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My very real experience with a shadow/demonic being.

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posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 05:58 AM
Hello! I have never personally experienced anything like all of this but I have friends that have experienced night terrors and such...I was even sleeping next to my boyfriend one night when he woke up coughing and choking because he said he was being attacked by a dark figure and it was holding him down and he felt like he was wide awake...he could see me but he couldnt reach out or call to me. I've heard so many stories from people that went through something weird and similar that it can't be all just coincidence or in their head. I believe in God but I don't go to church or consider myself to be very religious. I am open minded to a lot of things but in the end, turn to God for everything and fear him the most. My parents are pretty religious and i guess in the area I grew up in, there were a lot of people that dabbled in witchcraft. So my mom would pretty much tell me, if all of a sudden you feel scared or uncomfortable, like something is wrong, call on God. Maybe you're rolling your eyes or don't want to hear it and I'm not trying to preach. From lisening to others' experiences, I have gathered that these types of things happen to people during stressful periods or in low points in their lives, times of crisis, etc. i do really think that maybe these are the times when you are most vulnerable to be attacked or to be influenced by something else that is evil. My mom said if you don't believe in these things and don't open your mind to them or show fear, this type of stuff can't hurt you, affect you, or come near you...I really believe this is true. I suggest to try and preoccupy your mind with something else or maybe go to a local church and get holy water or ask that someone bless your house. Even if you don't pray, ask someone else that does to pray for you because that helps also. Who knows, there's a lot about ourselves that I don't think we know or powers or senses that we may have that others can tap into a little better than the rest of us, know what I mean? If this is true, maybe if we have too much negative energy around ourselves or something, maybe we're subconsciously inviting these ugly beings or they can sense that we're more vulnerable to them during these times. Whatever the case, if they are evil, you have to believe that they can't affect you...maybe that was the case with the first guy in which these things were so upset that they couldn't do anything to no fear, close your mind off to evil, call on god or any other higher being to save or protect you and surround yourself with positive energy. best of luck!

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 06:26 AM

Originally posted by dave420
It's called a "dream". Look it up in a dictionary

Years ago as a teenager I was sleeping alone in the house for the first time. I woke up and looked out the window and saw the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life right outside the window staring back in at me. I freaked out broke into a cold sweat and finally "came out of the trance." It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, possibly the most terrifying. I knew I was not asleep because everything in the room was perfect.

Fortunately for me my subconcious leans towards killers not demons, so the thing outside the window was a shaved head mutant (think Hills have Eyes). If it had been a demon looking in at me I am sure many here would have told me it was quite real. Of course some here would say it WAS a demon it just took the FORM of a mutant killer. Haha.

Seriously these dream sleep paralysis demon sightings are just that. Dreams. Especially when it appears half of the netherworld is trampling through your bedroom in the dead of night. If they wanted to hurt you so bad and they had the power to cause you to be paralyzed, well, i am sure they could do more than just give you hissy looks.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 02:43 AM
I never had any idea of such things like these until I was 11. I was staying the night at my Grandparents house. I was in bed with my Grandmother and we were about to go to sleep. My Grandfather was asleep in the spare bedroom. I was not even asleep yet. All of a sudden three sets of arms that could not be seen came up through the bed around me. One set of arms grabbed me around my waist, pulling my arms to the sides of my body. The second set of arms grabbed and held me around the elbow part of my arms pulling my arms even tighter to the sides of my body. The third set of arms separated, one came through the bed just like the others and wrapped itself around my neck. Pulling down so hard it was like it was choking me, and when I open'd my mouth to gasp for air the third empty arm put two fingers in my mouth and down my thought. I tried to brake free but all I could do is struggle and gag. My Grandmother heard me gagging and reached over and touched me and the thing or things let lose, but my Grandmother could still feel it in the room. So she prayed and I was able to go to sleep.

little things would happen since then, but then me and my two children moved into a two story house, with a full basement in Washington. It started off with the voice of my 8 year old son calling mom, I would turn around and he would not be there in fact he was not even home. The same started happening to him, he would here my voice call his name and I would be in College. It got so bad he would not go into the house alone. One night we were sleeping and all of a sudden we heard stomping up the stairs when they got to the top the sound of two girls started laughing like they thought it was the funniest thing in the world. It woke both me and my son up. I told him not to open his bedroom door until morning and start to pray. Fortunately I was sleeping in there room with them that night. I started getting really bad feelings about going on a trip. my friend told me I was overreacting and I should get out of the house because my Grandfather just died and I had not left the house in two weeks. I really had a feeling I was not going to be coming back. But I went, and on the way back home. We were driving through the mountains. I fell asleep and the driver drove off the road into a tree on my side doing 65 miles an hour. The only thing that saved my life was my sweet was reclined back and I hit the dash board and didn't go through the windshield. I broke my neck in two places, broke my left arm and right ankle.

