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In Honour of Stephen Harper-the lighter side of Canadian Politics.

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posted on Feb, 5 2006 @ 10:16 AM
As some of you know, tomorrow Feb. 6 is the swearing in of our new Prime Minister.

After all the election bashing from all parties involved I thought I would show a lighter side of our leaders from a Press Gallery Dinner after the election of 2004.

On the link at right side of page there are videos from each party leader(except Duceppe).

Paul Martin is particularly funny but Harper is hilarious.

He is well known for his impersonations, from Mulroney, Joe Clark and Preston Manning, but it is his impersonation of John McCallum that is priceless.

The videos can be a bit long but in honour of Harper, this is a must see.
The impersonations are at the end of his appearance but the ride there is just as funny.

Hope you enjoy.


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