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Family abductees

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posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 12:52 AM
Just thought i'd share my story for people who might be interested in people being abducted by Aliens. It might sound like a SIFI novel, but its definately a true story.

Before moving to Australia, My Grandfather and Grandmother in there younger years lived in Yugoslavia. One afternoon they went swimming (skinny dipping to be exact) in a lake not to far from there home town. While doing so they had an unexpected visit by a UFO hovering above them. They then were abducted by this UFO and from that moment they cant remember what happened but they were returned a day later during the night sometime.

It was hard talking to my Grandparents about this because there english wasnt the best and it was just a topic they chose not to talk about, however they did leak out some info everynow and then. My Grandmother passed away 5 years ago and Grandfather 6 months ago so the full story is lost with them forever however it was definately a indication to me that abductions do happen and that its not something i just watched on the x-files.

After doing more research on the topic it turns out that accounts like this happen all the time and that no one ever really knows what happens when abduted but people have flashbacks sometimes of physical and sexual abuse and testings. Also i have read that future generations of abductees might have encounters with UFO's. Well this is also true with my situation because later in my Grandfathers life when he moved here to Australia he was waiting outside of church for my Grandmother and a UFO flew slowly directly over his head...almost like a small re-visit. Similar thing happen to my father when we were away on holidays walking on the beach and UFO flew directly over his head. Now just recently while on tour with my band we were driving in the middle of nowhere a UFO flew directly infront of our tour van...resembling the discription of both my Grandfathers and Fathers.

I am personally a bit sceptical on the whole Aliens existing from another planet kind thing. I look at it more of a spiritual/demonic entity that could even be government involved...but thats just my opinion. But i think the point of this thread was to share my testimony into abductions and the existance of UFO's


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