So two week and two surgeries later I got out of the hospital. Everything was quiet. until my kids came home a couple of weeks later. I never sleep walk. My son said I got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom, the next thing he heard was me falling down the steep 20 to 25 stairs that goes down to the living room. I don't remember any of that, and then he said I came up and did it again.. I do remember waking up at the bottom of the stairs wondering what happen'd. My neck in a hard collar brace and two different casts. I got a black eye, scrapes, and one heck of a bump on my head. I believe now that what was ever in that house was trying at the end to kill me. The other thing I remember is the near death experience from falling down the stairs. It was awesome I wanted to go, but I was showed that my kids need me still and didn't get to go. So when they say that spirits can not hurt you. I totally disagree. After having the house blessed two times we finally moved out. Now I just have one girl spirit here and she is not bad.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 01:18 AM
to the poster who asked if shadow beings can be seen by more than one person - yes, this has happened on more than one occasion and my animals have seen them.

me and a group of friends had lost a couple of friends to suicide back-to-back, i had lost my father that same year and my cousin a few months before my dad.

we were outside at a friend's house and someone came up to me and said "look across the street." i did and was astonished to see a GROUP of shadow people in the vacant lot. my first thought was it was our deceased friends showing us their new friends, and vice-versa. then without a word i went to the porch light and blocked it and still saw them, it was not our shadows. i said to the rest of the group "hey check that out across the street" while still blocking the light and every person looked and saw exactly what we saw. me and my friend who first saw them decided to go check it out, and one person remarked "don't bring the shadow people back." we got about 5ft from them, we both felt kind of a feeling of release, no fear - then they were gone. we calmly walked back to the group and said "oh it's just our homies playing with their new friends." and everyone went back to what they were doing. oh yea, we were all "uninvited" from the second dude's funeral, i bet he was pissed about that.

yes drugs were involved but not everyone was using and everyone saw them. mass hallucination? this phenomena is very real, google "shadow people" and check out accounts from around the globe, or check out

it has gotten to the point that i see them so often i ask "may i help u?" or "what do want?" or i just kinda shrug my shoulders and go on about my business. i think i have repeat visitors, because there is often a feeling of familiarity. i am a very psychically strong individual so i naturally do not fear them, but it is strange when i don't see them for a few days and they pop up. i also see shadow animals, they usually precede the people.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 06:44 PM
i have been looking, for 20 years, to share this story with someone who has also experienced demonic activity.

first, though, i have to call out the few people who completely disreguard this sort of thing as a dream when they could never imagine the amount of sheer terror that accompanies such a horrible experience. i believe the reason people, and namely children, are attacked at night is because they are at their weakest in wit and physical strength when trying to sleep, thus they cannot as easily fight off someone/thing.

when i was about seven, i had this next door neighbor friend who decided it would be absolutely hilarious to do the ole "bloody mary" chant thing that kids do, but at MY house, in MY bathroom. needless to say, it frightened me, and i had to use my parent's restroom for a few months afterward. i also recieved a nice scolding from my mother for letting her do something dark sided-ish or as she would later claimed may have "opened the door" to the demonic. i don't believe this would do the same for everyone - it could be anything that triggers an attack - but i knew better than to mess with that kind of thing (raised southern baptist).

basically, what i can vividly remember more than any other childhood memory is this "man" that started hanging around my bedroom not too long after the bloody mary incident.
he would come in after i was tucked in, and sit or crouch in the corner of the room next to my bed, so i couldn't ever really see him after he'd come in . he was black. all black, but in the vague shape of a man.
the worst thing of all, and i think the most devious and scary, was that he would talk to me. sometimes for hours. i can remember his voice being that of a man, one who befriended me - i know this because i although i can't recall specific conversations, i wasn't afraid of him at first - he seemed like he wanted very much to be my friend. this went on for a few days, until things changed.
at first my mom thought i was dreaming this crap up. kids do say strange effing things and if i were her i'd too probably think it was some bid for attention or just imagination.
she changed her mind, tho, when i confided in her i'd become afraid of this man because he told me to kill her. even today when i bring this up, my mother refuses to say anything about it. she won't even go into detail as to what it said exactly. she clams up and stares at me, almost angrily for even bringing it up i guess, not saying anything... and i can see how seriously she takes the whole thing.
i am VERY lucky to have had a mother who made us go to church every sunday, or i don't think we'd have responded properly. she had our pastor come over and annoint the home and me with oil, and said a very specific prayer. she also had this book i still remember the cover of called "the seduction of our children" i think. i remember some of the chapters she read with me after the whole thing. after this, not much ever happened again, i'll write that story if anyone is interested, on the contd. page.

