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The S.E.R.P.O. Angst-poem Thread

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 04:18 PM
Let fly the gerbils of woe, oh ye hosts of ATS.
Thine desperate cries shall be heard amongst the crackling flames of this greasy pyre.
Let the words fall as ashes
as we scrape our heads
and rend our clothes
and cry foul, oh, Bill, foul
thou hast turned thy face from our hope
abandoned us in our hour of need
Oh, pity us, the dis'rayed host
left to wander the deserts
dying a sophists thirst
lost, I say lost, we are
the Left Behind.

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 04:32 PM
nice one masqua, but you just inspired me, I hope you don't mind...

Serpo Madness Not Really
Sanctioned Games Maybe
Purpose? Conditions?
Unknown to me
Confusing. Dissappointing.
Yet it intrigues me
Book? Money? Disclosure?
But What's in it for me?
Knowledge of lies, disinformation
and life beyond the stars?
Will it change everything I've learned?
Doubtful. Hoax? Probability?
I'm not sure of anything really.
But I do not approve of the duplicity.

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 04:38 PM
Of course I don't mind-
I hope you feel better-
I know I do...

Oh, the prize was at hand
and it was snatched from our grasp.
The bright jewel of our dreams
snuffed like a candle in the winds.

Oh...the humanity...


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