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What do your dreams show you?

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 03:12 PM
Specifically, what do your dreams tell you about yourself? Have you ever discovered anything significant about yourself, or have your dreams helped you confront a part of yourself you would rather not otherwise?
I only write about this because I certainly had such an event, but before then I firmly believed in the theraputic aspect of dreams. Anywhere, here it is.
Many of the dreams I have consist of me trying to accomplish a goal. At the very height of it, though, I find that there is one piece left that I must find to get to my goal. Unsuprisingly, I can never find it and eventually wake up.
The latest example of this took place inside a box store, like a wal mart or K mart. There was somebody causing a ruckus at the far end of the aisle, and everyone was getting scared and running from him. I happened to be in the sports section, so I broke open a case and took out a rifle. through the dream I ran throughout the store finding all the items I needed. I found a silencer, a strap, a sight, etc. The one thing I couldn't find, though was ammunition that fit the gun. I searched and searched...I could find shotgun shells, magnum shells, blowgun darts, but no rifle ammunition. I wanted to stop the guy, but couldn't. I woke up, instead.
The searching is a reoccuring theme in my dreams, and I now know why. I can never finish projects, I can never stick with things I try to accomplish. In almost all aspect of my life, I could choose to spend the extra 10% to go 110%, but don't have the will power to do so. Now I realize, if I start finishing these projects and causing happy endings then, well, maybe I'll be able to finish my dreams

Anybody else want to share?



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