i definitely believe the things this creature said to me were too traumatic to remember some of - from the look on my mother's face, i think i probably said things a seven year old should never even formulate into thoughts - and i'm sure the years haven't helped either.
i would definitely urge anyone with this kind of problem to message me or definitely go to a pastor/priest/minister NOW because i am covered in goosebumps just typing this out, remembering it. i don't even want to know what would have happened if it would have progressed or i hadn't told my parents about it.

i do find it very insightful that all of the accounts here have some similarities, especially that these bastards love to come at night, to defenseless people - either too little, or tired, or even paralyzed.

thank you very much for writing your very personal stories also, it gave me an outlet to finally share this.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by Bobular

That sounds like a terrible experience. I believe you truly experienced this, and I will not spout some crap about sleep paralysis and the science and psychology behind it, because frankly I think thats BS.

I too have had some strange paralysis moments, but never saw anything strange. I however was too afraid to ever open my eyes druing any of them! But did hear a strange voice speak to me during one of them, and it's voice was strange and indisinguishable, almost like multiple voices and whispers all in one (much like you described)

I used to talk to a girl all the time about the spirit she saw at night, and it resembles the description of the tall shadow creature you talk about almost exactly.

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by Bobular

I had experiences with sleep paralysis. The two times that I remember the most was the most frequent ones. There was one major one when I was only about 13, which was last year, I was sleeping alone in my house and was about wake around mid morning. The tv was on as I turned it on early in the morning. When I opened my eyes immediately something forced them closed. I tried again and only managed to open them a little. Right at that moment I felt this gravity force that was like multiplied by hundreds pressed against me! It was so painful! I felt such immense pressure directed at me! I tried to move or at least twitch a finger. Nothing! I couldn't move at all. The pressure was pressing against me so badly I wanted to scream but I couldn't. The pressure pressed against my neck was stopping my voice supply. I tried real hard to move but whatever held me down didn't allow me instead pressed down even harder.

There was no on in the house to help me. In my mind I was screaming "HELP! SOMEONE! PLEASE! SOMEONE! HELP! SOMEONE! HELP! PLEASE!" No one was around to help me. I literally felt the thing press down on me. I felt it above me. I felt it looking at me with disgust. It was horrifying.

I knew there are some evil things around that were truly evil but I WAS ONLY A CHILD! FOR GOD'S SAKE I WAS ONLY A CHILD! What did I do to it?! It even picked on a child! The force that it used against me was meant to kill ME!

I don't even dare think what might happen if I didn't fight against it with all my might. That thing left a couple minutes later and I sat up scared, sweating, and crying. I was truly scared. I didn't understand what did a CHILD do to anger it? What could a CHILD do!? I WAS ONLY A SMALL LITTLE GIRL SLEEPING IN HER OWN HOME!

Another thing... my mom's really religious and keeps those god statues at home with these chanting prayers always playing on a small radio... it got through... it got through the prayers and attacked me.

I know that I sound like a bratty little kid or maybe even a marie sue. But I have to say this. It's wrong to attack a CHILD. I've never even done a single bad thing in my 14 years of life.

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by Bobular

In my opinion, I believe without a shadow of a doubt (no pun intended) these shadowy figures and paralysis that people have experience around the world are truly demonic in nature. I believe that some items or objects we own, allows or gives demons (fallen angels) permission to at attack us: such as quiji boards, occult books and music, tarot cards, and many other items.

I remember hearing a Pastor tell a story about his encounter with a warlock or witch. This warlock boasted to the Pastor that he can curse anyone including the Pastor's wife if he wanted to... the Pastor says he doesn't think the warlock can touch his wife. The warlock than proceeded to ask the Pastor some questions. He asked "Does your wife watch t.v? Does she watch soap operas? Does she gossip? Blah blah blah, and Etc. Etc. After the Pastor answered "No" to all the questions. The warlock says. "Your right, I cant touch your wife. I cant curse her. Shes protected." So in essence I believe we as people in our actions and lifestyle open the spiritual door to fallen angels to attack us unless we give everything to God/Christ Jesus and remove the ties to demonic activities.

