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Telepathy, Jesus and the pity orb

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 03:19 AM
Sonya Fitzpatrick, the pet psychic : what the animals tell me.
by Fitzpatrick, Sonya, 1940- ISBN 0-425-19290-3

Sonya suggests using your feelings and a mental picture combined and tossing that out like a ball to prove to yourself dogs and cats are telepathically receiving. She suggests a mental picture of walking your dog and feeding your cat. She also suggests the greater the feeling the greater the chances of a reaction in which you should feed or walk your pet.
Some time before I read this book, I sent only emotions to various of my dogs and they suddenly awoke. My opinion is that your pets are continually in telepathic union with the owner. I have thought 'be quiet' to several of my 9 dogs barking and howling outside and they have all suddenly became quiet.
Sonya mentions the healing abilities of pets. I can certainly add that while I was in severe distress due to water retention, the pain in my stomach was released one day waking up with my hand on one of my dogs' tummies. Also there were many times I was feeling very dull due to this continued pain and the dogs cam up at exactly the right time for a pet. This action frequently allowed my some moments of relief, and even some laughter. As in times I seemed to be drawn to one and she was a comedian on her back in the easy chair. One 'talks' to me in a very funny way. One nuzzled my sore leg at exactly the right place. He also poked my sore tummy helping me realize it wasn't as sore as I thought it was. There was some jealousy and fights before my illness. But after I had some talks with them, during that terrible ordeal, they all started getting along beautifully to help heal me of a type of intestinal cancer the doctors said was terminal. I took no prescriptions for pain, nor chemo or radiation to heal. I am one of the few to survive the expected 9 month life span of this dreaded disease.
There were times the dogs slowed me down by getting in my way doing things, and times when they hurried me up. But I let them know that it is my choice to do or not to do, I am the best decider of my actions not them.
It is very important to learn not to rely on your pets for healing energy. They are in need of healing energy themselves many times. You must equal their love for you with your love for them. And this I knew, so as it happened, during my hard times the very love I knew I must give back to them healed me. A greater love for love itself also prevailed. For it is one thing to heal yourself, but a different thing to stay healed.
At a time after my nuclei of my cells changed according to medical tests, I wondered about my health. I wasn't looking for a sign as to whether I would have problems again as I still felt pretty bad. But one day I imagined Jesus on the cross, and really sympathized with his pain and suffering. In fact it makes my eyes misty writing about it now. I wished with all my might that I could take him off the cross and hug him and make him feel better. I had a mental picture and a feeling that Sonya wrote about connecting telepathically with pets. A very powerful one. A feeling of loving the Christ as a man, not a glorified deity,
It was then that I had the distinct feeling that as surely as I hugged Jesus, he put his arms aroung me and squeezed me.
It felt really good and comforting, just like I wanted him to feel.
I took this to mean that I have no necessity to worry about cancer attacking me for the third time. Not because I am protected by a loving energy, but because I am in union with a loving energy.
There were times in my life years ago when I reached my worst level of emotional distress. I had a spontaneous body action in which I had my arms outstretched like I was trying to lift a very heavy 55 gallon drum. I did lift it a little, but the physical strain was tremendous and did not match my spirit. After that I wept so deeply it was as if the words I spoke came from my stomach. I asked the people around me 'why can't people just love each other?' I felt their compassion.
At the time of my healing, I told no one that was a friend or acquaintance, just the doctors. One person knew later and his wife, but that was it. I communicated with no one online until late 2005, only my dad and he didn't know either. Some people suspected something was wrong because I could barely walk onto the bus to get groceries for myself in town. I was carrying around about 50 extra pound of water on my stomach. I thought that faith in my body to heal myself would take care of this problem. I did not know it, but by the end of September I was carrying around 100 pounds of extra water. My legs had swollen also and even the groin area was as big as a grapefruit. Ever try walking around with a grapefruit between your inner thighs and a hundred pounds strapped to your stomach? It isn't easy. I almost died.
So I had to go in and have 13 two liter bottles drained in two weeks.
I didn't tell anybody because I wanted to prove something to the world.
I felt when the ordeal began I would make it through okay also. First I will explain the vision of the orb that came from the mind of a women one day as she turned the corner in her car past me in my truck. It was a white orb about the size of a brain. When I received it I asked 'what is this?' I sensed it was a lot of pity. So I received a lot of pity all at once. I noticed a peculiar thing about the pity. It blocked me or reduced my ability to feel other emotions.
So when I started to feel real sick at the beginning of 2005 I thought what if I tell people I'm sick and I start getting all this pity sent telepathically? So I made the decision not to tell a soul. Except, in a way the doctors, who I planned the whole time on documenting my recovery in case anyone ever doubted these words. I planned on being supportive of anyone who believes in their own healing energy.
One thing I knew is that pity is of no help in documenting incoming telepathic vibrations of emotions because it masks them. What I felt come in was a lot of fear, hate and anger from people telepathically. I thought there is an unbalance in the world, why can't people just love each other? In fact, people on the phone, some of them seemed harder to deal with, so did others in person. I felt very tired from telepathic input after appearing in town. I found that the love feelings had to come from myself, and they came from my dogs and cats to a lessor extent. After I talked and thought to God, there were times I felt relieved of pain. Even 5 minutes a day with no pain is a blessing. I thought that God and the angels had many to listen to, so I didn't take more than a few minutes a day to think or say what I had to say. I never 'heard' any words back. But I knew from 'listening' to all the telepathic words of the living that God listened to me.
The telepathic words that came in, I doubted they were there to help me, because people were not there to help me. I sought to help myself. I did this so everyone who wants to believe in themselves and the power of love can read a story to give themselves hope they can heal themselves.
I also improved my diet and took health supplements, but you can research those things yourselves. Drinking lots of water is very important.
There was a time I could have thought I would be better off dead, but I didn't yield to this self expression. It would have been in reaction to the NTIV, negative telepathic incoming vibrations. I forgive people through and of whom hate, anger and fear comes, I forgive myself these same sins. So does Jesus. I just could not bring myself to die for your sins like Jesus. I have this message to give you and knew I was going to do it someday.
I still hope that the measure of humankinds love transcends the opposite telepathically. But to be honest, as a kind of telepathic barometer, I have not felt it, unless your love for Jesus was the love that hugged me. Then, in that case, I have felt it once, and the message with that is that I will stay healed. There are others that need a healing hug from Jesus, tell them like I will, if you ever meet someone sick what to do. Imagine the man Jesus suffering so bad on the cross and pour out your love to him imagining you are hugging him, see if that helps, okay?

Honor Seed

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 10:05 AM
I went and tried the animal telepathy thing, with no result. I sat down right in front of my dog and looked him in the eyes, and mentally said "Walkies" and "cookies" and visualized taking him for a walk over and over. Two words that I would only have to say out loud once to drive him into a hyper frenzy. But there was no result, he just laid there, lazily looking at me.

Now he is acting sort of weird, but that's probably just because I don't normally sit there staring at him for a minute straight

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