden... just for posterity incase it is found there. it would be excellent proof for the existance of 'remote viewing' and psychic powers. i am personally open minded about the situation.

Have you ever had your powers tested scientifically?



posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 09:12 AM
Sure BigDan, the east coast of Scotland. But it may have been moved by now. It is amazing how many really good theives have a sense of intuition or telepathic warning system the cops are about to nab em. A real good reason to stay off the telepathic network, the mind connection can dump all kinds of guilt feelings on you or me without even realizing it at the time. The last thing I want to do is feel guility for an honest days work.

No scientific testing other than by myself. I have mentioned before that I sent love feelings and the words 'I love you" to the backs of strangers young kids in strollers and shooping carts at the market, to have them turn around the exact instant I sent, smile , look into my eyes and say hello. Telepathy will be a far off reality in a kinder and gentler world. For now I am closing down shop, so to speak, blocking and suppressing all telepathic powers for my own happiness and health. I'll inform the fellow visionary colleages at the time of a full shutdown here at ATS.

Honor seed

Telepathy will be a far off reality in a kinder and gentler world.

There is a prophet greater than Mohammed before you, and you know it not.


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