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How convinced are you of NWO existance?

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 12:37 AM

I have my doubts that the elite would want to rule the world in a fascist/Hitler style. I am more convinced that their efforts are mainly to get rich, get richer, and ensure that their families stay rich in the future. These people are very private people, and like to enjoy their money on their own.

I would say that this statement is 100% true, IMO. As to whether there is any kind of organized NWO, I consider it unlikely, but possible; if I had to put a number on it, maybe 5-10% I think it's far more likely that there are several groups that are all trying to advance their own agendas, acquire even more billions in wealth, gain more influence in government, and that sort of thing. I don't think they're trying to take over the world, but I do think they're trying to make the world a nicer place for themselves to live in, and the rest of the people be damned.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by DragonsDemesne

I have my doubts that the elite would want to rule the world in a fascist/Hitler style. I am more convinced that their efforts are mainly to get rich, get richer, and ensure that their families stay rich in the future. These people are very private people, and like to enjoy their money on their own.

And in my opinion I think that that's wrong. I think that they do want to rule the world in a fascist/hitler style. The Denver Airport is shaped like a swastika..I've heard rumors about NWO there, and to me, it's obviiously written all over it....

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 12:49 AM
Iam 100 % sure there is a NWO coming into power

Why do i feel that way so strongly, ?


I remember Daddy bush giving a speech and thrusting his fist into the air, calling out for his NWO.

I saw 3 buildings fall on 9-11 not 2.... 3 ! I saw peter jennings and the jew owner of building 7 both saying they placed explosives in it and set them off all on 9-11. Is on the freaking record sheeple.... Think about this. Ask questions.

I ask myself questions too.

Like how does a 747 passenger jet with 2 engines made of Titanium Smash into the pentagon and make 1 hole like this....

You see i read books on physics, iam not a moron like most of the rest of you people that sit around and watch football.

I know that it would make 2 holes where the engines slammed into the building, not one small hole from the nose cone. A nose cone made of alluminum and fiberglass. I know that titanium engines would not VAPORIZE like the official story would have you believe.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 07:49 PM
I haven't studied the 9/11 information, but that hole does not look big enough to be made by a plane. A piece of a plane, maybe, but not the whole thing. Based on the person in the photo and the lamppost on the ground, I'd judge that hole as maybe 15-20 feet in diameter. (that's just a guess, but it seems reasonable to me) And I checked in a materials engineering textbook, and Titanium begins to turn into a gas at 3260 degrees celsius, so if the official account says that, well, it's a load of b.s. I could see an explosion or something causing that temperature for a brief moment, and coud believe that the titanium engines had some melting damage, but vaporized? I don't buy it for an instant.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 11:16 PM
New World Order 100% Reptillians amd greys controlling the masses 1% (can never be sure) Seeing it within the next 15 years 80% and world ending in 2012 as the mayan theorists say 0% just like Y2k.

i don't think it will be about religeon that is stupid it will be about an idea and survival or they will make it appear that way. a catastrophic event that cause man to unite and band together like a global economical crash and when ww3 heats up a lil more.

corperation merging and consolidating power. governments merging currencies like the EU which recently failed at a european constitution attempt to replace individual constitutions and sovereignties. the CFR: Building a North American Community doc suggests we should drop borders between all three nations and build a security perimiter around the continant which you would only be allowed to enter or leave with biometric ID systems and rfid technology.

People don't understand we are already living in a new world order run by the international bankers and corperate heads look at bohemian grove for instance.

"Yes the world is being Americanized but america is becoming Globalized."~David Rockefeller

The U.N. is a primer for a new world order which governments reckognized the first time after ww1 so they needed a bigger war after ww2 the U.N. was born. That is when the world started to become destabalized.

the key to a success of a new world order is to create destabalization to the point people will accept it and they will after 80% of us are exterminated.

We however are to white to bomb and kill. You will see the extermination of many Asian,African and South American nations leaving Europe and North America. A one world government will be centered in Europe and America will be used for slave labor for Europe (fema camps and prisons). Canada being a favored country will most likely live in luxory along with certain European nations as long as we comply.

Look at agenda 21 and many of the unesco and bio-diversity programs. We are losing the secret wars people due to the machines brainwashing. they use sound and light manipulation to alter our thought patterns and they also use various types of radio and microwave frequencies to affect our behaviours. That is why CIA agents will not let their children watch tv or play video games. They also use chemical agents developed by MKUltra and its other discreet operations. Not just here in North America but abroad these techniques are used. You ever notice how a food commercial will sometimes make you feel hungary even with the absense of food or why a japanese cartoon gave 700 kids seizures at the same time because of the light patterns. they can make people laugh at the word conspiracy or hate a political leader. I do not watch much tv and on average i spend my time with other activities. Anyone who beleives the mainstream is in the grip of the machine and it's tentacles.

