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Spiritual wars on

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 04:59 PM
This is partly linked to my other thread about my day. Does anyone know or has anyone experienced anything after having a debate on here?

I've been coming on here for quite a while and have had a few semi heated debates... talked with people claiming to be aliens. Magi. Wiccans. The religious. The patriotic. (most under a diffrent alias)

I was wondering if its something that people should actually be quite wary of when on here as it feels as though after having a debate I can come off worse for wear and my bad day could be put down to being one example.

Should we be offered insurance when disagreeing with people on here?

Its just a question, I'd like to know if anyone has thought or felt this way before.

Rebel-Still a cub.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 05:12 PM
I can tell you that sometimes when I get into a heated debate, my adrenline glands will open up whenever I think about the discussion.

Also sometimes I feel that God is guiding me to post things I had never considered. Like the contoversy on Childhood Vaccines. That one really gets my dander up, because children are involved.

I just can't fathom some people's stance on the issue, and it gets me going.
I can actually sense the spiritual energy, and see right through people to their true intentions, and it is so ugly!

I have actually lost body fat% in the past week, just stressing about the discussion. But I am probably giving myself an ulcer as well.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 05:26 PM
What you are experiencing is only temporary and only because perhaps you are learning about other members.

After a while the debates open the door to getting to know who is who and what they stand for you start to understand their views better and even respect many.

Sometimes even avoiding the heated debates with somebody that you have got to know trough the threads and post.

The initial rush goes away eventually then you become cautious.

That's what keeps the board civil and the members feeling that they are part of a big family.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 05:31 PM
I don't think its a GENUINE WAR on ATS......I believe what your feeeling is a byproduct of the work that it takes to go forth and DENY IGNORANCE.

Changes in our own phyquie(sp?) will also be felt physically from my they saying goes, 'you ARE what you THINK'......with changes in our thought patterns, some things you can FEEL more strongly than others...

At least this is MY take on it......

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 05:35 PM
It's not supernatural in nature -- as others have said, it is simply psychological.

If you get angry or get into debates here, your stress level goes up and you become more easily aroused to anger/love/stress/etc. In this kind of state you can respond hastily, make more mistakes than usual -- OR it can cause you to become more morose and depressed (the endless "I shoulda said THAT.")

Most of us long-time residents who debate and discuss generally have to walk away after awhile because we find that all the "negative energy" (to give it a silly name) tends to hang on. We don't let go of the feelings and then they drag over into our offline life.

After a debate, it's a good idea to get involved in a more pleasant conversation. Like... "say, how's your cat?"

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 05:51 PM
My sister always tells me that she's glad I'm the debator and not her - because she would get mad and storm out or something.

It can be difficult NOT to get personal during a debate - especially when it comes to theories and beliefs we hold to be self-evident and critical to our daily lives. Me, I don't like it when people start using metaphysics in physic debates - the two aren't the same. Metaphysics may describe how we interpret things, and how it may affect us, but actual physics tells us what is really going on.

However, yeah, you have to learn to back down and say "this is just a debate - and if this person really believes that, then they're entitled to it". The best you can do is be respectful - because then, hopefully, people will respect you back.

It gets even tougher to have a real debate when they don't respect you back, or when they become blatantly blind to what you're saying.

At that point you either need to make a stand, or to walk away - no one will think any less of you for it.

In the end, I'll just say what I always say... look for the truth. The truth is what's most important. If someone doesn't want to see the truth, then that is their decision to make. If someone doesn't want to question what they hold to be true, then that's their decision to make. Search for the truth, above all else.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 05:54 PM
ATS is entertainment. It's not real life even though some here think it is and try to convince others that it is.

When you step out the door; be concerned with what is in front of you and leave cyber space in your computer.

ATS is fun, educational and inspiring, controversial and sometimes stupid but that dose not change the fact that even though real people are involved it's just a very cool way to kill time.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 10:59 PM
People have opinions, and sometimes they have also good reasons to think what they think...

Here, on ATS, i found many people with interesting insights and very good reasons to support them, so it's ok for me, as far as i'm not disrespected (and so far it has never happened)

No need to get mad at debates... as far as i see it, if i get angry during a debate, then this means i'm trying to "force" the other person/people to agree with me, but still i could be wrong and they could be right...
So, instead of getting angry, i should try to understad why they think what they think, because maybe inside it there's something new i could learn.

Just my 2 cents

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 11:24 PM
The War Within

Originally posted by Rebel_Lion
Should we be offered insurance when disagreeing with people on here?

The only insurance you need comes from yourself.

To the extent you remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, that each of us has a right to be wrong, and that all of us are wrong about something (and perhaps everything), you won't need insurance at all.

