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Grand Canyon and Earth dating

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 12:31 PM
for 99% of human existence we were hunter gatherers
i started thinking of the math, and the curve of advancement
and it would be flat flat flat, and then just spike up in the last couple hundred years with the invention of technologies

i was watching a program about the natural wonders of the earth

in terms of geological time dating,the canyon tells us a ton.
how dino bones created limestone, and certain events and time and pressure caused rock to form into slate and other rocks
its like the rings of a tree, the walls of the canyon
you can see how the colorado river dug out this enormous trench that is the grand canyon over billions of years
despite what happened socially on the earth, the river that formed the canyon just ran and ran for billions of years
geologists and scientists were talking about how they could map out the past couple billions of years just by looking at the walls of the canyons and there is a line that runs throughout the canyon, a couple inch thick, black line
that contains no data whatsoever, a period of questionable activity.
scientists cant take readings from it, they dont know what happened, and can only speculate as to what did happen
scientists have no way to tell what happened during this period of millions upon millions of years and that a flood of things could have happened such as human-like existence of a civilization that destroyed itself, or was destroyed by outside factors

does anyone have any info or links about this black period? i cant remember the name that scientists gave it, but it's something like the questionable period, and i remember reading on ats about the possibility of ancient civilizations existing without any historical evidence, and i know mathematically it is possible, but i just want to know more about this "black line" the line that no one can decipher....


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