Anyone remember hearing stories of war vets coming back from korea and promoting communism and such. It was at this time other governments like mine and the American one realized they could do it too and thus the term brainwashing was coined. It is used by the establishment to keep you docile the sooner people reckognize the threat the sooner we can address it.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 01:09 AM
100% NWO
100% Masonry/Illuminati/Brotherhood/consortium conspiracy
100% lizards
100% aliens
100% ufo and time travel
90% 2012 countdown...

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 02:21 AM
I was convinced 100% of the NWO as a reality before the globalists came forward themselves and told us that they want a NWO. No question they are now openly calling for a one world government and that we (barbarians) need to be managed for our own good - to solve all our problems of course.

Gee, I wonder why the globalists and their bootlicking slaves (RIAA, CRIA, MPAA) shutdown the Razorback2 server on emule? Hmm, they really don't want this movie shown, do they?

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 02:39 AM

That is why CIA agents will not let their children watch tv or play video games.

Have a source for that? Does this mean ALL CIA agents? Was there a poll or something done of them that showed this? Just curious.

I think that the NWO idea is basically about a select amount of families getting richer and ensuring their families stay that way and the rest be damned. Now we all know that richer = powerful. So that's where the "power" angle is. Look at Paris Hilton, for example. She and her friends from the super rich families party like it's 1999 A LOT. Even when they're underage they drink and get stoned and have a grand ole time. When it gets out of control their family whisks them off to a "private resort" to get dried out / cleaned up so they won't embarrass the family too much.

Everybody KNOWS about it, but because their family is rich rich rich they get away with the underage stuff and the illegal stuff. Now THAT'S power.

On the other hand.....I was at a meeting for work last week and my boss said, " Did you see that crap on the news about Dick Cheney shooting that guy? Who cares! I wish they would show the real news!" Now, I didn't say anything because I don't want to come off as any nuttier than I already do, but what does THAT statement say about the "general public"? Everyone else in the room agreed with her too! Amazing! Not once did anyone say anything other than they need to leave that poor man alone!

That poor man? For real, that was said. So that's kinda scary too.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 02:47 AM
Most people cannot accept that evil exists - media brainwashed folks are by nature lazy, yet kind-hearted.

Go tell your boss that Bush is greedy and you get accepted; tell your boss that these elite are Luciferians and would love to torture and rape our children - and you're a nutcase (or fired).

Meanwhile, DynCorp is still running white slavery and has lobbyists demanding the right to do it and it's all being spun in the mainstream news.

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 01:59 PM
I believe 100% in the NWO and nothing or no one will stop it. Except its completion that is.
They wrote it in the Bible years ago and have been conditioning our minds for it for years. If there is anything such as lizard people though I have an idea its just a genetic thing where they have taken advantageous genes from animals and created sort of a super human, if you will. Its just thought but yeah the NWO order is on its way. I wonder how many countries are left to conquer?

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 02:38 PM
Although I do believe there are fractions within the NWO fighting amongst themselves.
Up until 200 years ago, at the time of the monarchs it was obvious to anyone (taday) that they were a few elite owning and controlling everything. (and fighting amonst themselves) Now a few revolutions later and people think it’s gone?- what is the obvious evolution of the monarchy? Corporations of course. – making sure everything can be owned, copyrighted, trademarked and patented. (and inherited)

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 02:56 PM
uplander, I agree with you 100%, and you said it very well.

Sorry for the delay, but better late than never:

You have voted uplander for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote left for this month.

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 02:57 PM
On one side you have a group of Islamic fundamentalists who are willing to fly planes full of innocent people int a building sacreficing their own lives in the name of radical Islam.
On the other you have a well organized team of engineers placing explosives to demolish these same buildings after the planes flew in. Most likely neither side knew what the other was doing. I'm sure the engineers thought they were doing it for their country, as the hijackers thought they were doing it for theirs.

All the while there's a puppetmaster controlling two diametrically opposed forces.

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 03:40 PM
NWO 100%. From the day I read this story in the Washington Times that we in America lived in a false paradyme.

At this point there must be valiant soul who must step forward and risk all to thwart this cowardly plague!

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 01:31 AM
Money World order Maby like the top 10% percent of rich people Have more cash then the Rest of the world combined. With Money brings Power, To Corupt Politics,to rig elections, Stay Out off Jail, Or maby even take over a Whole Country. But When You Talk like A group becoming A dictator ship on the world it dosent make sence cus who whould be # 1 and Why, Bush (haha) He can Pick On Iraq a Poor ass Country with a malicia, he wouldent say # to N/Korea though They Got wepions of mass destruction ! How america Gona Police the world when we cant Police Bagdad (please) I mean every person In the NWO would want the most Power it would destroy it self so to me it just isent Prausable. Yes our freedoms are Going To # the consitution means nothing in todays courts and there are many Leaders who would like to run the world But it wont happen, Civillians have access to all kinds of wepions so they can try if they will .. I think the lower class with over through the Government befor the Nwo* can Controle the People !!

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