It's easy to become frustrated when you fail to convince someone you're right.

Personal growth comes when you realize that maybe you aren't.

posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 12:38 AM
Well I do have to say, I do feel a lot different than when I first signed up here. I have learned an enormous amount from ATS, and I really feel like a whole new person, spiritually. Just take it for what it is. Not everything is going to be 100% factual. I don't think somebody would goes as far as to put a curse on somebody whom they disgreed with, but I guess you never know, right?

posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 02:35 AM
I look at my opinions and beliefs as Real Estate. I may live there on my present opinions with an an option to permanently buy them...but I never sign myself into a corner.

Because someone else may come along with a different outlook that may make me think, I might even change my mind. I mean isn't that what Socrates and Plato did? They ambushed people on the street back then and started asking them how they felt about all sorts of different things, because if we can not question/debate our truths, then how can we know for sure we have even found the truth?

I say viva la difference! If someone knows something I don't know then please clue me..I'll enjoy that. I need that even. As for religion and spirituality.... 1. religion should bring people together not tear people apart, but look at some of the different religions of the world unable to find common ground, especially when they supposedly are all about finding/doing good and doing what God (of different names) would want. One religion will say this is the only true religion and the people who study this religion or that religion are heathens. That is a constipated judgemental outlook and it does not help anyone grow or make the world into a better place at all. And even if they think that way they should keep it to themselves. If everyone just spent more time finding out how they were the same (even in their differences), then just focusing on how different they were it might help. Or even if the person is way different, then just let them have their opinion, (unless it's a dangerous opinion) and you have yours. (say hmmmm interesting... put on your hat, & walk away) 2. the other problem with religion lately I have noticed is that it seems PC to show some practitioners of some religions in compromised, mocking comical positions (i.e. The Book of Daniel for example) while other religions if anyone mocks or casts comical dispersions upon them it will cause flag burning. Really for it to be fair people shouldnt make fun of or outright dismiss anyone's religion/spiritual believes because its just mean. The keyword is Tact here.


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posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 04:08 AM
I forgot to say something,

As far as being cursed by someone who disagrees with you on a Message Board I have seen that too.

Some were really nasty. They actually did have a negative impact on the people who got them, because it made them feel sick that someone would threaten them and their family. Also physcial threats have been made. A guy who was banned threatened a manager of a Ghosts room who was going to have a conference/get together with members and he said he would be there at the conference waiting. Also, he wrote to her and he said he had 13 people from his own chat room cursing her and her daughter. And he called her and her daughter fat. It was abusive and I think she almost thought about cancelling the meet but she decided not to and good because the coward didnt show up anyway.

Usually you will find threats of this sort are cowardly. Lets say someone uses a 3x curse on you, it wont work if you havent actually done anything wrong to them in the first place, just expressing your believes isnt doing anything wrong. The curse from what I understand would just return to the sender, and they would be cursing themselves.

Also, the curse won't usually work unless people believe in it. And not any Joe Schmoe can cast a curse that will take. (where do I get my info, I knew a lady from Haitti..

posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 06:45 AM
I haven't experienced any attacks on me per say. I dont think (or at least I don't HOPE) there aren't many/any members on ATS that sit there with a voodoo doll of you every time you get in a fight with them. I would hope that the people who may have such abilities also have the discipline to not to use them on such foolish things.

If you ask someone to prove their abilities it may be a different story though. I think I recall someone asking someone to prove that they had hydrokinesis, and a little while later, the person who asked felt the sensation of having a whole bucket of water dumped on their head.
So yeah, if you don't tempt/aggrivate people to do such things, you will probably be fine.

If you engage in a spiritual war, it probably isn't gonna be on ATS. Any normally they don't involve 'regular' people anyways. It's normally wiccan vs wiccan, etc.

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posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 07:29 AM

you become more easily aroused

U2u me baby

lol. I'm sorry.

Theres more people on here than i thought, I only posted this last night. Guess most are American, it was getting late when I was on... Man your country is cool. I'm not one for the politics and what not, something that most Americans forget about when they hear people opinionating about it but you guys got EVERYTHING out there! You don't need to go anywhere else!

Desert, snow, vegas, beaches, women, beaches, vegas, snow. I'd like to visit but that whole terroism thing is scary.

Off topic.

I guess you're right, heated debates can lead to stress and I did challenge a few people on here once to test them out. My cheekyness gets me in trouble sometimes. Still fun though.

P.s. If anyone wants to dump some water on my head please feel free to do so. I prefer Evian but anything fresh will do.

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posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 10:17 AM
Rebel, Come on Over...the terrorism isnt bad here right now, but Vegas will clean out your be ready for that!

