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Iran's New Anti-Aircraft Missiles

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 02:51 AM

Originally posted by bosnianwarrior

Since you hide your name behind the term "bosnianwarrior" too, should I conclude that you are a member of AIPAC as well? Just following your logic....

Originally posted by iqonx

Originally posted by Travellar

(2) Europe has far more reason than the US to raise concern about, or act upon, Iranian nuclear and missile programs. This can be proven with a globe and a piece of string.

thats just fear-mongering. europe has nothing to worry about from iran unless europe attacks iran.

the iranians are not crazy. there government has loud mouths but are not as dangerous as people make them out to be.

Europe has every reason to be concerned about Iran. Iran has time and again voiced that they would attack the infidels and supporters of Zionism", and in their definition European recognition of Israel alone makes us "supporters of Zionism". Iran has several ICBM models that can reach and touch european soil. And now with the POSSIBILITY to see nuclear warheads on Iranian missiles. Thats what Travellar was referring to: while the USA has concerns about the safety of stability and its allies (plus several thousand US troops in reach of Iranian missiles), Europe additionally has to fear for its own people.

It doesnt matter that the chances of Iran firing their missiles on European target s is EXTREMELY low. It doesnt matter that Iran is more likely to look for a diplomatic solution when Ahmadinežad really does something stupid.

What matters is that I grew up in a place that would have been obliterated by nuclear sunrise the minute the cold war would have turned "hot", and everybody knew it. And I am not willing to be even remotely in that same situation again, or to let other Europeans be threatened.

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 06:52 AM
listen lonestar why is iran not alouded to have atomic power when israel is alouded to have 200 atomic bombs and makeing more everyday . if you can tell me that i will be glad to hear it and dont give me this crap about terrorist sponcers iran does not bulldoes peoples houses in the middle of the night with people still in them. it does not have snipers killing 76 year old women coming out of the mosque. and it does not shell schools i could go on and on,

posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 01:08 PM
wrong thread sorry.

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 01:19 PM

I have already given the reasons in my response to iqonx.

Frankly said, when we are talking about global strategy and threat assessment noone cares about what crap any nation does in their own backyard, therefor I am not concerned about any Iraqi terrorists Iran sponsors or not. And spare me the Israel accusations, it doesnt serve a purpose when we are talking about multicontinental relations.

Israel and Iran are in very different positions, and Israels drive to become a nuclear power is understandable: Within 25 years they were attacked by Middle-Eastern powers 3 times (if we see the Six Day War as a result of hostile aggression). Iran however has nothing to fear - especially with Iraq having been knocked off the stage.

Furthermore Israel was smart enough to develop their nuclear arsenal WITHOUT letting others know about it. And as soon as they had them and the information was leaked, they were already too far to take them away from Israel - just like North Korea. That doesnt mean that Israel was not under harshest criticism by other nations.

And the most important point: Israel does not threaten anyone; Iran does - with passion. The West can dismiss Irans rantings as a "toothless dog´s barking" as long as Iran does not have the technology to really wreak havoc on anyone with their sub-par technology. In reality, being the underdeveloped country that it is has spared Iran much rebuttal from the Western forces over the years. But once Iran has nuclear weapons it cannot be ignored any longer.

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 06:38 PM
Bosnian Warrior,

Do not be so quick to fall in behind the insurgents in Iraq.

The reason we will win in Iraq, is because we DO get out of our vehicles and walk the cities.

And unlike the insurgents with their hate crazed ideology, we bring food, water, medicine, even sewage. We bring books to teach children to read.

All the insurgents bring is death to families and destruction to cities, with their hatred of Jews and Israel and the United States.

Families bury their sons.

Which is why they are losing. We will lose more people, but the Insurgents have already lost the war.

We do not pay children twenty dollars to do our dirty work and plant bombs and get killed.

We do not hide behind children in our humvees.

But insurgents do. And I have seen them.

And the Iraqis have seen them.

Maybe it is fine for you to send a son to paradise, but when you send them all, where are you in the end?

We are not so focused on hatred of the Jews and Israel that we turn cities into living hell like Hamas and Fatah have done to Palastine. Israel didn't have to do a thing, Hamas and Fatah did it all by themselves.

1.2 million Muslims live in Israel. How many Jews are allowed to live in Palastine? There are hundreds of Mosques in Israel. How many Synagogues are allowed to stand in Palastine?

But I am a Christian so I don't expect you to tell me the truth. After all, you are not obligated to do so.

Beware following the siren call of hatred towards Israel. It is a mirage. You are being used.

Go see for yourself. It will change you.

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