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My latest paranormal encounter

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posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 12:18 AM
Always being interested in the paranormal and unexplained, I was wandering in the Woodhill Cemetery not far from my home. I saw a rabbit sitting on a so I wandered up to the set of four graves in which I figured were all members of one family from the late 19th century.

The first was ‘Beloved Husband and Father’ and the second ‘Beloved Wife and Mother’. In the third plot I found it bizarre that there was no head stone at all, for on the fourth plot stood a stone marked ‘Beloved Daughter and Sister’. Feeling sorry for this lowly unmarked grave, I found some flowers that had been scattered by the wind and placed them on the grave. Was this a vital mistake or was it my connection with the other side?
I moved into the bush a short distance to answer a call of nature. It was whilst I was indisposed that I realized the rabbit was but two metres from me. The small woodland critter sat there until I moved towards it. This was expected.

Dawdling back to the car, I looked back to the grave I placed the flowers upon, the rabbit was back… on the grave I had just placed flowers upon!

Home that night, I walked into my bedroom to feel the air, cold, almost frozen. It was as if an air conditioner was on. Crisp cold, like an icy winter night. Slipping into bed I knew there was a presence in my room that was not of this world. I pretended to ignored it, until the noises started. The sounds of my belongings being shifted, sliding along my bedside table. The sounds of splashing water or a trickling tap. Then me shuddering!

If you’ve ever been scared by something you can’t explain, you feel so odd telling others of your experience. This one petrified me! The hair on my neck and arms stood, my legs prickled and my throat dried like a salt lake in an instant. Ghostly fingers gently caressing my hair and neck, the softest breath upon my cheek and a whispered voice. No one was there. Knowing I was supposed to be alone my head shot under the blankets. I drifted into a light restless sleep.

I was falling. Images flashing by. Fast. To fast. I can’t see them. I look around and all I can see is… is… a face. It’s coming fast at me. I can see a woman of middle age. It’s a photo, old and black and white. She’s wearing out dated cloths and a hairstyle from the days of old. The image looms over me. I duck and turn then the voice impatient and raspy seemed to echo into eternity, “CHANGE IT!”

I shot up in bed gasping for air that I felt suddenly starved of. The reality of my dream came flooding back into my mind as that voice echoed into my thoughts. “Change it”. The blood seemed to almost drain from head and the feeling nausea seeped though. I fell back shaking uncontrollably. Feeling around for the lamp by my bed I switched it on. The light swept across the room vanquishing the unknown from my room.

Was this a ghostly experience or was it merely an active imagination? I haven’t returned to the Cemetery.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 03:57 AM
wat a very interesting story..but guessing part of this experience happend in your dream??you know it could be just a dream..considering the fact that you might have scared yourself to death that when you first fell asleep you still had that fear within you causing you to trigger this dream of yours...and if it was not that...and it was really a ghostly experience that is pretty amazing ..btw you should be a writter..the detail you use made me feel like i wasnt alone either~kiliker

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 04:11 AM
i was in sort of a sub conscious state because i was aware that i was #ting myself while experiencing this dream/hallucination.

when i sat up in bed it seemed so clear and even today i can remember the woman's face.

one time i drove past the same cemetery and there were two young children standing on the side of the road when i looked in my rear vision mirror it was like they'd disappeared.

everyone tells me not to seek ghosts that need help cos they could latch onto you for life so i made the decision not to go back.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 04:26 AM
that is kinda true.they may find you a companion and try to stick with you for helping them...but the fact that you were just waking/half asleep may prove it was only yourself playin tricks on your mind..i can remember a few times where i woke up to seeing things that really werent supose to be elves climbing in the closet and fairys flying around and behind my pillow...shadows at my bed side..all kinds of things..but if it were a ghostly figure and what your saying is what you think it try my best to avoid that place and around it..ive heard of ghosts harming people but i myself doubt you have to just keep my distance just to be certain because you really dont know what the intentions are of the ghost...or the reasons why it may or might wanna attach itself to your life..but i really dont think you have to worry none..unless you saw the same thing twice exactly the same pretty much..then id say it likes you heh..~kiliker

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 11:24 PM
I would like to ask you to do a little research into this if you will.

In regards to the unmarked grave.There could be many reasons why the stone is not present.Could have been the last to empty plot,Knocked over. If you could although it would seem weird and you might get into trouble,try asking the local keeper if one exsists about it.Usualy you can find records of deaths somewhere in the local vicinity.

Also what are the dates of the deaths?.Are the children old.

Secondly this might not have anything to do with the family in question at all.Mabey the bunny?who knows.There are many things that reside within these sorts of grounds.What time was it?...During the day?

If there is anymore activity be sure to let us know


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