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HS - and a book idea

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 12:07 PM
First, I've got to say that HS writing a book on any paranormal topic, much less all of them, suprizes me. I thought that you were cynical on the subject?
If I had more time I'd run back and read a the last 25 - 50 posts / replies you've made here in this section... but I don't have time. I thought you made a lot of wize cracks and did a bit of razzing.
Am I thinking of another member?

But, none-the-less... you post on doing a book about the paranormal. I think that's been done to death (LOL - no pun intende) LMAO

But there is something that hasn't been done, or at least not many. A book bridging the paranormal and science. Put paranormal and normal all on the same level and proove or disproove point per point.

It would be like 2 people butting heads on opposite sides of the
creation vs. accidental 'in the begining' thing... but interesting and origonal at least.

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 12:15 AM
AngelaLadyS.One thing I have always done is try to look at the connection between eveything.Now that can be pretty unerving considering I am now not so sure that I even exsist hehe lol..

There is a book i did a small search but it is so old that I cannot find it yet.

It was called History of the supernatural.In it were an amazing amount of case studies done by scientists done between the 40's and 70's I think.Really crazy stuff like.

They took a tub of hydroclorich(sp?) acid,and placed a healthy plant on each corner.Now they started pooring like krill or little shrimp into the acid in one corner of the tub/tank.Over time with the same amount of care as the others.The plant in that corner started to die.

Another study from that book envolves growing flowers in the dark or something to that effect.Now the shone light on it directly for only one second and one second only,and timed it.The flower i guess blomed at the same moment every time it bloomed.Now these are horrible descriptions but interesting non the less.


posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 05:26 AM
I'd like to kinda herd this thread into an idea that has been on my mind for a while. I'll phrase it first in a question.

If it turns out that all paranormal phenomena has its' roots in a scientific explanation, then does ATS like put paranormal phenomena under a scientific catagory?

That seems about as farfetched as some of the reports of ghosts to this group, who has very intelligent members I might add, Angela among them. But it is even more farfetched among people who don't believe that ghosts exist. I take both sides of the debate at different times for clarity Angela.

I read parts of Sonya Fitzpatricks' The Pet Pyschic, What the Animals Tell Me recently and was all set to write a bit on why it is dangerous for the average person to believe in guardian angels guiding a healing power. Then I ran across a debunker
Robert T. Carroll -485 ENTRIES
A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions
who stated Sonya was a fraud.
I took immediate interest because I am well familar with the relationship of telepathic emotions between my 9 dogs and I. It is certainly possible Sonya heals by channeling in positive emotions. The guardian angels she 'talks' to however are a creation of her own minds' projection to explain
positive telepathic incoming vibrations. PTIV. something I have not brought up very much yet.

At this point, I have sent off an inquiry to a retired scientist about the relationship of electro chemical reactions in the mind moving to electro magnetic wave forms which go out of the mind and asked for any known math equations relating to chemical to magnetic changes.

The other thing is, I saw to many times to count, the particles which were the ends of the waveforms from peoples' subconsciously sent emotions.
At the time they were stopped by my aura, they became energized, and this cloud proceeded at me about as fast as a slow person walks. It is through these clouds I saw and heard many visions and words, such as the shadow people mentioned here.

Some people say, 'Aw, it's just a projection of your mind'. But that is not all it is, it is your mind putting something into a shape or words that you can relate to, and that is the clouds or waveforms that come all the time everywhere. They are a living force that goes to and fro all over the world.
My opinion is the waveforms move at a speed faster than light or at least as fast.

Brainwaves are measured 4 feet out from the head by scientists. I am not sure why they cannot measure them further out unless they hit a layer of your aura which changes them or perhaps outside that aura changes them.

We live at the most exciting time in history regarding paranormal phenomena and the popularity of this ATS Paranormal Phenomena shows that excitement.

About the only individual posts I have a hard time relating to, are those where someone brings their own excitement into the post so much, the sentences, structure and order they are in make it hard to comprehend.
Spelling too.
It took me about a year to chill on my last major vision to even get a grip on clear writing.

The last vision was about a half million tarantula sized spiders coming at me down the road. It was hard to guess the number because they were in waves about a hundred yards down this calm country road in the daytime.
I just stood and looked at them coming at me, I was to startled to be scared. About 15 feet in front of me, it was like there was a magical line, but an aura edge, the first wave turned to crossed pine needles on the pavement 100 feet back, then the second wave did...........spiders are the symbol for spiritual connectivity from the American Indian culture. That is where dreamcatcher wisdom comes from, a spider who wove a web.

And here we are on the web, life is a mystery, isn't it?
God works in mysterious ways.

hang in there
Honor Seed


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