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Space Shuttle Design

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 03:54 PM
Hello, Me and my team of friends are working on a project. this project is we are going to build a miniature model of a space craft based on one of the team members theory for space travel. This theory is using magnets for propelling the space craft through space. Now, with this in mind, the space craft will not enter planets because it wouldnt be able to get out with magnetetic propulsion alone. I and the team have done many different tests to see how the propulsion system would work and we have 1 way it might. we have not tested any other ways yet. This system of propulsion is very hard for us to explain, but i will give it a try and give you an idea of how we have found it to work so far with our recent tests.

Ok, we have tested this using knex(it may sound wierd, but they seem perfect for testing). you have your ship, connected to the ship is a hige room with 2 stainless steel bars running down to the other end, almost right next to eachother. at the other end of the room, there is a magnet sitting near an opening in the ship(this magnet is connected to the ship). now following the 2 bars back up from the magnet, there is another magnet connected to the bars and 2 bars are coming from a object that will push the magnet at a great speed towards the other. now, the magnets have the same poles(meaning, they are both either north, or south, not both). So, when you want to move forward, you turn on a engine which powers the object, moving the magnet forward. The 2 bars connecting from the magnet to the object disconnect for a brief period so the magnet can move forward. The magnet flies at the other and when they get near they push eachother away, propelling the ship. the free moving magnet gets pushed backwards towards the object and they reconnect to ready to do it again.

The ship itself will be composed of a 3 layered hull. the 1st, outside, layer will be a steel alloy. The second will be Aerogel, for insulation and protection. The 3rd, inside layer, will be another steel alloy. The Ship will have a life support system like our current ships. The ship will use fuel cells to power it and to supply the passengers with water. The water will be filtered and put into a refrigerated storage tank. All Junk will Either be Jettisoned towards Earth for disposal, or disentegrated on board. The Front Viewport window will be composed of 4-6 layers of bullet-proof glass. For food, MRE's(or meals ready to Eat) will be on board and in great supply for long journeys.

All in all, the ships propulsion system is going to work, as tested many times. The ship Itself needs some improvement to support more things. The model ship we are going to build is going to be quite huge and may take some time, but when it gets done, it will be our first big acheivment.....

If you wish to ask questions or give comments, please do so. If you think there is some way you can improve on this ship, please post. But, all in all, what does everyone think?


posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 04:38 PM

Originally posted by rekar2 stainless steel bars running down to the other end

Running down what, and what distance?

there is a magnet sitting near an opening in the ship

Where? ON the sides, the front, back?

2 bars are coming from a object that will push the magnet at a great speed towards the other

Does this object have a name?


To me, from what I can make, it sounds like your spacecraft can move in only one direction.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 05:10 PM
the ship can, so far, only move in one direction, im sorry if i left you confused. the bars are running down to the other end of the room the magnets are in. The magnet near the opening is in the front of the ship. And i dont know how to describe the object, it just pushes the magnet towards the other. the magnets will be about, well, about 1-2 school cafeterias apart in distance, i would give you a measurment in ft, but i honestly dont know.

But, we are still trying to come up with a way to turn the ship up -down-left and right. if you happen to have some way we can do this without fuel, your information would be very nice. thank you



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