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Enemy Within.

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 09:30 AM
Enemy Within


August 14, 2011, around 8:00 p.m. somewhere in Kazakhstan.

It was bitter cold as the man in a coat standing in the middle of nowhere away from civilization was waiting for his customer. He was nervous as the time pass by, the customer was late as he thought, and the customer being late means trouble. Of course he corrected himself that he should not be nervous since he had bodyguards totaling thirty- eight comprise of former members of Spetsnaz which is the special forces of Russia that was protecting him and the merchandise that he brought with him. The man in the coat was Russian and was part of Russian organized crime. He was involved in human trafficking, drug smuggling, selling weapons, etc. He was ruthless in pursuing power and wealth and didn’t give a dam about moral issues. The Russian was here right now because he expected to be paid for the merchandise that he brought which the customer wanted. The customer somehow managed to get the Russian’s cell phone number through one of the Russian’s contacts that is all over the world when dealing with the underworld involving drugs and weapons. The Russian didn’t ask any questions as to the customer’s intentions, all he did was to sell or transfer the merchandise,
Headlights coming over the hill interrupted his thoughts; it’s about time he thought. His bodyguards he saw became tense, the bodyguards were taking no chances, it could be a trap. The first vehicle of the convoy flicked on and off its light which signal that it was them, that assure the Russian and his bodyguards that it was them coming. But the bodyguards still took no chances.
As the convoy came closer the Russian could see that the convoy comprise of ten cargo trucks and three cars. They finally reached the Russian and his bodyguards.
The men inside the vehicles all came out, all but one of them heavily armed with AKs and wearing masks. The man was not surprise about the carrying of the weapons in this meeting because trust was not to be expected, this be all about business.
One of the men of the group step out to the Russian and stick out his hand, the Russian shook it and said in English “did you bring it?”.
The man nodded, motioning one of the men carrying a suitcase. The man with the suitcase put the case on top of the hood on one of the cars. The man opened the locks and popped the case open and stepped aside. The Russian man looked into it, inside was bags of diamonds worth total of 70 million dollars. The Russian took out a pen shape device to check a couple of diamonds that he randomly selected. The device could easily distinguish between natural diamonds and synthetic ones. It was far faster than the traditional method of looking at the diamond carefully to test if real or not. After a tense moment, the Russian smiled and said “now we can complete the transaction.”
The man nodded and told him “I hoped you can do the same in return.” in a heavy accent which the Russian could not pinpoint. The man looked Middle Eastern, but the Russian couldn’t be too sure. Of course, he wouldn’t be surprise if the man was an Islamic fundamentalist. Much of the money he made was selling weapons to the Islamic Jihadists who were fighting the Americans and their allies in this new global war that started ten years ago.
The Russian led the mysterious man to one of his own cargo trucks that he brought with him. Two of his bodyguards opened the back doors and stepped aside. Inside the cargo space was holding ten heavy looking cases. The Russian motioned his two bodyguards to take out one of the heavy cases. The bodyguards complied, setting the case on the ground and opened it. Inside it, was an old Soviet made nuclear warhead with the explosive power of 250 kilotons. The Russian had brought a total of thirty nuclear warheads, which he sold for two million dollars each. The mysterious man looked at the warhead carefully and moments later brought out a device, which the Russian was familiar with. The mysterious man hold the device over the warhead and nodded that he was satisfied with the merchandise.
Then he asked the Russian “Did you bring the other ones as well?” The Russian smiled and led him to the other cargo trucks. The other cargo trucks were filled with boxes of AK 47s, RPK machine guns, Dragunov sniper rifles, RPGs, mortars, SA-7 surface to air man portable missile system, body armor, Semtex explosives, ammo, magazines, etc. The mystery man nodded. The weapons totaled cost ten million dollars along with the nukes, which in the end total to 70 million dollars. The Russian expected that these weapons would be used against the Americans or its allies or both. The Russian was smart to asked for diamonds in exchange since he expect that if the nuclear mushroom clouds exploded over the American cities, the economy would fall along with the dollar currency which would become a useless piece of paper that belongs in the trash bin. Precious goods like diamonds or gold was always the best goods in turbulent times, either it be economic crisis or wars.
The Russian wasn’t interested in politics and didn’t care if this group were Muslims that were fighting for Allah. Didn’t care if they were terrorists or freedom fighters. The Russian also didn’t care about how the nukes as well as the other weapons were going to be used, as long as he got paid.
The mystery man nodded and shook the Russian’s hand and walked away. The mystery man and the rest of the group started to move the merchandise. The Russian ordered his own bodyguards to help transfer the weapons, the sooner they can move the merchandise, the better both sides can get away from anybody that was curious as to what was going on.
After finishing the transfer, the Russian watched the mystery man climbed into one of the cars and the convoy started going back to where they were coming from. From the way the war was going on between the Islamic terrorists led by Al Qaida against the western nations led by the United States, the war was not going very well for the Al Qaida and its allies, as the Russian had been watching the news in seeing an opportunity for a new market to export weapons on the black market. Al Qaida had lost many of its experienced leaders and those replaced were not very well trained or experienced to fight effectively. Also the bombings were not working as they should expect. It looked good on television presented by news organizations covering such attacks, but in reality it was small potatoes. The Americans were willing to keep on fighting even if it would last for half a century. No matter how many times Al Qaida strike, either it be train bombings, car bombings against American or its allies interests, they would get back on its feet. The attacks were just not decisive enough to turn the tide. Also the Americans were getting better on intelligence on hunting and fighting Al Qaida and its allies. The Predator drone assassinations as well as American special forces along with its allies were taking a toll on the Islamic fighters. So the Russian was not surprise by this group probably representing the Islamic fundamentalists to get their hands on nuclear weapons that would somehow finally bring America to its knees along with its allies.

The Russian went to his own car, along with the rest of the bodyguards that went back to their vehicles. The Russian was now seventy million dollars richer, and would continue on with his business. What he didn’t realize as he would later find out was that the people he sold weapons to were not exactly what he assumed. Also, what he just done, help provide the fuse to a war that would make the ten years of fighting since 2001 pale in comparison.

Chapter One coming soon.


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