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canadian justice system... load of "hogwash"

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posted on Feb, 5 2006 @ 11:50 PM
hi everone.
did you know here in canada you can basically get away with any crime on bail? thats what happens week after week in the news. monday - man shoots mothers son dead, ofcoarse, pleads not guilty. thurday - accused man of shooting moms son dead free in the city on $200 000 bail. this happens week after week after week! criminals are getting little slaps on their wrists compared to what the victims relatives and families are going through! i think canadas courts are just filled with a bunch of revenue hungry crooked judges who care more for the fate of the accused then the fate of the victim, and i live in canada!!! does this happen in america too or how do americans handle criminals because making criminals pay... wont make them stop killing. who else thinks canadas courts are a little screwed atleast?

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