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New Thread Prime Ministers Questions

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 07:32 AM
Every week there is a thing in the House of Commons Prime Ministers Questions.

I thought by posting extracts from this, it would not only inform people of what happens in the UK political arena but also to trigger discussions relative to what has been discussed in Prime Ministers Questions.

For example Mike Hall (Lab) wants to know about idenity cards, and why they haven't yet been introduced.

These are only extracts so if you want the whole thing, google search.


David Jones (Con) asks about police restructuring plans, in relation to the Welsh force, who he claims disagree with the government. The PM says there are various opinions on this in Wales but that he believes most people support him.

Mohammad Sarwar (Lab) asks about freedom of speech and the Muhammad cartoons and the right to protest. The PM says the vast majority of Muslims in the country abhor violent protests against the cartoons.


David Cameron worries that sensible Muslim voices will be drowned out in the debate. The PM agress, and wants the full force of the law to be used against people who break the law, but that "we must stay united".

Mr Cameron then turns to the incitement to terrorism question. The PM agrees that the religious hatred bill will strengthen the law, especially on glorification of terrorism.

Sir menzies Campbell (Lib Dem acting leader) asks about police restructuting, and why it is being pushed through so quickly. The PM says that 30 to 40 years ago a similar merger took place.

Sir Ming follows up with another question about how much this merger will cost, and who will pay for it. The PM repeats his mantra that it is all about getting the best police force possible, and that the many changes that have taken place have often been opposed at first.


Dawn Butler (Lab) asks about staffing at rail stations, and the need for more transport police. The PM agress that more needs to be done.

Cameron asks if he will confirm that there are to be no more concessions on edcuation.

Blair then pulls out a pamphlet from the Dunfermline byelection in which Cameron says he is a liberal Conservative, opposed to the war in Iraq. Is this the same man who told the Telegraph that he was a Conservative to his core? No wonder he opposes identity cards, jokes the PM.


Colin Burgon (Lab) worries that our pilicy towards countries like Venezuela is shaped by a rightwing US government.

Blair says that the president of Venezuela needs to take care when he makes agreements with countries like Cuba, as it is not a democracry.

Colin Hendry (Con) says that 90% of prisoners have some form of mental illness - is prison the right place for them to be treated?

Anne Snelgrove (Lab) asks about Asbos and the Respect agenda, which she supports. The PM gives a pat answer to a pat question.

James Arbuthnot (Con) wants to kow about extra housing, and how it can be built without other extra services and infrastructure.


Gordon Prentice (Lab) wants to know why the public thinks that knighthoods can be bought by people who pay for city academies, and their sponsors. There goes your kinghthood, shouts someone.

Angela Watkinson (Con) asks about public services and how they are rated.

Mary Creagh (Lab) wants to talk about the 100-year anniversary of the parliamentary Labour party and all its achievements. She then asks mr Blair what he hopes will be the achievements of New Labour that they can look back on in 100 years.

Nigel Dodds (DUP) asks about the peace process in Northern Ireland, and the report into criminal activity by Republican paramilitary groups. Mr Blair remains slightly non-commital about the report other than to support its findings


Tim Farron (Lib Dem) asks about cuts in mental health services.

Mike Hall (Lab) wants to know about idenity cards, and why they haven't yet been introduced.

Michael Ancram (Con) asks the PM to list his duties in the house, and whether they include voting. The PM says he spends much more time in the house, answering questions,at the liaison committee and so on.

Ben Wallace (Con) says he fears there will be a two-tier Britain if ID cards are introduced, as not eveyone will have to use them. Mr Blair says he doesn't think it is too much to ask to get people to carry ID cards.

Keith Vaz asks if Britain's economy will really improve such that it can meet European requirements, especially regarding the Lisbon agreement. Mr Blair trumpets, as always, the British economy, but agrees that further reforms will be needed.

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 03:04 PM
Great thread MrDog. As a yank I find UK politics actually more interesting than US politics. C-SPAN rebroadcasts Prime Minister Questions here in the states every Sunday evening. But you can watch it anytime at this link.

Prime Ministers Questions

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 05:55 PM
Thanks for the link DW6. I have never looked on this site before.

It's good to see someone across the pond checking on Tony and Co. I know that there are alot of hassles with US politics at the moment so it must be hard just to keep track with just that.

Take it easy


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