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FEMA's still messin' up

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posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 08:17 PM
Tonight, CNN ran more of a story about the undelivered FEMA trailers that are standing empty in a field in Hope, Arkansas. ( If this is mentioned already, I couldn't find it, sorry....or if this should go in a different forum..)
CNN page with trans scripts ...this is the part story that aired first....on Feb 10. Scroll down to the exchange between Susan Roesgen and Blitzer. (About a third of the way down the page.)

FEMA pays the airport $25,000 a month to lease this land. And the mobile homes themselves cost a total of $431 million. That infuriates Arkansas Congressman Mike Ross.

REP. MIKE ROSS (D), ARKANSAS: We want them to come up here and pick these manufactured homes up, all 11,000 of them, and take them to the people who lost their homes and everything they owned on the Gulf Coast, well over five months ago. This is five months past due, and it is time for FEMA to get moving.

Then, tonight they aired the next part, telling about how these homes are 'sinking in the mud' and may need to be totally trashed if they continue to warp and then fall apart from sitting unsupported on the soft soil....a $400 million plus trash pile.

They have a video of the 'sinking' trailers. Though, from what they actually show, 'mired' in the mud might be more like it......for now. But they claimed that each time it rains, the ground becomes softer and the trailers sink more....

This page shows a link to this video as well a couple of others:
Green box, half way down on right. There was no transcript for this evening's show just yet, it will probably be available by tomorrow......

One 'excuse' mentioned for not delivering them was that FEMA did not allow them to be placed in a flood plain.......but the very place they were bought (by FEMA ) for is hugely flood plain!! Did they not know this??

Who made the money off this deal?? And can they still blame this on Brown??

posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 12:59 PM
Already in discussion.

11k Manufactured Homes Wasted Because of FEMA's Incompetence

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