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George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis: Ties That Bind

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posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 03:25 AM
You can ignore this information at your own peril.

Is the Republican strategy of today: the spying, the secrecy, the tactics against protesters, the dismantling of the New Deal, the shutting out of the press, the plan to dismantle social security, and the dismantling of our sense of security revenge for our defeating their nazi heros.

Numerous writers have compared the Bush tactics with those used by Hitler, while others have documented the connection between Prescott Bush and the Nazis. However, there is much more to what has lead the Bush regime to transform the United Stated into a fascist police state. Few people are aware that it is the Republican Party which paid for Nazi broadcasts in the 1930s or that the GOP employed Nazis in election campaigns. Fewer are aware that Herbert Hoover conspired with top Nazi officials in Berlin to unseat Roosevelt in the 1940 election. Others have forgotten that George Bush senior as chairman of the Republican Party set up the ethnic heritage groups of the party as havens for former Nazis or that he employed known Nazi war criminals on his campaign staff.

Moreover, as the New York Republican convention nears convening, it is increasingly obvious that protestors will be dealt with brutally. New weapons such as a sound blaster developed for the military are already in place in New York blurring the lines between the military and civilian affairs. Over fifty protestors are being tightly watch and tailed, their only crime is their opposition to Bush. The Republican governor has suggested that free speech is not a right but a privilege that can be revoke. Additionally there is a massive operation going on in Florida and other states to deny Blacks their right to vote. Finally the Bush administration is using terror alerts to frighten voters and to condition them to the possibility of a canceled election. These and similar tactics are no different than the tactics Hitler's brown shirts

Full Diagram

Nearly 700 pages detailing the subversion of democracy leading to the creation of a fascist state is now available in html format on cd. Included is a proposed amendment that will stop corporate fascism dead in its tracks.
To order The Nazi Hydra just click the link for the order form and print the form out or print the required information on a plain piece of paper. Order Form. Note I do not maintain a record of who buys the cd. Readers can view the full privacy statement of the White Rose by using the menu about and selecting "About the White Rose."

Note: I will continue to make these pages freely available online for the readers as long as I am able to do so. For John Asscroff and his FBI Gestapo thugs, the rest of the Department of Injustice, the CIA and the military you can purchase all of the information that I have gathered by ordering the CD. All of my sources are available in any good public library. Or you can continue prowling in the shadows unconstitutionally and criminally spying on me. The people will bear witness.

Much of the material within the Nazi Hydra In America is the direct result of the excellent research skills of John Hawkins. Indeed much of the book would not have been possible without his research abilities and his unique sense to pursue various threads that open whole new areas that yield an additional understanding of fascism within the United States and how its being directed by a very small number of elite families.

© Copyright 2001-2004: Glen Yeadon The Nazi Hydra in America is copyright protected material. However, readers may freely quote the material for non commercial purposes provided they reference the source. Commercial use is banned.

700 pages of documentation

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

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