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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 03:47 AM

PODcast: Majic: Aether Level 2
Copyright 2006 by Majic. All rights reserved. May be freely copied and distributed for noncommercial purposes. version. Terms of the ATS Creative Commons Deed applies. Based on the Glass Loop synth pad by Zero-G ( WARNING: May cause drowsiness.

length: 09:06
file: btsmpod_1442.mp3
size: 4277k
feed: btsm
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 04:07 AM
Aether Level 2

This is the second installment of my experimental music project called Aether.

Since it's experimental, I'm learning as I go, and my strategy is to learn from my mistakes, I make no warranties express or implied that this music doesn't suck.

On the other hand, it is well worth the price ($0.00, no tax), making it an excellent musical value.

As with Aether Level 1, I used a single "synthesizer pad" (basically an ambience routine) created by Zero G that came with Kontakt 2.

The pad I used for this song is called “Glass Loop”.


Where Level 1 was based on the patterns inherent to the pad, in this case I was inspired by the glassy tones to cap the foundation lines with a wandering melody. I'm not sure where the melody came from, but I wanted it to sound vague and wander somewhat, like in a dream.

The foundation is built of a series of three rotating octave holds that give it an odd sort of lumbering stasis of movement (or something like that). To give a sense of falling asleep or drifting off, I opted to start the tempo out rather normally, but did a linear retardando that lasts the course of the song and goes from 80BPM to 12BPM. At the end, I let the resonant feedback that threatens to overwhelm the melody take over during the fade-out.

Oh, and I reverbed the hell out of it, using several passes from a Lexicon Pantheon plug-in with different large hall settings.

There are some intriguing artifacts that emerged in the production process that sound to me like a woman's voice, but I put no such sounds into the song. All I used was the glass loop and a lot of effects. Also, as a consequence of so much fiddling (I multiband-compressed and eq'd out a lot of the fundamentals), there are some digital “glitches”, and compressing the higher frequencies to MP3 also has its liabilities.

Still, it pretty much sounds like it did on my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).


The first song in the series can be found here: Majic: Aether Level 1

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 10:13 AM
Yeah, it definately has a bit more of that creepy vibe we were discussing. On the other hand, it is less creepy than I anticipated (Good thing). If you put the 'woman's voice' into the song it probably would have greatly increased the creepification

It also reminds me of a Buddhist monastary, the constant soothing droning, with the bells over top. That, combined with an "Is that the phone ringing?"

It continues to express the concept of vibrations, much like the Level 1 Aether song. This one is somehow different though, stronger. I can feel the song resonating throughout me. There is a strange magnetism about the sound. Level 2 is listened to actively (it actually pulls you in), whereas Level 1 was listened to passively (you sit back and enjoy).... if that makes any sense.

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