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Cartoon Banned For Fear Of Causing Religious Offence

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posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 09:44 AM
As the furore continues regarding the recently published cartoons featuring Muslim caricatures and the subsequent accusation, amongst others, that perhaps the reactions of various Islamic factions betrays their disdain for the notion of 'Freedom Of Speech', maybe it would be a good time for us to remember that the censorship of art forms that could be considered offensive to Christians also takes place in Western society :

i) Popetown -

BBC Three has decided not to show a cartoon set in a fictional Vatican over concerns it would offend Catholics.

The Right Reverend Crispian Hollis, Bishop of Portsmouth and spokesman for the conference said: "I am delighted that this has been withdrawn.

"It was obviously going to be a controversial programme which would have caused offence, not least among the Catholic community who hold the person of the Holy Father in the highest regard and affection.

Taken from BBC site.

ii) Jerry Springer opera -

A NATIONWIDE tour by the musical Jerry Springer the Opera is in jeopardy with a big investor considering pulling out because of threats by a militant Christian group.

The backer, who was to have provided 40% of the funding for the tour, was targeted by Christian Voice, an evangelical group that has condemned the musical — based on the American television show — as “filthy and blasphemous”.

Taken From Times Online.

It is important to note that it is not only people of an Islamic bent who will call for the censorship of things they consider offensive to their faith.

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