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Friendly Prank Ideas...please?

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posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 02:34 PM
Does anyone have any ideas for FRIENDLY pranks? A friend of mine and I have this little pranking situation going on between us. It started out as toilet papering each other's house, but then last night I came home and found my room draped with string. It was tied to EVERYTHING! I need some GOOD ideas to get him back. Please keep them safe and friendly though. Thanks!

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 02:45 PM
Stash a bag a frozen prawns in his setee/couch/sofa?After a few weeks It'll stink lol.

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 03:19 PM
Rub gold bond on his underwear, for an erection that will last and last.

Shake up his carbonated beverage

Send his girlfreind a breakup email

Send him a breakup email acting to be his girlfreind

Make little vacuums with some dixie cups and put it on his floor so when he has to take them off the water will fall out

Mayonase on the phone

Switch bengay with his toothpaste

Put superglue in his keyhole; doors, cars, guncase

Switch all the DVDs into non corresponding DVD cases

ditto with cds

Put a 'Gay Freedom' sign or something of the sort in his yard

Take a crap on his floor

Send him a stripper for his b-day make sure its male

Gethim drunk and take his pants

Put his cell phone au francais

Get a dead dog put a leash on it and attach it to his car so itll bounce off sometime when hes driving

Well Im outta ideas, tell me which ones you gonna use

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 04:08 PM
Vegemite I'd hate to cross you lol

Some good ideas in there.

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 04:17 PM
spray some deep heat or some deao freeze in his underwear draweror any thing that nums the skin

super glue all the pages of his school books togther

steal all his socks

use his email for a load of free porn sites for him to get spammed

super glue the remote to a table

punch him in the balls when hes sleeping

pour milk on the under side of his matress or his couch after a few days it will smell somthing firece

super glue his cd rom drive shut

replace hair gel with super glue

....Boy the wonders of superglue

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by WERE_ALL_GONA_DIE

use his email for a load of free porn sites for him to get spammed

It's better if its GAY porn.

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 05:17 PM
Hide in his living room, when he comes in, give him a swift kick to the crutch, then superglue his eyebrows to the floor.

Put a small amount of C4 in his phone.

Make a mannaquin in his house, with a melon for a head, when he comes in, shoot the melon with something and he'll crap himself.

Set fire to his pet/girlfriend/favourite hooker.

Hit him with a hammer when he's asleep.

Get him drunk, go to the airport, buy a ticket for a flight and put him on a plane, pretending to be his 'friend'. Then leave and wave goodbye.

Put a goat in his bedroom.

Replace all his clothes and underwear with womens versions.

Throw a kiddies party a t his house, clowns, bouncy castles, everything.

I've got some more, I'll post them later.

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 05:42 PM
Sign him up to recieve magazines of all sorts, escpecially parental and gay stuff.

Put a Singles ad in the paper, with something like: "SWM, looking for heavy set male, preferably Italian." Or something like that.

Get him drunk, and but him a 300lb hooker.

Get him tickets to a game, when hes gone, rearrange his furniture in odd places. Put his kitchen appliances in the bathroom, his living room in the kitchen, his bedroom in the living room etc.

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