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Would a Creationist Accept Another

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posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 02:58 PM
I think it can be fairly well accepted that human and animal (and perhaps even plant) consciousness can have a direct effect on what most of us perceive as physical reality. If I imagine an green apple, for instance, and picture it in my mind, there are many measureable changes in the physical components of my brain. How I get from not thinking about a green apple to "seeing" one in my mind is still unknown. We know the importance of the observer in quantum physics.

A bit less accepted are the effects measured by such things as remote viewing and micropsychokinesis, but there are certainly tests which can be conducted to gain better insight into them.

As this relates to Creationism, I've always wondered what would happen if we were able to confirm even just a little the existence of non-local and temporally independent consciousness effects. What would a Creationists take be if it was determined that the creation of the universe and its slow crawl toward self-awareness was accomplished not by a wise old grandfather in the sky, but by one of us (or a combination of all of us)?

Perhaps the universe itself was and continues to be re-created by our own imaginations. If we can affect the physical universe on a small scale, independent of time, then maybe all we need to move an entire universe from virtuality to reality is to imagine it happening. So every time Stephen Hawking tries to picture the Big Bang in his mind, he actually makes it happen. Or if not him, some other intelligent being on some distant planet in the universe, in the past or future. Some giant worm or a little baby that has a very powerful imagination and the parapsychological power to back it up.

"God" would no longer required in the equation. The universe ends up being a figment of the imaginations of all the living things in it, and development on both a cosmic and atomic scale is directed by the consciousnesses of the creatures in it. From the tiniest bacterium to the largest, planet-sized intelligent fungus orbiting a distant star. And the universe exists in a huge time loop, where we imagine it, it grows, and eventually it produces us, who imagine it and make it happen.

You often hear Creationist say that they don't automatically claim that God is the intelligence behind their "intelligent design," but you also never hear them offer any other possibilities.

Well, here's another possibility, based on something that can actually be tested and examined scientifically. No God required. Physical reality created first on a tiny scale, then expanded and directed on a huge scale. Although what is big and what is small in the context of the universe?

As UFO "believers" have eventually evolved into some of the most hardened skeptics, demanding the highest level of investigation and accuracy, I would hope that Creationists would also expand their sights and think outside their box (or book) for alternatives and positive proofs, rather than spending all their time beating up poor Darwin's bones.

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