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Hamas courting South American governments for support

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 07:35 AM

BUENOS AIRES -- The radical Islamist group Hamas, hemmed in by U.S. and European pressure, is eyeing South America for economic and political backing, according to reports here.
Emissaries from the group, which recently won control of the Palestinian parliament, plan to visit Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela, according to Abu Kuhri, a Hamas spokesman.
Mr. Kuhri was quoted Thursday in the Brazilian newspaper, O Estado de Sao Paulo, as saying the head of Hamas' parliamentary faction, Ismail Haniyeh, might head the delegation. He said the mission's purpose was to change the view that Hamas is a terrorist group "and to demonstrate that the problem is the Israeli occupation."


The future is playing out like a bad "b" movie. Terror groups are "governments" now? Hamas is Iranian "special forces" and should be terminated as such.


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