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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 07:26 PM
Terms and Conditions Update

The ATS Terms & Conditions have been updated here:
Terms & Conditions

This update is a reformat and simplification of the previous version, shown below.



Terms and Conditions of use of the and BelowTopSecret Message Board(s)

Your use of the message board(s) (and inclusive forums) and any other public discussion medium hosted on this domain indicates your acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions of Use of the, Politics.AboveTopSecret,, and websites Message Board(s). These terms and conditions are subject to change without warning, so please review them regularly.

Please remember that the open and real-time nature of these forums makes it impossible for LLP to vouch for the validity of any content posted. As such, we are not responsible for any messages posted nor the consequences of following any advice offered within forum posts. The views expressed in the posts you will find in these forums belong solely to their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of LLP, our advertisers or affiliates. If you find any posts in these forums to be offensive or objectionable, please contact administration or the moderators with the address of the post. If we determine that removal of a post or posts is necessary, we will make reasonable efforts to do so in a timely manner.

Posts, U2U's, PODcasts, or Blog entrees that violate these terms and conditions are subject to action which may include edits, deletion, and/or a review of your account status (possible banning) in serious offenses.

By using these domains, you agree to the following:

1.) You will not post any material that is knowingly false, misleading, or inaccurate.

2.) You will not behave in an abusive and/or hateful manner, and will not harass, threaten, nor attack anyone.

3.) You will not post links to images or use avatars and signatures that are offensive, abusive, distruptive and/or hateful. You will not use avatars or link to images hosted on domains that contain pornography or illegal content.

4.) You will not use profanity in our forums, and will neither post with language or content that is obscene, sexually oriented, or sexually suggestive nor link to sites that contain such content. Images of or links to gratuitous gore and/or mutilation are strictly forbidden. This applies to material posted to collaborative fiction and member short story forums. You will also not select usernames that contain profanity.

5.) You will not to impersonate any person or entity, forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any posting, nor collect or store personal data about other users.

6.) You will not post in a message any copyrighted material, material belonging to another person, nor link to any copyrighted material (with the exception of publicly available sites and pages that the legal owners of the copyrights have created to make that material freely available to the general public), unless that copyright is owned by you or by this website. You will not cross-post content from other discussion boards (unless you receive advance permission from LLP). You will not post-by-proxy the material of banned members or other individuals who are not members, but have written a response to content within a thread on these forums.

7.) You will not copy material from these discussion forums to post on other websites or quote in offline research in a manner that does not comply with the ATS Creative Commons Licences that specifies the author's member name as a member of, includes, LLP and the member as owners of the content, provides the title of the thread, and a full URL to the board thread.

8.) This is not a personal publishing forum. You will not post long material (over 500 words) that pre-exists on the Internet without prior permission of LLP.

9.) You will not advertise or promote other discussion boards, chat systems, online communities or other websites on ATS within posts, avatars or signatures without prior written permission from LLP. Your will not choose a username that is the same as website domain, subdomain, or URL for which you are associated. You will not use ATS to bash other boards or engage in so-called "board wars". As is provided as a free service because of our advertising, you agree not to use "ad-blocking" options or software while using our website.

10.) You will not use these Forums for the purposes of sharing or distributing viruses, licenses, registration information, software keys, "cracks," or other information designed to do harm to or allow unlawful access to any computer hardware, software, networks, or any other systems.

11.) You will not post advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations, all of which are inappropriate and prohibited by this website. You will not, furthermore, collect personal information about forum members for the purpose of sending them any such advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations through other means (email, messaging programs, etc.).

12.) You agree not to cultivate the membership of these domains for the sending of private messages (board U2U or e-mail) for the purposes of marketing, mass mailing, offline meet-ups, or recruitment for other groups (offline or online) such as activist groups or other online discussion board websites. You will not also seek to rally the membership of these domains for any cause without prior written permission from the site owner.

13.) You will not post messages that are clearly outside of the stated topic of any forums nor disrupt a forum by deliberately posting repeated irrelevant messages or copies of identical messages (also known as "flooding"). You will also not create threads or post messages announcing your departure from the board unless approved by one of the Partners or an Administrator. You will not create multiple user accounts and "talk to yourself". Additionally, you will not engaged in an organized collaboration with other members to disrupt thread topics or interrupt the flow of normal collaborative discussion.

14.) You will not attempt to access any protected sections of the message board, nor make use of any hacks, cracks, bug exploits, etc. to bypass or modify the features of the forum software or to obtain information beyond the allowed features of your account status.

