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Opus Dei Holds Out for 'Da Vinci' Changes

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posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 06:44 PM
ROME -- The conservative Roman Catholic group Opus Dei said Tuesday it had no intention of calling for a boycott of the upcoming film "The Da Vinci Code," but said it hopes the much-awaited film could still be changed so that "there aren't references that would hurt Catholics."

Hmmm, sodomizing little boys, no problem, a movie that is fiction, they are up in arms... Does the church have a brain? They cover up and fight for the right to sodomize little boys in America, they have more pregnant nuns in Africa then there are pregnant teens after Prom Night, but a movie, a fictional movie, and they are all over it. I don't get what goes through their head, how can you be so against a book, or movie, yet cover up and/or support molesting boys and raping nuns? First it was burning Harry Potter books, then boycotting the Da Vinci COde book, and now against the movie because it might say something bad about them?

And before anyone jumps on me for what I said, here are links...

Pregnant Nuns in Africa(Used that term in Google)
WASHINGTON - As U. S. Catholic priests returned from the Vatican in Rome recently to discuss the problem of sexual abuse of children by priests, little attention is being paid to reports of sexual exploitation of nuns in Africa by the church's clergy.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican (news - web sites) acknowledged
Tuesday a damning report that some priests and missionaries were forcing
nuns to have sex with them, and were in some cases committing rape and
forcing the victims to have abortions.



And cover up of little boy raping

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