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NASA secret videos. The undeniable proof!

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posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 05:37 AM

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 09:56 AM
This is an interesting thread for multiple reasons.

For those of you that are put off by the bashing from some supposedly open-minded proponents of the ET hypothesis in this thread, don't ignore all of the evidence because of the stink. There really is some interesting phenomena. Yuu just have to look past the initial stuff the community seems to stick on.

The STS video footage is a tough subject for rational people because a lot of the evidence is not as convincing as the 'true believers' insist that it is. But you are going to miss out on the good stuff if you just see some incidental scene that they throw in front of you, realize it is not much, and then walk away. Don't do it. Don't walk away. In my opinion, disinformation wins if you don't see the more interesting footage for yourself.

There are problems with some of the STS evidence. For example, the initial Secret Nasa video showed an object changing vectors in which the narrators claim a clear self propelling force. However, upon watching the video further, the full view version of the scene clearly shows the camera zooming in, thus causing the apparent change in velocity. As a result, I have to be very careful when analyzing the remaining footage, because it is evident that some of the proponents cannot distinguish motion from apparent motion, either created by thruster firings or focal length changes on the optics. They may be right about the cause of these phenomena, but are unwilling to accept that certain video segments fall well short of demonstrating their hypothesis.

That doesn't mean all of the evidence is that weak. It is not. Some is quite interesting. But you have to look past the true believers who ooh and awe at everything and look at the other phenomena, like the Over Africa Formation event, and the Tether Snapping Incident.

If you are a skeptic, do yourself a favor, if you have not already, hit the mute button on these videos (thus disabling the music and non-evidential suggestive content of the narrators):

  • watch some of these particles in the Tether Snapping Incident for a few minutes as they trace out a somewhat rounded rectangular path around the tether. As far as I know, no relative shuttle motion would produce that pattern of motion. Something interesting is going on there.
  • watch the Over Africa segment (again, muted to avoid the stupid music.) Notice that the objects appear to 'stop' moving away from the shuttle when they hit a certain plane in coordination with the other objects. This is not anywhere near the horizon point for the camera as otherwise the formation would continue moving away to converge to a single point. It does not. Instead, it travels on a plane away from the shuttle at a different angle, in which the rate of 'moving away' is clearly less than when the objects entered the formation. Very strange, indeed.
  • The animated at mentioned earlier by another poster, is another good example of something interesting going on. There is even some change in lighting on the shuttle that indicates that something is out there in the dark correlated with that strange light. Unfortunately, the author then asserts that there is a 'shaft of light' on the arm. It may be, but looks much more like array-coupled sensor image bleeding to me. The shaft of light, I believe, is just an artefact of lighting saturation. But thank goodness the lighting was that bright, because you can see that the light point of interest on this video is associated in all of its movements with a change in luminosity on the shuttle!

My interpretation is that a very dark, rather large object near the shuttle with a light on it is moving back and forth. What is it?

80% of the video 'proof' produced by the STS crowd on this site could very easily be space junk and is not convincing. But if you look at the three incidents above very carefully, you will realize something very odd is going on. So look into this further on your own time, and I think you will be suprised that it is not what it seems from first glance.

After you have seen the more convincing stuff, THEN go back and look at the footage where the camera controller (on ground?) quickly pans away from interesting phenomena, or where the narrator gets flustered and stops talking about the scene, so as not to discuss these objects.

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posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 06:58 AM
..probably debris and other stuff mankind has put in orbit over the last decades..

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 07:26 AM
There are a few things that bother me about the debunking of this footage:

Why does this so-called 'space junk' only appear on infra-red camera, and not on regular TV camera?

Why does it appear to pulsate? (David Sereda blames it on the UFO's propulsion system in 'Case for NASA UFOs') Is there any way that a camera can cause a particle to appear this way on film?

I can accept the debris/particles can become so out of focus that they appear as circles of light surrounding a dark centre, but why the notch on the outside of the circle? I am mainly referring to the Tether Incident (can't recall which STS...maybe 75) at the moment by the way. The objects don't look identical in all the videos.

Does anyone have any ideas regarding the above points?

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