15.) You will, if asked by myself or a moderator, cease posting any content, and/or links to content, deemed offensive, objectionable, or in poor taste by the representatives of the message board.

16.) Discussion of illegal activities such as drug use, drug paraphernalia, hacking, etc. are strictly forbidden.

17.) ATTENTION MARKETERS: You will not engage in efforts of viral or "stealth marketing" on these discussion boards without prior approval of, LLP. If marketing activity for the promotion of any other commercial entity outside of these boards is discovered you agree that you are responsible for paying, LLP $2.00 US for each "thread view" of the thread(s) in which your marketing messages are contained. Your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions for joining these discussion boards signifies your approval of these payment terms.

18.) At all times, you remain solely responsible for anything found within your posts and agree to indemnify and hold LLP, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of any material you submit, post to or transmit through the message board, your use of the message board, your connection to the message board, your violation of these terms and conditions , or your violation of the rights of another.

19.) By posting on this message board, you relinquish all exclusive copyright privileges to the material you post and you grant me non-exclusive rights to publish your posts in perpetuity under our ATS Creative Commons License. LLP has the authority to decide to display your postings or not, and modify your posts to remove offensive material, vulgar comments, or insults at our discretion.

20.) This website does not and cannot review all of the content of every message posted and does not accept responsibility for the contents of any messages. We reserve the right to delete any message and/or restrict posting rights on the message board for any reason whatsoever. Should you continue to post messages that violate the rules of the message board, your account may be terminated, your access to the message board may be banned, and your service provider(s) may be contacted about your behavior. Furthermore, LLP expressly reserves the rights under the law to take any other actions deemed necessary.

21.) LLP also reserves the right to disclose personal information when required by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the law or comply with a legal process served on LLP, protect and defend the rights or property of the LLP domains, or visitors to these domains, identify persons who may be violating the law, the legal notice, or the rights of third parties, and cooperate with the investigations of purported unlawful activities.

Violation of any aspect of the Terms and Conditions of use are subject to our Actions for general abuse and violations. Or, in extreme cases, immediate banning of your username and IP from the domains. In all disputes, the decisions of one of the Partners or administrative staff are final.

Lastly, and most important, this is a privately owned discussion board community. The administration and senior moderator staff reserve the right to take action against any member who is deemed to be devoted purely to disruption or whose actions represent behavior contrary to community building. This action may include complete banning of your username and IP address.

Simon Gray - Webmaster, Founder and Managing Partner of LLP

SkepticOverlord, Partner,, LLP

Springer, Partner,, LLP

(These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please refer to them often to stay up-to-date with our current board policies.)

General Rules for Participation In Games/Promotions Where Prizes Are Offered
Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice during the course of games, promotions, sweepstakes or other events. Please refer to this page often to be aware of current participation rules and guidelines.

-1- The games and events featuring prize giveaways are open to all participants of all ages. Void where prohibited by region or age limitations.

-2- Participants must be 13-years old or older as of the awarding of a prize in any online promotion or event sponsored by

-3- Participants are not eligible for prize awards from more than once in a 12-month (calendar year) period. If an individual is awarded a second prize through normal game-play activity within a 12-month period, the prize will be circulated back into the game or event.

-4- Staff members and family of staff members (moderators, super moderators, administrators, and any other user of the staff-only forum) are prohibited from participating.

-5- No purchase or membership registration necessary.

-6- Internet connection is required.

-7- assumes no liability or responsibility for the guarantee of server uptime, Internet connection, natural disasters, or other events that may disrupt the timely and regular access to the website(s) for participation in the collection of The event clues, hints, rules, and other related and important information.

-8- Actual value of prizes are estimated in U.S. Dollar currency and may not reflect actual retail value.

-9- Any member discovered mimicking actual game clues, came personalities, or any other aspect of any Game, Promotion, Sweepstakes or other prize-offering event who are not authorized to do so will face immediate ejection from all access to the domains and forfeit any and all game prizes that have been awared but not yet shipped.

-10- If any improprieties are discovered associated with the claiming for any prize, which may include but is not limited to unauthorized server access, IP spoofing, banned member access, or other events deemed by the event judges to be inappropriate actions by places, the event judges may return a ring prize to game play that was awarded under suspect conditions.

-11- Any member deemed by staff to be involved in, or condoning the act of "hacking" to obtain clues or other advantage in the game will be banned from ATS. No clues or information will be offered which require hacking activity, or hacking-simulations of any type.

-12- does not guarantee the availability of randomly discovered prizes nor will not be involved in any dispute between parties claiming first discovery.

[edit on 12-6-2005 by Springer]



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