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Panty Thief Worked for the CIA, Now Being Held on $1.65 Million Bond!

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posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 02:53 AM


Lori Meyer walked into her darkened McLean home one evening last month, her 8-month-old son, Samuel, in her arms, and found a strange man dashing down her stairs. As the intruder fled, Meyer ran outside, screaming, and flagged down a passing minivan.

Fairfax County police said yesterday that the man that Meyer and the driver of the minivan cornered in a cul-de-sac that night, George C. Dalmas III, 44, works at the CIA. He has now been charged with 17 burglaries in the McLean area. And in a search of his Falls Church home, police said, they found a stunning trove of cash, jewelry, antiques, license plates -- and bags filled with more than 1,000 women's undergarments.

Dalmas was arrested Jan. 31, and at a hearing Friday, a Fairfax judge set bond for him at $50,000 on each count, for a total of $1.65 million. Dalmas was still being held in the county jail last night.


This mid-level administrative employee of the Central Intelligence Agency appears to be a common thief, well, maybe not so common. Panty thievery..pretty pathetic. I guess this guy didn't get many dates with his "Hey baby, I work for the CIA" line.

I was accosted on a thread not too long ago (too bad I can't remember which one) by someone upset at my scorn for the CIA's bumbling. They said something to the effect of "those great men and women are the best of the best this country has to offer, and you're not worthy to shine their shoes."

Well, now I have a proper comeback. Oh yeah, well at least I'm not a goddamned panty sniffer!

LMAO, buncha tools.

You can't make this stuff up.

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 04:01 PM
Hardly the most stearling example of the best the CIA has to offer. Geez, how pathetic.

As if they didn't have enough bad press, now this clown only makes it worse. What a monkey


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