I also remember a story of of a desperate mother who needed help to save her demon possessed daughter.A group of Christians came to help. The girl was trashing in bed and they prayed but nothing happen. One of them then suggested they remove satanic items in her room such as on the walls (rock n roll poster,music cds, etc),they prayed again and nothing happen. They then ask one of their Christian brother what else can we do? One of them a man whom I will call Frank is very in tune with God's Spirit. He said their are more things under her bed.They than removed more items under her bed associated with the occult and satanism and tossed it out, prayed, and still she was being tormented by devils. Lastly the Pastor and friends learned that the crucifix over the bed is the last piece that needs to be thrown away. (It can be considered an idol, though many uses it as a charm). They tossed it outside, prayed...and when they opened their eyes, the crucifix was back on the wall. That freaked them out. They toss it away again, prayed, and when they opened their eyes the crucifix was again on the than after tossing it out the room one last time, someone kept their eyes open during prayer and saw the mother of the demon possessed daughter walking out to pick up the crucifix and placing it above her daughter's bed. They explained to her, that the power to save her daughter does not lie in an object even if its a crucifix, but in the blood of Christ. She finally relented the crucifix and they prayed once more and the daughter was restored to her right mind with a look of peace and serenity. Some demons cannot leave until you destroy the object you own that is contradictory to God's Holy Word.

Going back to those demonic shadows people experience. They are not hallucinations. There are too many people in the world who experience similar sightings to all have been hallucinations. Maybe some of them are but the fact remains (in my eyes) they are demons. I find it interesting that when people experience these demonic attacks during dreams or sleep paralysis...their is a common description of the feeling of "evil." I remember a demonic dream I had in the past...a sheet of white cloth floating in the air, and with it a horrible feeling of "evil" I knew I was encountering something demonic in nature. I know the feelings of joy, sadness, depression, etc...but this was the first time in my life what I was feeling...I could clearly describe it as "evil" not scared, not frightened, but "evil." I only broke the attack by calling on the name of Jesus severl times.

There is a cool story by Pastor Craige Lewis. I thinks its on youtube and its called "The truth behind hip hop." It might be in this video where he prays for the exorcism of a demon possessed teen. The demon spoke back and could not be casted ou. The demon called himself "Hip hop" (demons can be named after the sin or temptation men face) til...according to the pastor...if the music brought the demon in...than music could cast it out...he then proceeded to play Christian music....and well...just watch the video. If its not in that clip and search around. Craige Lewis also talks about Jay Z and other neat stuff related to Satanism.

If you want to find truth that is logical and makes sense. Please go to and watch all of the videos in sequence with an open mind. You will learn a lot of spiritual truths that many Christians do not learn from their own church. These truths will set you free.

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by k4rma

Check out and all the videos on If you learn and believe that when people die, they dont immediately go to heaven or hell but a state of unconscious sleep awaiting God's second coming than you are protected from the demonic impersonation of deceased friends and loved ones. To put it simply any person who claims to have met or seen someone who has died is not seeing peoples spirits. They are actually seeing fallen spirits/angels still trying to deceive man. Just do your research and check out those 2 websites. It may just save your life and soul. Test all things and hold fast to that which is true, the Bible says. Try to watch all the seminar videos. The presentation is numerous so watch it once a day if you can but I can guarantee if you do not know about it yet but watch the videos on it will change your life.

posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 01:19 PM
All these types of stories involve being in bed. Dreams and nothing more.

posted on Jan, 31 2014 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by Bobular

