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BAM - Aliens Have Invaded Earth

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posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 03:29 PM
It's what my previous post was trying to point out, there won't be in Invasion. They are already here, and have been here before WE were. WE are the ones who Invaded Earth, destorying its resources and Animal life, spreading and multiplying at an uncontrolable rate.. like a virus. You see.. that's why they will noy expose themselfs to us, we are too aggressive in Nature. 'They are a Threat!'= Ignorance at it's best, you don't know a single thing about them yet you are already starting to show hostile intentions, and you wonder why they haven't showed themselfs. As long as we are close minded and not grow up from our Primative ways, we are giving the Impression that we aren't ready for contact with other Universal brothers and sisters. Cleanse your soul of these bad intentions and hate, and learn to accept that you don't understand, much like you accept yourself and loved ones. Even if you can't because of the situation in our world today, racism, War, world hunger, famine, just try. If they know your heart is pure, and your mind and soul is ready for spiritual contact, you will soon find out that they were here all along, helping us along that path of transcending. I'm sure other Alien races have tried to Invade, long before we were able to control Fire, but something stopped them. Someone has been protecting us from the very beginning of our time, but if you want to call that a hostile invasion and a threat, that is okay, you still have the Truth to learn, and it will come to us one day, but it will be for our own good.

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 03:34 PM
Basically I think the world would unite then blow the
out of them.


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posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by TerraOurHome


Look, this wasn't about the likelyhood of an alien attack, it was about the potential countermeasures for such a hypothetical scenario, d'uh, i'm not a fan of our species either, but hey, it's not like we got to choose it, right?

So, why did i (f.ex) even post? yeah, there's a spinoff, power play for the underpriviledged...

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 04:11 PM
How to repel an aggressive alien race with interstellar technology
who invades with Earth like some imperialistic empire?

Get out the garden hose and spray them down with tap water-
no match for a laser gun!

Oh wait- that was a plot device to end the movie SIGNS,
made by my old friend from high school.

Nope, in reality, our best bet would be to negotiate a truce
in return for a million gallons of semen so they can go back
to their planet and bake up some hybrids to save their race
so they can finally stop abducting Americans from their beds
in the middle of the night who are already too sleep-deprived as it is.

Then again, those dudes are pretty short. We could all slam a six-pack
and take 'em down hand to hand in one dirty global bar brawl.

T. patrick

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 09:26 PM
One of the rules in a hypothetical war scenario, or in a situation that
involves an enemy, is to think like the enemy or try to find out the most
logical way "how the opposite side think".
Now I am the "organic life form" that will invade the Earth. Why i would
invade this nice planet is very hard to find, could be:

- need this planet because our mother planet as become a dead planet
- need the Earth because is a very nice jewellery
- need the resources of this planet
- need the stupid race called "human" to make something
- vengeance because the human race have captured some of us (ID4 scenario)
- ...

I am in the space... still watching at the Earth... would take the risiko of
enter in the atmosphere and engage (a long ?)fight with the Human race? No!
Too hard and too much losses...

I would take out the electricity and all electronic devices (this is for the weapons and nukes fans)... Think about...
Two hours of black out in a big city like London, Bagdad,Paris or Los Angeles
and all kind of panic and fears comes out...

I'm talking about 1 year or 2 without electronic devices... How could be possible to fight the invaders? No rockets to fire, no lasers, nothing...
only m15 an ak47? blades?.
I would hope that "They" are biological weak... and we will find some biological weapons... for win the fight.

Note: This is one of the bad scene i can think, and only if the aliens are bad.
now I'm sure that out there in space there is bad and good things...
Some one would start a thread about good alien invasion?

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 10:10 PM
It' futile to think of a way to defeat a species that is possibly thousands, if not, millions of years more advanced than we are. They most likely have the superior knowledge and ability to manipulate our reality, time, physics. It's not worth it to think of anything like that, because our minds cannot comprehend the infinite amount of knowledge that they possess and use to their advantage. They can clearly switch and alter time dimensions, able to manipulate our Nature, and our preception of 'Reality'. They don't need technology to 'wipe us out', if anything they can change Earths orbit sucking it into a vaccum of space and time straight into a black hole, we wouldn't even see it comming. One second we are all talking about how we are going to 'fight off the aliens', next second nothing. Although it's good to think of our 'conventional' ways of warefare to deal with Invaders, chances are our Primative ways only work here on Earth against each other.

posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 01:47 AM

Originally posted by pepsi78
And if they cant what hapens than?
Do you think they leave, no they just press the button in the end

Either way we lose.

Well they might say something like this.

[quote="Invading Aliens beaing defeated"]Aaaa stuff it, we're too intelligent and powerful to do this, let's go home and watch television

Originally posted by TerraOurHome
I don't see the reason for such aggressive nature being expressed by many on ATS. The fact that 'Aliens' do not expose themselves, causes us to misunderstand their intentions and ultimately FEAR them, because we do not know much about them.

A lot of people on ATS suggest that the actual reason why the aliens aren't revealing themselves, yet at least is because they are invading us through politicians and powerful figures, ect.

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