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Liberals and Conservatives: Why even bother?

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posted on Oct, 3 2003 @ 06:06 AM
I've been thinking....why should liberals and conservatives even bother arguing with each other? I mean it's not like we're going to change each other's minds. It's not like we're going to change what goes on in the world. No one's going to admit that they are wrong because no one wants to let the other side win. Both sides are irreconcilable and no amount of screaming is going to budge either one.

I admit, arguing with conservatives has had an effect on me, it has changed me. I've adopted a conservative characteristic and become intolerant. In the past I used to be able to tolerate conservatives and try to understand their fewpoints. I'm talking only a few weeks or months agao. But now, no. I absolutely LOATHE conservatives. By conservatives, I don't mean your reasonable guy who is pro-business or likes his guns. I mean the worms that support the actions of adminstration blindly. The self-righteous, bible-thumping, flag-humping, foreigner hating, war mongering, racist, facist, nationalist, ultra-patriotic filth that I see everywhere. They've taken over the Republican party, they've taken over large sections of the media, they've taken over internet message boards.

I think fanatical conservatives (is that a redunancy these days?) are scum and I HATE them. Yes, they've managed to get me to hate. I hate them for that. Oh how I wish they would stop wasting air. Ha....that's ok though. I've decided to stop arguing with conservatives on the internet and in real life. I'll keep informing people of events and giving my opinion, but no more arguing. Ha, that's if I even stay on this board. For some reason I can't stop vomiting whenever I read the political threads. At least I don't have to deal with neo-cons here at the university. It's a place of academics and intellectuals, you know....people who can actually think.

I'm sure conservatives harbor the same feelings about liberals (former moderates actually) like me. The difference is I'm right and their wrong. Nothing's going to convince me otherwise. To me it's a battle of good vs evil. Love vs hate. Peace vs War. Life vs Death Democracy vs Facism. Jedi vs Sith. Filth...conservatism has the upper hand now. If there is a higher being, maybe that'll change. Maybe the people. Hopefully you'll all run like lemmings of a cliff of your own making. felt good to get that off my chest. Not good to keep stuff like that bottled up, ya know. That definately has to be the most vitriolic thing I've ever written! Straight from the bowels of the ID....enjoy.

posted on Oct, 3 2003 @ 07:37 AM
The banter back and forth is really fun. "Cons" are really fun to play with.

What is interesting to me is that if you don't agree with them you are automatically branded a liberal. It seems they do not realize the middle ground of most.

The true "cons" ride around and listen to Rush and G. Gordon getting brainwashed throughout the day. They then claim others are not free thinkers if they don't agree with them!!!

I am a man of the middle that goes in many directions depending on the subject. Liberals are not as fun to play with for they at least have an open mind on subjects.


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