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Project for The Exposure of Hidden Institutions

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 02:12 AM
heard of Skull & Bones? Bohemian Grove?

Have ou heard of The Pilgrims Society, or the 1001 Club? Some interesting names pop up

This is from the Project for The Exposure of Hidden Institutions, an excellent website

In the Pilgrims Society list the names have been added of, or work has been done on:

Charles F. Adams IV John Pierpont Morgan, Jr.
Winthrop W. Aldrich Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
Walter H. Annenberg Prince Philip Mountbatten
Anne Legendre Armstrong Richard A. Peabody
Kingman Brewster, Jr. Elliot L. Richardson
George Ball Lord Gordon Richardson
David K.E. Bruce Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Nicholas Murray Butler David Rockefeller
Andrew Carnegie Nelson Rockefeller
Lord Carrington Elihu Root
Donald W. Douglas Edmund de Rothschild
Christopher Forbes George P. Shultz
Lord Guthrie Paul Volcker
Lord Peter Inge Sir John Weston
Henry Kissinger John Hay Whitney
John Pierpont Morgan

The information in the biographies will be summarized in an article that will appear soon, together with more names and information.

In the 1001 Club list similar additions to the names or the biographies have been made:
Giovanni "Gianni" Agnelli Chief Shafi Lawal Edu
Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan Godrej family
Heidi Andersson Alexander King
Hersh Chadha Sukum Navapan
George R. Cooley Maurice F. Strong

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posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 10:17 PM
On a smaller scale

Smaller local private institutes tie into the exact same network as described above and are often visibly controlled by a banking house. A few examples from the international affairs institutes:

* The CFR is chaired by Peter G. Peterson, a long time friend and business partner of Henry Kissinger, Maurice R. Greenberg, and David Rockefeller. Besides a director of Rockefeller Center Properties, he has been chairman of the NY Federal Reserve, chairman of Lehman Brothers, and founder and chairman of The Blackstone Group, today a leading global investment and advisory group allied with Kissinger Associates and AIG. If Peterson is not a Pilgrims Society member, he would be the only chair of the CFR and probably the only chair of the NY Fed who wouldn't have been one. Peterson has been described as a close associate of General Richard G. Stilwell, who has attended Le Cercle and has been head of a worldwide anti-communist/socialist covert warfare program. Stilwell has also been credited with co- authoring Operation Mongoose and Operation Northwoods.


posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 01:34 AM
The only thing that really matters about all this is that our planet is completely and utterly controlled by 13 men. All the other spin off secret groups are just branchs of the vine of 13.

We refer to them as the "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" in spookspeak.

Actually, there WERE 13, but last year one of them took power from three of the 13 because
A. they crossed him.
B. Master #1 made a power play.

The three still have a seat at the table in London, but they have had their balls cut off. Master #1 [ An American congressman] is out of control. hopefully the other 10 will deal with him.I think they will do so. Soon.


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