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Possible abduction experience?

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 12:14 PM
When I was 8 (about 11 years ago) I had some very strange dreams involving aliens or UFOs. I didn't really see the significance at the time, but I don't usually remember my dreams, it is perhaps significant that I remember these.

In the first, I have my school uniform on and I'm carrying my school bag. Pretty normal so far. Only I'm walking along the Great wall of China. There are literally hundreds of UFOs flying around. However my 'dream me' saw this as a perfectly normal occurrence and kept on walking. It seemed like hours before I got to school, when I got there nobody was around. That's as much as I remember

In the second dream, I was on a camping trip with the Scouts. It all starts out reasonably normal, until we light the fire to cook some food. That's when we see strange beings hanging around and weird lights in the sky. One of the lights float down and is literally 20ft from us before it flies away. Again' that's all I remember.

The third dream is perhaps the most terrifying. In this dream, I was looking out of my window at what appeared to be a hostile alien invasion. There were buildings on fire, cars overturned etc. The saucers were hovering around a particlar building, which I later found was a car dealer on the other side of town
As the aliens come closer to my home, I make plans to leave town. This is where my sodding mother woke me up for school

So is this simply an overactive childhood imagination or something more significant?


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