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Okay, need to say something.......

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 09:47 AM
about a month ago, I had a dream when this huge ship kind of formed outside the window at work. It came in in pieces, each about the size of a small plane, but then just kind of joined together....right outside our winder, we were looking at just one small peice, but when I looked was like....oh, crap!!! well, some ran out the front door, other including me ran down into the cellar.....trying to hide.....

well, this tiime, I was found......probably because I went with a crowd and well, we all sounded like a heard of elephants running through the place....and then taken aboard the ship....where for some reason, I had this idea that they just weren't gonna be allowed by me to take my id....ummm....I've had dreams like this one since I was a kid, on and off, never did my id become an issue...

well, one dream, once in awhile, can be easily overlooked.

but well, I've been running and hiding on a nightly basis ever since. always, the same group, or at least they look about the more neat ships though.

anyone else having these kinds of dreams?


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