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War on Terror.. Huge spike in military aid

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:01 PM
"You're either with us, or you're against us.". Those very words sparked the largest, and possibly, the most deadliest war this world has ever witnessed. Fifty years from now, we will look back at those words and wonder why we all sheepishly went along with the grand War on Terror.

The war isn't only being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan (and possibly soon Iran), but it's also being fought in ravaged lands that have been riddled with war since the early nineties. Throughout our history, civil wars and conflicts have ravaged Earth for as long as man has recorded history. Nothing has changed today. In the year 2000, a total of 1,500 armed conflicts were simultaneously going on throughout our world. The only difference now, is the United States is picking and choosing who they want to win.. anyone but the"terrorists".

At the beginning of the War on Terror, the United States boosted their assistance exponentially to countries vowing to assist the coalition. The increase in military assistance to some of the worst ravaged countries of the world, but the boost also came to any country, regardless of history, regardless of genocide, regardless of massacres, willing to assist in the war.

The United States is more willing than ever to sell or give away high technology weapons to countries that have pledged assistance in the global war on terror, regardless of past behavior or current status. In some cases, these recipients of U.S. military goods and services are weak, failing, and failed states. Moreover, the Bush administration has expressed a willingness to provide weapons to countries that in the past have been criticized for human rights violations, lack of democracy, and even support of terrorism, even though it is a standing tenet of U.S. policy that weapon exports should not undermine long-term security and stability, weaken democratic movements, support military coups, escalate arms races, exacerbate ongoing conflicts, cause arms build-ups in unstable regions, or be used to commit human rights abuses.


Among some of our newfound allies in the War on Terror, are countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Yugoslavia (To name a few). These countries currently have inter- and intra-state conflicts, a few of them have evolving nuclear ambitions. And one should note that sanctions on these nations were also lifted soon after 9/11.

Pakistan's military government attained power as a result of a coup, Azerbaijan has been embroiled in disputes with Armenia, the stability of Tajikistan remains questionable, and Yugoslavia remains unstable and a possible "hot spot" for future conflict.

Now let's take a look at a few of these countries that gained considerably from the War on Terror

Since 2001 - Present:

Foreign Military Financing (FMF)
International Military Education and Training (IMET)
The Freedom Support Act (FSA)

Armenia - $1,725,000 (IMET), $9,500,000 in (FMF), $209,700,000 (FSA)
Azerbaijan - $2,027,000 (IMET), $9,500,000 (FMF), $,131,010,000 (FSA)
Georgia - $5,054,000 (IMET), $62,390,000 (FMF)
Kazakhstan - $3,676,000 (IMET), $12,646,000 (FMF), $122,315,000 (FSA)
Kenya - $23,000,000 (FMF)
Kyrgyzstan - $3,180,000 (IMET), $22,846,000 (FMF), $147,989,000 (FSA)
Nepal - $27,000,000 (FMF), $15,000,000 (FSA)
Oman - $70,000,000 (FMF)
Pakistan - $5,814,000 (IMET), $858,429,000 (FMF)
Tajikistan - $1,009,000(IMET), $4,400,000 (FMF), $113,872,000 (FSA)
Uzbekistan - $56,657,000 (FMF), $191,690,000 (FSA)
Yemen - $37,000,000 (FMF)

Now, it wouldn't be fair to tell you the totals of these countries without a contrast to the type of funding they were recieving beforehand, so in contrast, I'll state the funding from 1990 to 2001..

Armenia - $0
Azerbaijan - $0
Georgia - $1,978,000 (IMET), $17,000,000 (FMF)
Kazakhstan - $7,050,000 (FMF), $0 (FSA)
Kenya - $379,000 (FMF)
Kyrgyzstan - $1,815,000 (IMET), $4,700,000 (FMF), $0 (FSA)
Nepal - $1,300,000 (FMF)
Oman - $4,500,000 (FMF)
Pakistan - $750,000 (IMET), $0 (FMF)
Tajikistan - $0
Uzbekistan - $5,950,000 (FMF), $0 (FSA)
Yemen - $0

Other countries such as Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Philippines, Thailand, and Turkmenistan are also profiting for joining on the War on Terror, but most of these countries have been profiting off the United States for quite some time, and a noticable change wasnt indicated.

So why are certain countries obtaining these huge increases in military financial aid? Let's take a look..

Is it any wonder that 6 of the countries lay on China's border? Or that Iran is all but surrounded? Are we paying off these countries, building their militaries, for a bigger purpose? Are we paying the governments of some of these countries to extract the "terrorists", or to silence the Islamic population?

While the dollar value of the increased support for some of these countries is minimal (especially when you compare it to the billions of dollars in military assistance to countries like Israel and Egypt), the shift from virtually nothing to something is significant.

These sales represent only the beginning of U.S. military and defense industry ties. Under the guise of the "war on terrorism," these normally undesirable bedfellows have gotten their feet in the door and will maintain a long-term relationship with the United States.

