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Interesting Article on Muslim hyprocracy

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posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by TaupeDragon
Where did I say Hate? That's your sig, not mine.

Sheesh !!
I wanted to mention this before, but the "confess hate" is not my signature. Do you know the difference ??? That is my Slogan.
My signature only has the American Flag and the link to Umbrax's page !

But now you know ! Good for you !

But at least it sounds like you are admitting the original article was a hate tract, so maybe that's some sort of comomon ground.

If it "sounds like admitting" then I am sure you are hearing a lot of things that are not there. But dont worry people get over that !

You obviously follow the teachings of Malthus when it comes to arabic populations.


Is this the best you can come back with ? Surely you can do better ! :shk:

Just steer away from words that are borderline abusive, Mkay?

You mean like "lazy","racist" and "diatribe" ??

You started the 'histrionics' thing, and I was simply pointing out that it wasn't me using histrionic language.

I am sure a sentence would have sufficed but apparently exhibitionism is your forte, and your smoke and mirrors. Carry on then .

You've started out saying this article is about 'freedom of the press', you are now saying it's about 'muslim hypocrisy'.

Yes, its both of them. The thread is about the muslim hypocrisy towards our freedoms to the press.

I've said all along it's about disguising the thread as an excuse to bash muslims on the head.

So its a conspiracy now is it ??

Why don't people just be honest and post threads saying, 'I hate muslims'! We would all know where we stand.

What that word with 'H' again ?

Just because I don't like someone labelling a few billion people terrorists doesn't make me a co-religionist.

Who’s labeling? Just because someone shows hypocrisy towards a particular event doesn’t condemn them to the label of hypocrites does it ?

I think most rational people can read the context just fine.

Then what is your difficulty ?

Oops. Should have said 'amnesia' not 'anemia'.
And you should have flamed my ass off over it.

You seriously think I care what your vain attempts at wit are today ?? Dont flatter yourself.

Eh? You forgot to say that your wote that arabs bred 'exponentially'

Is that a retort ?

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 12:38 PM
Look - I'm not getting in a debate with you over whether or not is says 'confess hate' on your sig or your slogan. It still says a lot about you.

As usual, it's degenerated into a slanging match and the original point of the post has been lost, which I guess suits you just fine.

If you feel articles such as this make for good journalism then *fine*, carry on!

I'll defend a free press to the death, but not the freedom of people to post poorly-researched garbage as some sort of news item.


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