I have had experiences simular to many of you. I am not what you would call religious, but I was raised Christian and I have explored a multitude of beliefs. What I am really trying to get at though, is that these entities ARE REAL, some may be good, but sadly the vast majority of them possess dark energy.
For example, my whole life I have felt a presence dwelling on my family's land. My family has owned the 90 acres for close to 40 years, and I lived there since my birth until about 6 months ago; shortly after my 21st birthday. Most of my youth, I was unsure if whether it was friendly or foe. But sometime around my 15th birthday I had my first truely negative experience with the entity, and I blame myself for what follows...
This started out like any other high school party in the punk/skater/emo crowd. My friends and I were hanging out at our buddy's house (the party house) everything was fine and dandy until my friend Andrew(owner of said house) had the bright idea to try out this ritual he had read about online. This ritual was meant to summon a spirit to speak to, but it required burning very specific scripture in the Christian Bible. I was reluctant from the get go. I may have been far from religious at this time, but I knew that burning scripture would bring trouble... while he was reading the last piece of scipture he set it ablaze, and suddenly all the electricity in the house went out! We all were in the front room so nobody could have flipped the breaker that was in the spare bedroom, not to mention the room was basically inaccessable. Seconds later, we heard rustling and footsteps on the ceiling. We all began to panic, one of my friends tried lighting his lighter so we could see what was going on, but instead of him being able to light it, he ended up getting hit in the head by a playstation controller(fyi the controler had been in another room) next thing you know the lights came back on but instead of being bright like they were supposed to be, they were extremely dim and tinted red slightly. At this point many of us were scared and at the least pissed off. My friend Nichole(who was staying the night with me) was wanting to go home, but our friend who lived at this house(Andrew) told us we would have to stay until the ritual was complete. For the next few minutes we would all see various apparations of the "shadow people," two that resembled Reapers and many that were catlike. The cat like ones were the worst. They would leave scratch marks on us and would crawl along the walls and ceilings, shreiking and speaking in a tongue that sounded more evil than any horror-demon movie I had ever watched. At some point we all got the balls to go into the back bedroom of the house(Andrew's mom's room) I had always felt a dark presence in that room. At this point I must add that a gruesome murder took place in this house during the 1960s. While we were in the bedroom, most everybody had calmed down and disregarded Andrews "shenannigans" and began to enjoy themselves. While everybody was bs-ing we all heard a sudden series of thuds coming from the Laundry Dryer. The door then flung open and we saw the most frightening scene unfold. The easiest way to explain this is that the murder had left an imprint on the house and since Andrew summoned dark forces, we had to watch the murder unfold before our eyes. In the dryer was a little girl's shadow, wimpering begging for her mommy. Then we saw a Very real Mother stumble into the bedroom from the hallway, she had been sliced and was holding her guts in with her hands. She then hid in the small laundry room and was wispering words of love and prayer to her daughter hiding in the dryer. Then came in a very tall man holding a large knife. He found the two victims, and all we hear are blood curdling screams. Everything became shrouded in a mist. Everything disappeared, except the man, he then turned and looked at us. His eyes were black and his mouth hung in a very strange way. He started towards us, but something caused him to stop. He then disappeared. This was the most scared I had been in my entire life.
Finally, Nichole and I were able to get a ride home but the entire ride home we felt something follow us. (Despite Andrew "closing the portal" or whatever it was) we got dropped off at my driveway and had to make the 1/4 mile walk up to my house. The whole walk I was praying under my breath while Nichole was crying and pointing out the Shadow Beings darting about and occasionally trying to reach for us. They were unable to breach the protective barrior I was creating with prayer. We finally made it into my house and at that point nothing was able to get to us. I am unsure as to why but hey I am thankful for it, none the less.
Over the course of the next couple years I would occasionally see apparitions, hear things, and have various poltergeist activity. Then one night about 6 months after I gave birth to my daughter, I had just turned 18, I had been hanging out on my couch reading a book. My daughters bassinet was setting across the room, she was asleep. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing over her crib, through the reflection of the blank TV screen. I immediately looked over to her bassinet. I saw nothing, but a feeling of safety and love overwhelmed me, i felt beyond safe for my daughter. Next thing I know I hear my deceased grandmothers voice humming a hymn, that she used to sing to me when I was a young child. At that moment I was unaware as to my grandmother's purpose for watching over my daughter, but little did I know, I would soon find out... after I went to bed that night and fell asleep, I assumed everything was fine and dandy. But I was woke up to a horrific sight, a tall Reaper like being was standing over my bed, his "skin" pulled tightly over his deformed skull. His hands boney and fingers unusually long... Now this is where my experience differs from everybody in this forums, I wasnt experiencing Sleep Paralysis, my body was fully mobile, I was awake, and I could speak. I cried out to my roomate Tara, she had been awake and had been watching TV. When she came in, she too witnessed this being. He wouldnt budge, just continued to stare at me, he was angry. Tara lit our White Sage and said a blessing from her Wiccan Book Of Shadows. That startled the "Reaper"-like creature and he vanished. After he vanished, Tara and I ran to check on my child and lo and behold we heard the beautiful humming and tara saw the glow of an aura in the form of a person. I now realize that the Spirit portraying my grandmother was a guardian watching over my child.
Since that night I have had many experiences with this entity, and seen a few others. Also I have had a handful of SP's.
Finally, a year ago my husband witnessed this Dark entity, before his experience he wrote it off as me just being a tad bit crazy or something of that sort. What I dont understand though, is yes there has been a dark energy encompasing my childhood home, but this one specific Being has followed me to many places. I have been blessed, prayed over, and too many different kinds of purifying rituals. But HE still comes back. I cant even live alone because of him. He is worse when I am alone, stronger and more ready to attack. But when someone is living with me or near he just watches me, waiting... what does he want from me? Ive asked religious leaders and psychiatric professionals even! Nobody can give me answers... and my doctors even confirm that I am "all there" that there is nothing wrong in my head. And the Religious and Spiritual Leaders can only tell me to not give It any strength, meaning dont let fear take over. I am doing my best, but I just want to know its purpose, and why me?

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