I guess a lot of people here are going to Vegas now instead of abroad, because they are afraid of terrorism in Europe. And in Vegas it's like Europe a little, they have the gondolas, the Eiffel Tower, a big pyramid. Its ok I but I like the real thing better...been to London was great!

I havent been here long at ATS but the people actually have been pretty tolerant of each other while still debating, but I thought maybe I had missed I loved what was said about the water being dumped on the head. I had a man who said he was a Guardian of one of the four corners mad at me once and he told me he was sending me a windstorm that night. And later that night, one came. And it blew open all the doors I would close one and it would just crash right open again. But the winds are something I feel very comfortable and kinetic with. If I even think of the winds, I can feel friendly air moving across my arm even in a closed I am a wind caller I guess. I told the winds 'come on now, he may be a wizard but I'm the one who really loves ya'. And they tuned right down.

Also we just had a really bad windstorm here with hurricane gusts, and just by holding up my hand to the wind in a halt type way the winds stopped dead in their track. Not even a branch came down in my yard, while a couple of blocks over trees crashed down.

You wouldnt think people would get so jiggy with the curses and their powers but it happens sometimes!

This lady I met at my job who knew the voodoo she came from a long line of voodoo priestesses but she had to leave the island because she just wanted to be a nurse and she didnt want to do it as a career. Her family was pretty disappointed but they understood. Anyway, she was cool, she just explained it to me thats all. She also told me that voodoo wasn't all about voodoo dolls and curses, it also was about healing and helping people too. She was very good with the helping part and she told me she made up jars of her own herbal medicines that she gave to people in her village as presents since she was a little gir.

I met another person who just by thinking at people (even from great distances) could hypnotise them and make suggestions to them to do things, like sleep, tell the truth, whatever. This could be dangerous if she was putting to sleep a person who was driving, for instance. But this person could RV where the person was first so fortunately that didnt happen. I guess this ability is sometimes called RV Influencing. She explained to me how to do it and I used it to help in my court case where I knew the people would be telling lies about me...I influenced them let no lie be told in any form, and try as they might to lie, they stumbled and were caught in their own lies time and again. The judge was really disgusted with them, and I was vindicated. They even hired a lawyer to write up a Statment with Affadavits from others that were in cahouts with them and were lying, and that whole package was mysteriously lost, and was not able to be entered into evidence in time.

Anyway Great Thread Rebel!

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posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 02:20 PM
(Scarecrow peeks around the corner)

(thinks to himself)

Wonder if its okay to go over there and say something about this.


Uhhh on second thought.It might get rough.

(Squint's so he can see better)

Oh is that Sparhawk over there.

(Hmmmm,looks again)

Hey majic's there too!

(Walks over)

Well from my experience here it can get pretty bad when you are trying to tell people what you think.There are ways to go about doing so.

Remember that everyone is exsposed(sp?) to differnt kinds of environment's upbringing,information aswell as many other things.Not one single person really thinks alike.Well to a point anyway.

I have to be careful because I can talk about quite controversial things.
The best way I have found Is take the words Me and I and replace it with many and some.Or something like that.

If I am giving my opinion that someone has no liking for I might get a blast.But if I represent it as information.Who are they going to get mad at.
Well try not to be personal anyway.Worry about what you think really.And If someone wants to agree they will tell you.I dunno I'm probably rambling on now.

I have evn known to say, I don't care about others opinions when it comes to disagreeing or that people can trash me if they want it's only my thoughts,I don't really believe in this or whatever.

As long as you get your point across.That is what matters not if anyone l;ikes it or not.

In regards to the war.You alone can allow others to effect your soul and spiritual self.But to understand that is another topic altogether I think.
Or mabey I just want to leave it at that.


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posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 06:23 PM
I usaully have late nights on here that ruin the rest of the week for me but it helps the mind I think. Some times hate waiting for the the reply I might get or sometimes just never go back to a post.

Can say silly things be politically incorrect or bring up forbidden issues. Then I THINK WHY did I make a hole for my self?

I usaully have posts in my head that some else thinks of like this one. I was going to do IT YESTERDAY. What I GET ARE coincidenses and ATS is no different.

Have you had any weired post numbers?

posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 06:46 PM
I've had many an agitated moment coz of this wonderful forum lol
I try desperately to not be opinionated but I am openly very defensive,
I admit that to myself easily and that can cause me a few mind battles from time to time.

The one big thing I have learned from the great spiritual war here at ATS is that we ALL have to accept other peoples way of thinking. That though, is a massive ask lol Having to learn that lesson is tricky but being here does make you think about others ideas and opinions and that can overlap into your day to day interactions away from the comp. I know that it has helped me try to accept my very opinionated partner - god bless him

Its all good....

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