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Not as simple as West v Islam

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 06:48 PM
Consider Iran: massive interest for Russia and China.
Russia forsaw future threat from US/UK/Israel thus armed Iran with world's most advanced missile systems (e.g., S-300 PMUs). Russian convention missiles are far in advanced of any others. In fact so power ful and accurate they make nuclear option almost redundant - given mess that nuclear bombs cause, e.g., far and away outside borders of target country. Importantly, there exists no defence against these systems. This fact appear to be verified - no-one will be invading Iran in a hurry. Iran's enemies will be reduced to black-ops, foreign sponsered coups, etc.
In fact, Iran is so confident in their conventional weaponary that they actually don't need nuclear bombs! All talk of them wanting such bombs is the same sort of spin given prior to the invasion of Iraq. Regime change propoganda .
Russia and China will not stand by and allow their interests to be attacked.
This is but one example. Others:
Putin put an abrubt end to the transfer of ownership of Russian oil giant Yukos to Exxon Mobil of America by imprisoning Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Syria have also benefitted from support of non-muslim 'friends'.
There is an international strategy taking place in the background of the 'war on terror'.


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