The United States remains the world's largest exporter of arms to developing nations and leads all countries in both arms transfer agreements and arms deliveries in 2004, including $6.9 billion of transfer agreements with developing nations, up from the 2003 total of $6.5 billion. Russia was the second largest arms exporter to the developing world in 2004, making $5.9 billion in arms transfer agreements, which correlates to a 27.1 percent share. The United States and Russia together accounted for nearly 60 percent of all agreements with the developing world.

posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:04 PM
Bleh, this post stinks.. I did all the research and couldnt figure out where to take it.. figured Id post it anyhow and see where it goes..

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 09:37 AM
I became aware that we as a nation..America had surrounded Iran when I saw a listing of oil companys which were doing buisness in that area of the world. They are doing buisness in all the nations around including Iraq. Where Oil companys go a host of support companys also go. Where oil companys go...banks and insurance companys go to monitor thier investments. Where all these types go ...also go the intelligence gathering departments of government. These departments gather intelligence from the buisness functions often checking their records if not actually having people intelligence types planted in the buisnesses opertaing in these foreign nations. Even the Red Cross is often a front for a small number of intelligence types operating in foreign countrys...within the Red Cross ranks. Missionarys ..same thing..small numbers of intelligence types operating amongst them. Nevertheless they have been slowly surrounding Iran for years in this manner..waiting and gathering information.
I quickly deduced that surrounding Iran was not accidental but part of a plan.

It is my belief that Afganistan was necessary to take or pre stage/justify the takeover of Iraq...and Iraq is necessary to promote the attempt to take Iran. Between Iran and Iraq most of the oil in the mid east is taken up. The largest developed deposits of oil in the mid east are in Saudi Arabia. Most of it is will only go downhill from here. Not so in Iraq and Iran. These two nations oil wise are not fully developed. It is my belief that the destabilization of Iran and Saudi Arabia are already planned. It is just a matter of timing.

The war or the drums of war..of which you speak are only a prelude to this takeover.
Remember ..war is only economics by other means...state policy other means.
The real war has always been econonics..control of markets...especially today ..resources.
Real war is not guns and al..but this is the tool to control markets and keep out competitors.
Modern warfare can be traced back to the Spanish and thier rule of the seas and resources in those days and eventually thier competitors the English and Dutch..with the French making a unsuccessful stab at taking the reins from the English. This war continues today with new players entering and leaving the scene in competition for resources and the routes to ship and trans ship these resources and finished goods.
This is not quite what your history books read.
All the numbers you quote are merely the lines being drawn so that nations get into the war on schedule...on the plan and as needed.


posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 06:38 PM
The jist of my post wasnt so much to point out that the countries we're supporting is surrounding Iran.. it was to point out the exponential increase in funding we're pumping into these particular countries.

If you look at the history of some of these countries, you'll see some very brutal dictatorships or "democracies".. mixed in with massive massacres and genocide.. yet, for some reason, we've increase their military funding from near nothing, to a 600%-9000% increase..

And the countries the defacto'd from the old Soviet empire are getting an even bigger piece of the pie in form of FSA funding..

Follow the money (I worked my ass off to get you those numbers) and you'll see that our current rate of spending is alarming..

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 11:11 PM
lol lol..Quiet soul, I understand you worked your backside off to get these numbers. No problem.

American buisness intrests make for strange bedfellows. It is strange to find out that Boeing ..the aircraft company had manufacturing facilities in a African nation called Angloa..guarded by Fidel Castros Cubans. NOt all is as it seems.

The facts of history ..buisness history... are that they dont care what happens or what dictator takes over as long as they dont affect profits. Buisness intrests ...banks and insurance companys who insure the massive loans...dont care long as the numbers come out on the account legers.
If it is a dictator today and someone else problem as long as they are in the black.

I know where all the copper is going ..has been for years and years now. I am a reloader. Pistol and rifle. I know what gunpowder and bullets cost. I also know that copper should be down ..for years now. But it isnt. They dont make radiators out of copper like in the olde days...they make them out of aluminum tubes and pressed heavy duty plastic. They dont even make pennys out of copper anymore..they are made out of cheap zinc slugs since about 1982. Scrape a penny made after 1982 and you will see shiny zinc underneath..the copper appearence is a cheap coating. BEfore 1982 a penny was copper ..through and through.
Where is all the copper going???? Modern weapons spit out alot of bullets.

This world is not what it appears to be in the news or on the surface...I am well aware of this.

Also our current rate of spending is causing the dollar to go through the cellar...the bottom of the pit..becoming on its way to worthless. Soon the Federal Reserve will have to increase intrest rates to stop the supply of dollars. I know this too.

What you are seeing is not has been going on in one form or another since the Roman Empire..strange alliances with dictators ...even Deficit spending.


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