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WTF? War on Terror is bs!

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posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 01:36 AM
Why is it that after 9/11 all of a sudden Saddam had WMDs and it was a big issue? We knew he had WMDs when he used them on Iran and his own people and yet, after he did this we took him off the list of countrys that support terror. Why the hell did that happen? wtf?

If Bush wanted to protect us, he would have given us WAY better border security. Why didnt he?

Why is that we have electronic voting? wtf?

Why is it that we dont have a free press where the people speak, not political partys?

Why is it that Bush is spending money like it grows on trees to fight dum wars (see above) and then he trys to cut medicaid and s.s?

Why is it that Bush isnt impeached? Clinton lied about getting head from his secretary, Bush signs something that breaks the Constitution and lied about other things.

This is a war on the Free American people, and a war on the middle east. Not a war on terror. This isnt just about Bush, Its about our Government that we let get too strong. When the hell will we stand up?

1949: CIA backs military coup deposing elected government of Syria.

1953: CIA helps overthrow the democratically‑elected Mossadeq government in Iran (which had nationalized the British oil company) leading to a quarter‑century of repressive and dictatorial rule by the Shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlevi.

early 1960s: U.S. unsuccessfully attempts assassination of Iraqi leader, Abdul Karim Qassim.2

1963: U.S. supports coup by Iraqi Ba'ath party (soon to be headed by Saddam Hussein) and reportedly gives them names of communists to murder, which they do.

1978‑79: Iranians begin demonstrations against the Shah. U.S. tells Shah it supports him "without reservation" and urges him to act forcefully. Until the last minute, U.S. tries to organize military coup to save the Shah, But fail.

1980‑88: Iran‑Iraq war.When Iraq invades Iran, the U.S. opposes any Security Council action to condemn the invasion. U.S. soon removes Iraq from its list of nations supporting terrorism and allows U.S. arms to be transferred to Iraq. At the same time, U.S. lets Israel provide arms to Iran and in 1985 U.S. provides arms directly (though secretly) to Iran. U.S. provides intelligence information to Iraq. Iraq uses chemical weapons in 1984; U.S. restores diplomatic relations with Iraq.

WTF? War on Terror? More like covert war agents the Middle East and Free US Citizens.

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