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Weekend Hunters

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posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 08:09 PM
Let me say this about girlyboys. They are doing the best they can and many of them are doing well (at least, financially).
Do you think for a moment that Dickey Cheney wanted to spend the day with a bunch of MEN, men he didn't know, doing man things. No!
His handlers wanted him to appear less a girlybpy and do some outside things. The Bushes tried to appear to fish, Dubya walks through the poseys hand and hand with his close Arab budy. They wanted Dickey to look manly, at least temporarily.
The unfortunate thing is that they actually gave him a loaded firearm. Jesus! What were they thinking. At least with a fishing pole it would be really hard to seriously damage one of your party.
Girlyboys unite!
Hell, what am I saying, they already have, they're called the Republican Party.


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